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    Sep 7, 2009

    A swap generally refers to the bartering of one thing for another. 
    Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to stop by at my diary. I’m located in Australia and I love beauty products, from skincare, bodycare, haircare, makeup to all beauty tools! I’m not as adventurous as many other beauty bloggers here, but I would like to contribute and share my reviews and info on some of the products that I came across. Overtime, I will come to love and hate some items, and to do my fair share of minimising waste, I will put up the product for ‘adoption’ in my Swap List (please check it out!).
    I'll list down what's available in my Swap List. If you want anything on this list, then you check on my Wish List. If you so happen to have what I want, let's swap! Most of my stuffs are generally makeup and skincare, occassionally other stuffs that is in need of a better home than mine. Try me and if I'm not interested, I still reply and we can be buddies! I love sharing reviews on products, I'm a hunter buyer (coz I'm not super rich ;p), I'm obsessed with pink stuffs, checks, stripes, and I love swapping music as well!

    Swap Rules
    • Please do not dissappear in the middle of a swap! Communication is vital!
    • I occasionally resuse shiping materials, so I do not mind if you do also, as long it protects the item.
    • I don't mind doing an international swap if the item is less than 500g = 3.5oz = 100ml. I also have shipping addys in Malaysia and America (TX) depends where I am at the moment.
    • Generally, you will send me first my wishlist, and once I get it, I will send yours out with a tracking number (I prefer to do register mail).
    • Swapping is to be fun and not to be taken advantage of!
    With Love, Elle

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