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  1. Second Quarter 2012

    Jun 27, 2012

    Time flies..sometimes fast, sometimes slow. This post is just a little snippet version of my second quarter of 2012. I have been neglecting the bloggersphere and I believed it has kinda created a tiny hole in my world. So now I will be slowly patching it up, with some coming reviews and pick up the fingers to do more typing and picture taking ^^
    April 2012
    It was my birthday, and it was a really memorable and special day for me. They said, good things happen to good people; and that day was one of those days, and those two (hubby & I) are those people.
    May 2012
    After my ROM, I kinda started a domino effect thingy. My youngest sister got married! And my second sister will follow suit in November 2012. Sigh, bliss .. The happiest I think, its our parents! After having 3 daughters for the last 20+ years, they now gain 3 new sons (in-law) all in one year!
    June 2012
    I bought an iPad! So kinda busy playing with it and tweaking it and customizing it and bla bla bla lol There are so many weird apps in the market! The weirdest app got to be 'Sit & Squat' where it showed a picture of the toilets in surrounding restaurants and cafes, in case you really need to do job number one lol

    I'll be flying off to Melbourne this weekend, so I'll showcase some pictures here and I will be putting up some reviews in the next couple of days. Ciao~

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