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  1. I had pan out my Maybelline Volume mascara (yellow tube - finally! it last quite many months) and Bourjois  Clubbing Ultra Black liquid liner (love this truly!). So when I went to Singapore for CNY, I bought these to try out:

    Rimmel Great Curl Volume Mascara, I have not seen the packaging, with Japanese wordings. Although I am not too liking the brush shape, because I think I like comb shape brush hehe
    Maybelline Hyper Diamonds liquid liner, I don't think it is as black as Bourjois but still do the job to give glitters :)
    Combined look:
    Left: before mascara, Right: after mascara
    I don't really have long or lush lashes hehe
    That's face of the day FOTD above. I have also recently chomped off my long unhealthy hair. It is so easy to manage now, but I might return to the salon to thin it abit as I think it's still too much volume.
    That's also the top of the day TOTD above. I bought this lovely top in Singapore too. It's one of the few tops that I can buy, because I seriously think Singaporeans are so very thin!

    My thoughts of Rimmel Great Curl Volume Mascara: Like all brand new mascara, it is wet lol This is not waterproof, but it is not a problem for me, I like it that it is easy to wash off.

    My thoughts of Maybelline Hyper Diamonds liquid liner: Not as black as it should be, more grayish silvery, but easy to draw on the eyes.

    ps: I think I got both of this for like SGD15 each. I really want to try out Marjolica mascaras but have yet to have the heart to buy them, because mascaras always dried out and I like to buy a few mascaras rather than just ONE brand. Just my 2 cents ^^

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. Before I go into what's in my bag, I'll like to share some DIY.  My current handbag is this beautiful baby blue Longchamp, gift from my beautiful sis, on her trip to Europe last year end.
    Most handbags have soft bottoms, and that's really annoying, isn't it? The bags will be droopy when we put our stuffs in it, and that is not so good! Also, our stuffs will be all over and I don't really like to put my bag on a table, not knowing if it is clean, because i really don't want to stain the bag!
    So this is what I do:
    1. Hard card board, eg electrical good boxes
    2. A pair of scissors
    3. Colourful tapes, I got this from Daiso, you can also use wrapping paper of your choice, but I wanted waterproof and longer lasting bottom
    I cut the size of the bag bottom, then just wrapped the tape all over it. Tadah!
    So, what's in my bag???
    Messy messy hehe
    Makeup pouch (pink rilakuma bear!), wallet, sunnies, mobile, extra hairbands, tissue,  sequin bag (for pads/liners, not so obvious hehe), stationery (notepads, pens, business cards), Dentyne strawberry gum (my favs!)
    Let's take a closer look what's in my makeup pouch
    Lips: Kate (baby pink), Paul & Joe (shimmer brown - very smooth!), Givenchy (orange gloss), Stila (pink pump - love the taste!), Burt's Bees (grapefruit lip balm with spf!)
    Eyes: Front Cover (sample mascara)
    Red Bow: it's holding my mini fragrances
    Face: Muji (shimmer blush), Bare Minerals (mini kabuki brush), Dior (compact powder with spf) and face blotter (can't live without it!)
    Clarins hand & nail cream, Lifebuoy hand sanitiser, eye drops for my contacts, super handy

    Well, that's seem to be it. I've changed a few things since the last "what's in my bag" post, but the essentials are still there. Hope you enjoyed this post, and share with me what you have in your bag too!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  3. From my previous post, I bought a fake hair fringe clip on that I am just super excited to show more pics of what I do with it. Oh yeah, I still have no idea how to store this yet, it is just lying on my vanity desk =.= so any idea about how to store hair clips nicely, would be deeply appreciated!

    Ok this might sound 'dangerous' as I took this in the car, while I stopped at red lights lol yeah I was bored, and you have no freaking idea how long some of the red lights in KL roads.

    Any huge difference?

    So I was playing with falsies and blushers, I created a soft look with not too smokey eyes, swept my original bangs back and attached the fake bangs on the front, put on a nice head band from diva, and voila!

    Close up on my eyes, with flash.

    Outfit of the day, a white sleeveless iron-free dress with starlit scarf.

    I really like playing with this hair clip. I can't help but want to keep shaking my head and sing the famous korean pop song "I want..nobody nobody but you.." clap clap

    Do you think I look 30 (coming 31 in April 2011 >.<) Age is really a number isn't it? I'm not so sure. I don't know if I'll hate birthdays later in life (hopefully not! coz i love pressies!) and will I still go googoogaga over japanese magazines when I hit 40s and 50s???

    FB profile pic hehe

    Thats my favourite photo of the month, taken with my beautiful sis. I am not what I look like today, if not for her help and many encouragements!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

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