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  1. FOTD with Dory

    Jul 28, 2010

    Same model from previous post, BITEKI July 2010 issue. She did something orangy to her eyes and I really like it, gives me a warm happy feeling. On the right, are the apparatus to give such look to the model.

    Obviously my FOTD ain't exactly similar to the model, but I'm just trying to copy the blush here lol I think coral blushers are very popular atm and its to highlight the cheek and give the face a more slim look.

    Since this FOTD gives me such happy feelings, I took some playful photos with my baby pug Dory.

    Dory is 1 year old now! She weighs 7kg (urghh heavy!), loves to chew all her fluffy toys (currently obsessed with a blue dolphin), loves to lick (arghhh wet licks!), and most importantly loves her mummy & daddy!

    Dory "Mommy, can you put me down now? I wanna play with my dolphin!"

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. Where abouts of ELLE

    Jul 24, 2010

    If you think that I have not been reading your blogs, thousand apologies! I currently have a few 1000+ post unread >.< and I am trying me best to read them up! I have been working, and working, and working. But also having a wee bit fun with some fellow Malaysian bloggers ^^v


    Review of this will be coming (sorry Tammy & Chris!). Met up with lots of bloggers, Pinky, Susan, Reiko, Pauline, Sue, Stellarvixen, Fiona, Wing. Their reviews are up and running so just click on their links!


    Met up with Nix, Jerry, Tammy, Stellarvixen, Wing, Fatin,at TGIF to celebrate Nix birthday! Nix & Jerry are makeup artist, so I got lots of tips from them and some crazy scary ghost stories too! lol

    Shu Uemura

    This was the launching collection of Neo-Tokyo Odyssey lashes, great mini food (well, it ain't mini if you go 10 rounds like me!). Fatin has lots of pictures at her blog, and Tammy got a whole album of pictures at her facebook, Kelly was there, with Alexis too! But the best pictures of ME is at Stellarvixen album hehe

    Salabianca Revolutionize

    I went to this for the Salabianca bracelet only (muahahaha) but met up with lovely Fatin & Tammy & Jean & Sharon & Doroshi. This event also do up your hair and with MAC makeup but I really really just want the bracelet only (muahahaha again ;p) so I skip that hair & makeup session (big mistake!) and I don't like the pictures that came out >.< But I still have the Salabianca bracelet (ok no more evil laugh) and a wonderful lunch with the gals!

    Phew this post is kinda tiring, compare to the others because I went searching for pictures and the right links! But it was all worth it, because I met so many amazing gals with same interest with me (my SO can rest his ears now, as I got a gang of gals to talk makeup with!).

    Have a fabulous weekend~ Where will you be? ^^

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  3. BITEKI mag gwp FOTD

    Jul 15, 2010

    I was in Kinokuniya and bought BITEKI July magazine. No, I can't read Japanese or Chinese. This mag is 570 yen, equivalent to AUD5.40 but it was selling RM30. Kinda double >.< but it came with a gwp!

    Neal's Yard Remedies Facial Serum with notepads. I've never seen this brand before so I want to try it out. It's tiny!

    The mag talks alot about this Neal's Yard brand, it seems reasonably price (when I convert the yen to AUD). So I will check it out later on the web, see if other bloggers out there are using this.

    What caught me in this magazine is the model's eyes. I wanna do a FOTD on it! Here is a snapshot of it, with and without flash.

    So the theme is purple, here are my few attempts on the eyes without eye lash falsies.

    As you can see above, I still have not put on my lashies yet. I can tell you, false eye lashes do make alot of difference on the face! Why is that?!?!

    Phew lots of work to be pretty looking lol Might as well show you more potraits taken, not go to waste eh, after all the work!

    Nah, I totally don't look like the model on the cover but heck just for the fun of it! So how's your week, any FOTD to share? What inspire you? Leave me your link in your comment below!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  4. Urban Decay Face Case

    Jul 8, 2010

    My very first Urban Decay ownership! YAY! Thanks to cushycottage my dearest sweety sis!

    The casing is made of magic lol From afar yes it's purple, but under certain warm light, it has a maroon burgundy reddish plum purplish colour! Do I make any sense??? The material on the casing is like Nars, rubbery velvety, so got to be away from any loose powder around hehe

    Tadah! The first thing that it hits me, when I first opened it, is the chocolaty smell of it! I don't know where the smell comes from but later realised it's from the 3 lip glosses! Yummy, really yummy. It's smells just like a cake.

    So now come to experimenting this face palette! Firstly, I'll mix 2 of my bb creams. Tony Moly has the spf 45 and since it is quite a fair shade, I'll mix it with The Face Shop because it is of darker shade and do not have spf. Voila, best of both world lol

    Left: No makeup at all >.< acne near eyes and lips TOTM
    Right: With BB cream ^_^ fairer, smoother face texture and less obvious on the acne

    Gold (Midnight Cowboy Rides Again) is not that pigmented, just very super glitter, so I used it near the brows as a highlighter. Pink (Grigter) is really nice, quite light. Brown (Twice Beauty) is just a superb dark chocolate brown, will be my favourite dark brown for now!
    Eyeliner: BeneFit BadGal pencil
    Mascara: Maybelline Volume Express (yellow tube)

    I can use these e/s everyday! It can be light and casual, but I'm sure I can make it more dramatic for night wear as well. This face is kinda unfinished because no blush (Hookup) and lip glosses (Love Junkie, Naked & Carney). By the time I put it on, SO is hurrying me out the door and I left my camera at home >.<

    That's it folks, I hope you enjoyed this post, because I totally enjoyed writing it, playing with the photo frames (my SO is very annoyed the amount of time I spent on blogging and makeup and now picture toying HAHAHA). Oh yeah, add facebooking, too!

    ps: If you are wondering about my 2 right cheek moles (it's right cheek because it's reverse for pictures), I'll never ever remove it ^^ Elle's Trademark!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  5. My beautiful sister's birthday got us 40% off Burt's Bees and this was my haul!

    Burt's Bees Peach & Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub
    I was actually looking for a clay type face scrub because of my oily face, but I could not resist getting this! Peach smell & willowbark as natural source of salicylic acid; Hawaiian Ginger & Seaweed extract increases circulation & removes oil. The exfoliation comes from finely ground peach stones.
    Price: RM 50+ (RM 30+ after 40% discount!!!)
    Smell: Wonderfully peachy, with mild coconut oil
    Feeling after using: Squeaky clean face, no makeup trace nor scrub residue. Face is still soft!

    Burt's Bees Sun Protecting Lip Balm
    Smell & Taste: Passionfruit! Come on, how amazing! I <3 passionfruit!!!
    SPF: 8

    Burt's Bees Hand Salve
    Smell: Strong lavendar. Although it does contain almond oil, olive oil, beeswax, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil; but the lavendar conquers all! Said to have Vitamin E, too.
    Feeling after using: The balm is surprisingly very smooth, melts like butter into hands, but not oily at all. Just lurves it! This beats bringing a heavy hand cream tube around my handbag lol

    Next haul is the Beautylabo Leave-on Hair Treatment!
    Smell: Fruity!
    Texture: Pink gel, spread smoothly over palm
    Treatment for: Coloured/Damaged/Split end hair
    Feeling after using: It's definitely not oily on my hair, the absorbtion level was swift, so it leaves my hair smooth.
    Affectiveness: I think my hair is beyond repair or any form of help :( It's still very frizzy and dry and out of place. I may cut my hair short, but I'm still can't make up my mind yet about this.

    Have anyone came across Interfila? My sis dear friend works for this company, that supplies cosmetic ingredients to Red Earth, Elianto & many others. Google said it comes from a cosmetic company called Intercos!

    Got this box of lovely eyeliner crayons, called Tonic Turbulence.

    Smell: None
    Texture: Extremely soft, breaks easily in fact
    Colours: Neon bright & shiny but no traces of speckles/glitters
    Price: N/A as I have not seen this on any shelf yet. Have you?

    I love the box, as it has a string at the base. So I'm gonna use this to hold my brushes when traveling. and the covers are magnetic!
    Coming up posts:
    • Urban Decay 
    • Shu Uemura
    • Barry M
    • Cellnique
    PS: I've changed my comments to be moderated for the time being, because there are these spammers that leave me spam comments grrr So your wonderful comments will not be up, but later. Sorry for the inconvenience, I just hope once these spams stops, comments will be back to usual way ^^

    With Love, Elle

    With Love, Elle

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