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  1. Australia NAK mini hair straightener pink (Hair Styling Tools)

    Used a few times, to try it out. More suitable for thin hair or just for fringe, and not the entire hair (will be very tiring for the hand!) because it is a mini hair staightener (in pink!). It is not battery operated, so I guess this swap is suitable in Australia, unless you get a power/voltage adapter. It's really a good size that you can put into a handbag.

    sowie does't come with the box as I have opened it
    With Love, Elle

  2. 3 kisses & hugs:

    1. Hey girl~
      Thanks for dropping by by blog and following. =)
      Also for being my number 200 follower. YAY!!!
      Cute beauty blog. I look forward to reading more blog updates. =)

    2. thank you thank you! appreciate your stop by and u r an inspiration me! ^_^

    3. chanel said...

      ilove the mini hair straighteners from be gorgeous, love them, how could i love with out them, i just got the pink ones, and thye are awsome, i had these one from nak but they were not as good as the one from be gorgeous.

      they are small, but trust me they do the job and they are soooo cute . thanks be gorgeous

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