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  1. Bows, Lots of Pics

    Jan 16, 2010

    Who is up for some bow-fest? Well, I admit I am overly crazy over stripes and checks, and now I have to confess, I am also fanatically obsessed with bows! Here is just a sample of my accessories, which I love to adorned them on a daily basis. Oh yeah, pearls are part of bows ok!

    Up close: Other than the white long pearls, all of these I got around A$3-A$5 (I'm a bargain hunter!) The head band was only A$2! I have seen many shops selling for A$10+. I am very patient when it comes to buying because I know there is always places that offer much much cheaper ^^ Well, this motto does not work on skincare or makeup of course!
    I have bought lots of ribbons recently (found this art & crafty shop just about 7km away from home) that sell all sorts of ribbons! And I will start a project of making bows in brooches form, so that I can either pin it on me hair, bags, tops, shoes!

    I tried my best on my obsolete phone camera to show you, bows is the trend in 2010!

    This is VIVI magazine, and I think it's from China/Taiwan (I can't read chinese so I'm not sure the symbol is yuan or rmb?) It is January 2010 issue and lots of bows in it! But before the bows, let me show you that this mag is talking abt my Lunasol Eye Base hehe!

    Get Ready? Set? GO! Careful, lots of pics!

    Bags with Bows

    Now to accessories!

    Even tops can have bows!

    Enjoy! Hope this give you gals some inspiration ^^

    Next: Jurlique Conditioner Review
    With Love, Elle

  2. BRTC, Dr Jart, Bows

    Jan 15, 2010

    Stellarvixen~ I'm faster than you, posting the goodies you haul for me in Hong Kong! Also to show my appreciation as it adds to your overwight luggage (80kg??? Golly gal, you really go all da way when hauling!).

    I can't wait to try the UrbanGreen Tea paper mask (I can't seem to find any reviews of it in the web). And oh em gee, I have been lemming for bottom eye lashes and she answered my prayers! Do you gals think that bottom lashes gives an illusion of watery misty emotional sincere eyes? Alrighty, I am extremely not good with fake lashes (normally 3 times to get it right, approx. 45mins in total). But I will never give up till I master the art of putting fake lashies! Ooo a blush contour, gonna look up videos to see how you gals do it! My 2010 resolution!

    Close up on this BRTC special gift set! Jasmine Water BB Cream (a whooping 60mg!) is my skin tone, not runny when squeeze out, not super oily after 5hrs and the coverage is medium. I love it! And it comes with their 3 step cleansing set! How cool is this set, eh!
    The Dr Jart Detox Healing Blemish Base (is this still a Blemish Base? same abbrev.) is abit lighter than my skin tone. So, I got to put some around me neck. Therefore, the coverage is not as much as the BRTC, and if it's name as Blemish Base, I reckon it may be just a primer. This turns oily after 3hrs.
    You may notice that I don't prefer shimmer on my bb creams, as I find myself quite shiny in the afternoon >.< I may not described my bb creams about dewyness, because I sometimes can't differ is it dewyness or my oiliness on my face! But many reviews have said that Dr Jart bb creams give the best dewyness, so to those gals who are dry skin, Dr Jart is your solution!

    Tell me, who can resist kawaii totes? This Marc Jacobs cute lil tote is the best when I just need a small handbag during lunch, window shopping around malls, short trips to the shops, etc.

    Thanks Stellarvixen! Good Luck to you tonight on the Kiehls Party by MiuMiu!

    Since I am so crazy over bows, I went hauling and bought a beige handbag and isn't it super cute? Well, not the easiest to keep it clean, but it's cloth, so it's washable. Nope, the bow can't be detach, coz I tried ^^

    These Asia magazines are the extemely generous (not like aus >.<). Do you call these mooks? Where did this name originated from? There is an apparel clothing line called Mooks, with the horn looking mascot. Seen it before? It's more of a streetwear type, similar to Dangerfield, Paul Frank, you get the jist, and it's everywhere in Melbourne.

    Next post, more bows! And some scanned VIVI mag on bows!
    With Love, Elle

  3. Kiehl's is so weird!

    Jan 12, 2010

    This is not a complain, just something interesting that I found out! From my earlier posts about my cleansing skincare regime here, I was using Kanebo Freshel Toner and Moisturiser.

    1. Kiehl's Blue Toner + Kanebo Freshel Milk Moisturiser

    I used the Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion with my Kanebo Freshel White C Lotion, and I got a weird reaction! Not on my face, thank god (no redness or breakouts). After using the toner with the cotton facial pads, the moisturiser turns white beads on my face skin! That is so bizarre, freak me out, I thought my milk moisturiser had gone off/bad/pass expiry >.< I then washed off my face and used L'occitane Ultra Comfort Cottan Moisturiser. No reaction. I tried this for 3 days and everytime it has white beads between the Kiehls Blue Toner + Kanebo Freshel Moisturiser, must be a chemical reaction. Something in the Kiehl's toner that don't go well with the Freshel moisturiser.

    2. Kanebo Freshel Toner + Kiehl's Moisturiser

    Few weeks ago, I used Kanebo Freshel Toner with my Kiehl's Sodium PCA oil-free Moisturiser, and again there is a weird reaction! This time no white beads, but the cream moisturiser stay shiny and do not absorb into my face skin. It stay shiny and runny and sticky! And I thought my cream moisturiser is too rich >.< I then washed off my face and used the Shu Uemura White Recovery EX Whitening Emulsion toner. Nothing happen. Did this for 3 days and still the Kiehl's don't seem to absorb to my skin if I were to use the Freshel toner.

    Conclusion, not all products work together well. Luckily there wasn't any strong reaction on my skin but just external reaction between those products and ain't harmful to me face.  Any of u gals got such experience like mine? Do share please!
    With Love, Elle

  4. Hi gals, my previous post "comment box" is missing >.< I truly apologise for this terrible inconvenience! I have no idea how I screw that up, so this few weeks I am getting a new template for my blog. Thanks for ya patience, I will get it done up and running soon.

    [edit January 9th, 2010]

    OK I've deleted whatever the previous comment box script was doing, and I'm still tweaking this new template. So sorry to me friends bloggers who have left me a message, I'll try me best to fix it.

    Yup got my fav song up and playing (sorry to those who think this music is annoying but I really really like this version! ^^)

    Also, check out at the top page, for current giveaways around the globe! xoxo elle
    With Love, Elle

  5. You know the song, but I guess I'm a little bit late for Christmas post, so it's gonna be for 2010 New Year! What a great 2009 Christmas isn't it, everyone? I've been busy shopping (yes, everyone does that!) and busy reading my followers posts as well! That's why the absentee of my Christmas post. I reckon I got to do this, before I get busy again reading all your 2010 New Year posts LoL ^^

    So what have we all been all doing??? Hauling of course! This is just a mini haul I got and here it is!

    Freshel Cleansing Oil: Huge bottle for A$10 bargain! I've no longer using ZA Cleansing oil and this work the same. My next bottle will be the famous Shu Uemura ^^
    Freshel Toner: Also A$10 and it claims to clear dead cells/skins too. I just like it as it does make my moisturiser absorbs well into the skin.
    Coffret Dor Silver Glitter Eyeliner: A$10, but it was not as I expected. The whole glitter is made up of glue, so once I got this on my eyelids, and once it is dry, it can be pull out in a single line! >.< So I was advise to dap it instead of drawing it in a single line around the eyelids (up & bottom) Will do a swatch for ya to see.
    Lunasol Eye Base: A$20, this is the best eye primer! Previously I was using P&J but I think its abit tad too thick, and this Lunasol is purrfect! Amazingly the eyeshadows stay ON the eye for the whole day! I heard it comes in 2 shades, but I didn't see any other at the counter.
    Kanebo Nail Polish: A$1, oh well it's not Anna Sui but who can resist the price hehe

    Who would not want this??? This baby Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato lucly eyeshadow palette is my new year toy! It's so shimmer and glossy, gr8 for day & night. Splurge on it, gals, there is no wrong having this baby. No one have mention this in other blogs, but I just luv the BIG mirror! You know how palette comes in small sizes and some don't even have a mirror on it? Well this is the best mirror I have had on any of the palettes I came across. Save a spot in the bag! No reviews on the complimentary cleanser and toner yet as I have yet to use it. I've never try them, but I will soon!

    I found it! This is the best invention for hair by far! Only RM15 (after hours and hours at Sg Wang) and the last one on the shelf too (one of those stalls, I don't think I can even remember going back there anymore, it's such a maze there!). It comes in 2 bands, and everyone can be a princess now! Come on, I want to look like those Koreans/Japanese newscaster on teli!

    So how was your new years? I can see lots of posts is up and I apologise first if I'm not back in a week, as I have been reading your blogs (and still reading them ^^).

    2010 New Year's Resolutions here I declare:

    • Eat more healthily (less oil, less salt, more vege)

    • Sleep earlier, like before midnight (meaning read blogs earlier in the morning, not till wee hours at night >.<)

    • Feed Dory less, I don't want her to be a huge pug!

    • Beauty Resolutions: See reviews before buying/hauling

    • Learn how to face contour

    • Do more swaps
    OK, off to read your blogs now! xoxo elle
    With Love, Elle

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