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  1. Lunasol Coral Palette

    Mar 26, 2010

    My first Lunasol palette is here! Thanks to stellarvixen, I am introduced to the world of Lunasol! She went hauling recently and kind enough to get me these babies. Other than the palette, there is this Kate makeup base, lip gloss and a nail polish.

    Lookie here, the colours are so gorgeous! Super fine shimmer and shout out loud of spring.

    My 'monkey' charm from my phone camera just got to be in the mirror LoL

    It's so pretty that I have not even wanna start using it yet, gonna get some inspirational EOTD out there in the world of blogging. Gonna learn from you gals!

    This Kate makeup base is in white liquid. It is supposed to be hydrating (sound gr8 for my oily skin). It really absorb fast into the skin. I have not been using this alot, because it is actually quite little for a tube like this. I reckon I can finish this for like 15 applications >.<

    Sorry for the short post! I hope you don't think I do a half-a** job on this post. I'm getting ready for a big giveaway next week, which is my BIRTHDAY! Something on this page will be given away (everything will be brand new!). So stay tune, babes, I will be back for a great great giveaway!

    With Love, Elle

  2. Heard of a cream for your face and body? Imagine putting those BodyShop body buttershea on the face??? *shivers* But you gals out there, being so savvy and up-to-date (not like moi >.<) surely have come across Japan handmade Steam Cream!
    My luvly cousin sister was in Hokkaido, Japan during the 2009 NY holidays and came back with a souvenir for me, so here it is!

    The leaflet that comes with it is in Japanese, so I can't understand anything about it. So I went blog hopping among my favourite bloggers and with them blessing, you can read all about Steam Cream at:
    So let's see my Steam Cream!

    Isn't it beautiful? The casing is so unique! Also, there is a competition going on from Steam Cream website (I'm not sure I can put it here, as I don't think it is legal for me) but you can surely google it and design a casing for them! You can win a whole year supply of them! Yee-Haw~

    The cap needs to be turn to the base, and this is great, so that the cream don't get accidentally pour out. Even the bottom casing has designs on them.

    The cream is so soft (because it is handmade!) and it has a strong lavender fragrance. I sense abit of lemon grass as well, but I can't be too sure.

    I put some on my elbows today and by end of the day, I do feel  my elbows are very very smooth! Is it just the mind playing tricks on me, because I wanted to believe it is so good? Heehee.

    Coming up next: Luv package from StellaVixen (my 1st Lunasol palette!)

    With Love, Elle

  3. Give-Away Freebies

    Mar 11, 2010

    "March 2010"

    March 12th
    *this blogger has yet to announce the winner* -_-
    "April 2010"

    April 1st
    *this blogger seems to have deleted her blog* -_-
    "May 2010"

    May 25th
    *pick your 2 colour!

    May 31st

    Check out these blogs giveaways!
    "June 2010"
    June 25th

  4. VS VS VS from IMM

    Mar 8, 2010

    Do you gals know Nancy from The Informed Makeup Maven (IMM)??? If not, then you GOT to know her! She gives fabulous reviews on makeup products, generous with giveaways and definitely dedicated to loving her followers! I just got a lurvvvve package from her (one of her past giveaways) and here it is!

    Ooo what's inside? Ahh it's beautifully wrapped in red papers, in a white ribbon gift bag!

    Ta Dah!

    I love lip gloss! Especially Victoria's Secret stuffs, coz  it's not available in Aus >.< So now I get to bring out these babies from me handbag and show it to my gal pals! Aw I'm not that nasty, I'll share the VS Body Mist with them hehe

    To IMM: Thanks Nancy! I love your blog, keep up the great work and wishing you a god speed in getting 250 followers! Me want Bobbi Brown too~ xoxo elle

  5. NOTD in February 2010

    Mar 2, 2010

    What's been going on in February 2010? It's all about nails! My luvly sis bought a small jar of starry stars hehe and I simply stick them on me nails, to see how would they look like. This is my first time, gluing things on my nails, other than nail polish LoL

    OK the above ain't a pretty job LoL so I went out to buy some stickers and they were like Aud 1.50 per piece! My lucky day! So here are some of the nail stickers I have chosen, It's extremely sad we don't have konad in Aus so I have to settle for stickers, easier but definitely not as beautiful as konad designs!

    I first try on gold nail colour, it look sweet but not that outstanding because the stickers are light pink.

    This is my favourite combi, red nail colour with swirly love tail!  I have this done on the 1st day of the Chinese Lunar New Year and I love this the best!

    Next, I tried it on a white background.It's only outstanding because of the black borders around the stickers, but not the bows with the studded white bead.

    I haven't been blogging much lately, as I find the month of February is extremely short! I was juggling with work, holidays, shopping, family, friends, dogs & cats, food, etc. I have not updated those giveaways that I have posted, too! Thousand apologies to my darlings' I will try to update it this weekend. I am also preparing my own giveaway as I've reached 100 darlings', mostly it will end on my coming birthday. Stay tune, babes! 
    ps: I may be not very active on me blog, but I do always read ya posts ^_*

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