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  1. Swap and Haul

    Oct 2, 2009

    I met up with an MUA member whom I have been frequently corresponding over the last month, just yak about makeup and skincare. Ning was telling me how expensive mascaras were to her, as a student, and their lifespan is so short as well. Which I totally agreed because mine dries up extremely fast too, regardless how expensive or cheap they are. Therefore, I never say pass to sample mascaras from Lancome or Estee Lauder or Clinique, or any counters. Since I am always thick face to ask for samples, I have a few Hynose and DiorShow mascara samples, and decided to ask her to 'adopt' them, together with my old issues of Australian Bazaar magazines. I have already told her not to return me anything, but she is such a sweet gal to make it a swap!

    So now I'm a proud owner of a new Coffret D'or lip gloss and a AHA BHA cleanser! It is so difficult to get these Asian brands in Australia (Ning is from Singapore).

    Since I'm already in the CBD, I went to meet up with a dear friend who just came back from Japan. She ain't into skincare or makeup, but she knows I am soo into it. Tobbie gave me a lil parcel with Juju Aquamoist Essense (HG!) and Kose Hyaluronic Acid 22 sheet masks, direct from Japan!

    I just don't have the heart to just take from friends, so I return my appreciation with a lunch and $30 (Yen1808) for her. It is truly a great bargain haul for me, considering that JUJU is selling $50 and Kose Masks is selling $35 here! Why everthing is overprice in Australia? Even our Ikea Sweedish meatballs cost much more, comparing to what cushycottage mentioned in her blog! I guess I'm just so far away from everywhere >.<
    With Love, Elle

  2. 9 kisses & hugs:

    1. amynaree said...

      the coffret d'or gloss looks so pretty!

    2. yea i agree with amy. the coffret dor color looks amazing and I hate when mascara dried up.. thank goodness I use it everyday. My fav drugstore mascara brand has to be maybelline

    3. Shopn'Chomp said...

      Awesome goodies you have! Love the Coffret D'or lip gloss :D

    4. Popcorn said...

      the lipgloss looks uber pretty!!!!!

    5. can u gals put lippy on without a mirror??? i havent master this talent yet, but i promise i will before i turn 50! lol

      xoxo elle

    6. Zoe said...

      I agree with the rest of the girls on the coffret d'or gloss and please do a review on the JUJU product u got,thanks^^

    7. Eva said...

      you should do a swatch of the lippy it looks really pretty!

    8. the coffret d'or gloss is gorgeous!!
      i am using the same mask right now! have you tried it yet? i'm liking it so far. :)

    9. Sherry said...

      I saw one japanese shop here but the SA not willing to show what they are so I have no idea what it is. :( I mean all in japanese words.

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