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  1. What a fabulous year and I know more great times are coming~! In the last few months, like everyone else, I did not have the luxury to blog as often as I like because of work. Well, it is still a great thing, because work was great and rewarding.
    I was in Singapore a few times and bought myself this lovely iPhone casing from Cath Kidston and a smurphy mushroom earphone stopper! Chrismassy isn't it?
    And I know I will surprised y'all that I just recently tasted my first macaroons! These are from Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie, Singapore. I think I'll skip macaroons for awhile, too sweet for me!
    Just a quick review on Physician Formula Happy Booster Blush.
    My recently-engaged-sis cushyblushy sent me this and I love it! I'm so in love with it that I think I always look drunkenly-in-love with it lol
    Well, Christmas and New Year is just around the corner, so dress up ladies and look our best! How can I look beautiful without falsies?!?!
    Above: L (without falsies) R (with Falsies)
    My little pug Dory, wants to wish all my friends here a Merry Christmas too!
    Isn't she a darling to pose for me with her little santa hat and red scarf?

    Here's my message to y'all, have a great year everyone!
    ps: I will be in Melbourne till February 2012, but I'm still reading all y'all blogs~

    With Love, Elle

  2. Yes it is still a beauty related blogs, and beauty means camwhoring session too lol
    My previous post on my change of phone, from Nokia to iPhone, I was expressing my growing love for iPhone, especially the apps and games. Here I would like to share some of the Photography apps that I used to create the pics. Now I am even more in love with iPhone ^^
    Above: Taken at a cousin's wedding, with some lomo effect
    Above Left: Instagram app with Earlybird filters
    Above Right: Fotolr PS app
    Above: Fotolr PS app
    This is one of my most used app, Fotolr PS. It is just awesome and amazing because it got really cool themes and filters, lots of editing tool (crop, resize, add text, etc), all in one! This don't have a camera function, so you choose a picture from your album to edit. You can also save the edited picture in a separate albums, so that it does not mix into your normal iPhone album. 5 star for Fotolr PS!
    Above Left: Pixlr-o-matic app
    My second most used app, Pixlr-o-matic, is the best alternative to Instagram. Because Pixlr-o-matic do not use the internet to create; no more 'square' pictures like Instagram; can choose a different frame for different filters. Also, the app is available online for pc! 5 stars for Pixlr-o-matic!
    Above: MoreLomo app
    MoreLomo has become my default camera for my iPhone. Because for a person who loves to camwhore myself, this app allows me to 'capture' a photo with ANY tap on the screen! It was so annoying to take a photo of myself with the iPhone because I can NEVER FIND the capture button hahaha Not anymore!
    Above: Labelbox app
    Now I can tag and put post-it notes on my pictures!
    Above: with my beautiful sis
    Above: it's so much fun now, taking photos of my cute pug. "Dory, look at mummy! Mummy make you cuter with Photography apps okay" hehe
    Above: with mum, Before and After with photography apps
    Above: with dad, Before and After with photography apps
    Above: Photo Mess & Meitu Xiuxiu 美图秀秀  app
    To make collages, these 2 are the best apps for it. Flexible, you can move your pictures here and there, loading/adding pics are very fast, you are bound to be impress!
    This is the best app for me! You want clearer and smoother complexion? Brighter surroundings? Easy peasy editing with just one click? What you say? No such app? Then you got to see my pictures!
    Above: Before and After
    Above: Before and After
    I should start hubby on a whitening skin range lol
    Above: Before and After
    moreBeaute2 is just so amazing! Take away the shadows, take away my oily shiny face! I don't need to learn photoshop. Just a few seconds, a new edited picture is created. My friends now wanted to use my phone to take their faces, so they can upload beautiful photos fast into their fb lol

    Do you have any iPhone apps that you love? Share with me, as I can't get enough of these! I think I have a few pages of photography apps on my iPhone lol

    With Love, Elle

  3. For 2 whole years, I have not got any proper foundation on my face, since the burst of bb creams craze. I have imperfection face skin (blemishes, acne scars, even one chicken pox scar near the nose bridge) and bb creams never give me flawless face, because the coverage was never too good. I guess I just wanted something simple, easily purchased.
    So, can Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation do that for me?
    My choice of shade: O-03
    Yes, I tried it out while at home, doing some chores.
    Coverage is buildable (just a tiny amount will do)
    Oiliness of my face crept out after 4hrs
    Very little foundation got onto the blot paper, compare to bb creams (big plus!)
    Hide lines on forehead
    With loose powder on, it is quite matte.
    With brighter lights, it gives me better coverage on the forehead, compare to bb creams.
    Yes it is a staple bottle for everyday foundation :)

    Thanks to fellow blogger friend, Fatin, for introducing me this beautiful foundation!

    With Love, Elle

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