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  1. Got me 1st blog award, tagged by Lane at Blovet Beauty, a sweety gal from Land of Mid-Year-June-Mega Sale, Singapore! I love her country as the sales there are incomparable (even the latest seasons are on sales, no old stuffs!). Amy Naree at amynaree, another sweety gal from City of Angels, Los Angeles also pass me this luvly award! She also runs a swap blog, do check out her luvly things here.

    Elle Gorgeous Blogger Award

    With this Gorgeous Blogger Award, I am hereby to list 6 interesting facts about moi. Here goes:
    1. I ain't gorgeous, therfore I feel super honoured and happy for being tagged this award! tee hee Thanks once again, Lane and Amy!
    2. I don't know how to appreciate wine, eventhough I live in a beautiful country Australia that produce some good wines and luvly wineries. I don't drink, either, because I don't get drunk and most of the time I am the designated driver (I prefer it, to make sure my friends get home safely, I'm kinda a mother hen, I s'pose ;p).
    3. I don't take cheese. I know this may be bizarre as I'm in a western country and lots of food have cheese in it. So no parmesan in pastas, no cheesecakes, you can have all of it, I won't be fighting the last piece with ya!
    4. I'm in an LDR at the moment. My SO is 6500km / 4100miles away from me and 3 hours time difference. Gotta be strong!
    5. I have 3 dogs and 1 cat. Although they do require lots of work, but still I luv them. Oscar the 10yr old dark brown Australian Kelpie, Leo the 3yr old chocolate medium hair Chihuahua, Sandy the 1yr old fawn short hair Chihuahua, and Chiko the 4yr old Russian Blue cr British Shorthair cat. I'll  post some pics of them laterz.
    6. I have 2 moles on my right cheek. Lots of people (friends and beauticians) have asked me to remove it, but I always says no. I think it made me very unique and easily remembered/recognised LoL. 
    Hope it's interesting enough for good reading! Now, I would like to pass this award to the following luvly 6 gorgeous bloggers, so that everyone will know 6 interesting facts about them! So pass on the luv, gals!
    With Love, Elle

  2. 14 kisses & hugs:

    1. Dina (XYYan) said...

      Thanks for the award Elle!
      I'm the opposite of you, i like wine and cheese... hehe..
      but i love dogs too!

    2. I'm glad u are enjoying this award! Its so fantastic to know u didn't remove ur mole!! I love people who don't cave in to what people say...moles and sexy, just look at the Japanese - they have cute sexy moles on their face!

    3. Shopn'Chomp said...

      Congrats on the award! :) I don't know how to appreciate wine either but no cheese huh? I think moles can be sexy (like Cindy Crawford) so kudos to you for standing your ground.

    4. Dina - I'll be lookin fwd to ya post, to know u better! ^^

      BlovetBeauty & Shopn'Chomp - Thanks for da praise! to all gals out there, be happy wif yourself and luv thyself!

      yep no cheese, but i used to luv them when i was a child (i rmb i use to eat a dozen of kraft singles in a row!) but somehow i dont like it now hmm

    5. Thanks so much for this awesome Gorgeous Blogger award, sweetie. =)
      I will post this up on my next post.

      I too can't appreciate wine. I have a low tolerance of alcohol, so I rarely drink. I can really take it or leave it.

      I luv cheesecake and it's one of my fav dessert. hehe. That's good to know that you won't be fighting over it with me. lol. =)

      I so want a puppy and u have 3 dogs? Lucky!

    6. amynaree said...

      awww how cute! i have a cat at my apt and dogs at my parents house lol

      one day i would like to have a few dogs and cats at my place as well ^ ^

    7. Tammy said...

      Aww Long distance relationships are hard but it can make your relationship so much stronger too! :)

      Heheheh I asked A and he told me that apparently SDK had much more to drink before coming -- but it was very funny because he was exactly like a Korean boy from those Korean dramas! LOL

    8. Sassy - well coz u're gorgeous wif a gorgeaous blog! cant wait to see ya post n know more abt ya! :D goody, u can have all da cheese cakes n i'll have all the choc cakes~

      Amynaree - pets are lots of work (its like a market when it's feeding time! lol) but i still luv them to bits ^^

      Tammy - yes i believe ldr certainly make us appreciate each other more! yeah koreans luv to fight dont they? every korean MTV seems to have the guys fighting for their gals, tee hee

      xoxo elle

    9. Shopn'Chomp said...

      Hi Elle! I just got your message. Don't worry about it. :)

    10. freshelle said...

      i dont like cheese either!! it's so cheesy...and smells..just so cheesy! lol. i live in canada, everyone eats cheese, except me! haha

    11. cushycottage said...

      congrats on awards. you absolutely deserve the gorgeous award....wink ;)

      i love cheese. nothing beats savoring a slice of new york cheesecake after a bad day. but, no milk for me. ain't i weird...haha :D

      hang in there with ur LDR.

      i wish i have room to adopt a pet. maybe when i move to a bigger place.

    12. freshelle - yay same as me! its hard going to pasta restaurant isnt it? i just get the tomato base pasta, my fav marinara! ;D

      CushyCottage - u r so unique! tee hee~ plz dont get a pet >.< u cant travel!

    13. Oh, I'm no wine drinker as well! But I do love cheese!!!

      btw.. your blog design is really cute!


    14. You're so sweet. Thanks! =)
      lol. I luv chocolate cake too. I'm a big fan of dessets of all sorts. hehe. ;)

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