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  1. What is the best thing that you have done for your friends or what your friends have done for you? When I was young, I would always saved up all my pocket money for my birthday party with my friends. I felt bad asking my parents to do all the work and only me get to enjoy it, so I'll take out my CNY 'angpow' and have a great time at Swensen ice cream (not sure if this brand is still around), Movies session at those old cinema buildings (it cost only a few dollars last time), and who would have not got a party at KFC or McDonalds before? Hahaha

    Since coming back to Malaysia to expand my business, I have met a wonderful gal pal, who is ever so enthusiastic about blogging and shopping and her never-ending-energy is truly inspiring. This is none other than Tammy from Plus Size Kitten!
    I truly learn the word 'gift' from Tammy. Her generousity is totally out of this world! And her blog is turning 3 years old in June and she will be throwing a Pedicure Party for 6 of her friends~ wee fun~
    How she choose her gals for this party, is to tell her why I want to go. Here are my answers:
    1) Because I love you, Tammy 2) Because I haven't been to a pedicure party before
    LoL Go or no go, I just want to wish your blog all the best and thank you a million times, for always thinking of me as your friend. I'm proud to know you, my dearie friend! 

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. I'm in love with this Ballerina Gray from MagicColour Lens. I can't say why, eventhough it does gives a freakish zombie eyes lol but yet I feel mysterious and vampirish. Probably it is all in my mind hahaha
    Above: (R) The pattern/designs are exquisite and so detailed
    Above: (L) Taken on Mother's day (R) Taken on WEVents night
    Above: I'm wearing a Topshop corset with a big bow at the front. I put up all my hair, as I need to wear a mask to the Masquerade event.
    OK, I did a very wacky move on this gray contact lens. I tried on the other way around. It is so soft that I felt very comfortable wearing it (this is amazing, because not all contact lens are confortable when you wear it reverse). And how does the gray turn out?
    Above: (not the eye above my moles) Right eye is more striking with gray isn't it???
    Above: Just want to show my OOTD to work. I like this top but SO said it is abit oldie, is it? (R) Which eye do you think is nicer?

    Show me any of your gray contact lens that you love! Can you wear your colour contact lens reverse side?

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  3. Purplelicious eyes

    Jun 8, 2011

    In my previous post, you read my love for purple colour. Here are some FOTDS of me wearing the Moonlight Violet from MagicColour Lens.
    Above: At the MagicColour Lens workshop, see more here.
    With colour contact lens, I tend to have light makeup on the eyes, just a quick eyeliner with a zest of wing ^^
    Above: (R) Taken with flash at end of day >.< how oily is my face?!?!
    Above: Sometimes it looks blue, isn't it?
    Above: Just simple makeup with tons of mascara lengthening hehe
    Overall, I am really happy with this. It is huge (16mm) so even though I have small eyes with no double eyelids, I think it is just nice for my eyes. It don't look freakish on me and I have gotten many nice compliments from friends, saying I look sweet :)

    Do you use 16mm colour contact lens? Let me know as I want to see it!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  4. EOTD: Purple with MAC

    Jun 3, 2011

    My belated pressies from sis ^^ Canmake Melty Nude Lip 04 and MAC Evil Queen Vile Violet eyeshadow.
    The eyeshadow is super matte, and some reviews have said it is too chalky to get it on brush. Agreed. I still have trouble picking it up from my elf eyeshadow brush. Although it appears dark on the finger when swatch, but I can't seem to transfer it well onto my eyes (you can see the swatch don't come out much on the skin). I tried to wet my brush with some saline lotion, it turns eeky on the skin. Ain't trying that anymore. Any suggestion?
    So, I need some "help" from Shu Uemura Fluorescent palette. I'll use the purple glitter eyeliner over the eyelids, as a base. Then packed heavily on top with MAC Vile Violet.
    Well, of course with other 'assistance' from the above tools to make me look pretty ^^ Daiso Blush (review), Rimmer Mascara (review) also with Dejavu Fiberwig and Averine Mineral loose powder (I can't seem to finish this~)
    I love purple. Do you love purple? If you do, we are buddies lol Confession, my first few attempts with purple eyeshadows resulted with comments from friends "what's wrong with your eye?" and "why is your eyes swollen?" Not happy days >.< But I don't give up, I learn from gurus all over the world on their eotds and tutorials. I'm more of a blog stalker than a blog writer (after 5 days of not online, I get 1000+ new posts to read on my reader ^^). So if you think I have improved from those comments, let me know!
    Coming up, purple eyes~
    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

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