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  1. Australia is world renown for it's exotic animals (kangaroos, wallabies, koalas) but don't be fool, we also have some of the world's most dangerous and poisonous animals! Well, I don't think the spiders that creep into my home are poisonous, but it sure give me a damn big fright! I just aged 50 years when I see this..

    Of course, if you like spiders, click on them for larger picture (urgh~). So I caught it (after I drank a cup of celery juice to lower down my blood pressure), and just take it out to the garden. Well, yeah it might come crawling into my home again =.=|||

    OK, more to happy stuffs! Freshelle is a generous gal who just gave me my 2nd award! Check out her blog here! Updated 1 Oct 09': Blovet Beauty also gave me this award! Check out this hot gal here, and you won't be dissapointed!

    Elle Hottest Female Blogger
    Aww, Hottest Female Blogger? So luvly of her (when I'm not even hot! ;p) Alrite, it ain't gonna be easy to JUST pass this award to 10 bloggers, and since she is handing this out to everyone, so here goes the same deal! Readers, if you haven't got this award yet, get it now! Don't have to be my follower, grab this award and do the following:

    1. Grab this award without changing the picture

    2. Post it in your blog (say it's from me if you are getting it here!;D)

    3. Pass it to 10 bloggers who don't have this award yet (or do what you like tee hee~)
    You gals ARE the hottest female bloggers, because my life will be so boring without inspirations from you gals to blog, swatch, swap, shop, and blog again! LoL
    With Love, Elle

  2. 15 kisses & hugs:

    1. Tammy said...

      Oh my gosh I think I would have passed out if I ever saw something like that crawling around my home--and the SIZE!aahhhh... pictures like this make me happy that we get -50 snowstorms...oh wait, on second thought... haha

      How generous of you not to squash it on sight!

    2. Dina (XYYan) said...

      OMG! the spider is so big!!! i think i'll scream out loud if i saw one....

      btw, congrats on the award!

    3. freshelle said...

      omg...that's soo big and gross (sorry, i hate bugs). what did you do with it after? did you kill it? or let it free? you're brave for trapping it and taking pictures of it!!! kudos!!

      yay for awards!!

    4. Shopn'Chomp said...

      That spider looks so scary...ew! :( Congrats on your award!

    5. amynaree said...

      eeek i'm terrified of spiders!! congrats on the award

    6. Savvy Gal said...

      oh that thing will have me screaming like a little school girl.

    7. Anonymous said...

      Omg, I would have fainted!!! ahh!

      Congrats on your award! :)

    8. hahahaha i feel really bad showing this spidey to u gals, coz its kinda gross, n i totally h8 spiders but we got so many of them in aus >.< (this aint the last one, as i already caught many of them, but just din't take photos of them) i pray they dont come nimore but aus have damp n cold weather now, so i cant wait for summer! aiks, then the ants & flies will appear =.=|||

      thanks for the wishes! u gals get the award too! coz u r HOT!

      xoxo elle

    9. That is one terrifying spider!! I would be thinking the same thing: what if it comes back?

      Congrats on the award!!

      BTW, are the books you mentioned the one with the TV series? If it is, I used to watch it. :)

    10. Sherry said...

      spiders they are so many here, visitors freak out think its dangerous.. yeah mostly safe unless you saw them in jungle.

      done award :) at namesherry.com

    11. cushycottage said...

      ewww.....i hate spiders too. i don't see them often. fire ants are everywhere though and i hate it when they bit me. it hurts so bad...i got bitten twice this summer :(

    12. WOW that spider is HUGE!!!!

    13. Stephanie said...

      that is scary! I also put cups over my bugs and let someone else find them, haha!

    14. sherry - im following ya! hugs!

      Stephanie - i cant seem to enter ur luvly blog sob sob (error msg pops up?)

    15. Sherry said...

      thanks for follow me :) now grab the over the top award :) at namesherry.com

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