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  1. Do a google search on BB creams and you will find alot of brands out there: L'egere, SkinFood, Missha, BRTC, Skin79, and Etude House.
    BB = Blemish Balm, was created by German scientist for recently face surgery performed patients, as a primer/foundation, as it contains good properties for the face. However, it is popularised by Asian countries (Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia).
    I heard L'egere is the best BB cream, but I have yet to try because it is not available in Australia, and I have checked it out that L'egere is the most expensive ones compare to the rest. I am currently using Etude House. It is great, but I find it too oily after 3 hours of applying it (I am oily skin). I got 25% left in the tube, and I will get L'egere once I finish Etude House!
    L'egere BB Cream
    With Love, Elle

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