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  1. Long post, all in one!
    Beautiful Michelle's love package for me have arrived! I recently swapped with her for a L'egere bb cream (check out my swap page) as I anxious to try this since many review said it's quite good. I am fedup with my Etude House bb cream as it is runny and oily, even before I start applying it on my face!. Now this L'egere really put a level up on my bb cream lemmings. It's more than 5 hours now, and my face is still matte! Although the cream is darker when it's squeeze out, but it turn fair upon touching my face (oxidation?). Truly surprising. Next tryout is Tony Moly, let's see if I can get my hands on it!
    So here's the parcel!

    She gave me some extras on Laneige samples, which I've never seen it here in Australia. She must have understood that my face is screaming for some moisture! And also she throws in a Shiseido Zen mini fragrance for moi! And she love the L'occitane soaps and Smokey eyeshadow trio palette I swapped with her!

    Now to my recent haul, my sister have been crazy over Lush recently, as she got a shampoo from a friend in UK. Now, I did not know the full popularity of Lush until she mentioned to me. Lush is everywhere in Australia and I never venture into it because the smell is too pungeant (like incence?) and I always hold my breath when passing one of the shops. She almost faint, when I told her Lush is everywhere in Australia because it is not in her country. So to do my sisterly duty, I got her these:

    'Angels on bare skin' exfoliator and 'Honey I washed the kids' body soap. The names are heavenly nice, I am a sucker on nice name products. The body soap comes free with any cleanser purchase, which is great because it was $8 for 100 grams! Any of you gals have tried Lush??? Share with me your experience!

    So everyone is so hype about MyBeautyMask, I bought this Bulgarian White Rose Mask for $4.50 each! Have you gals heard of this BeautyBuffetMask? This lovely designer inspired bracelet is going to CushyCottage, for being a sweety! See how it reads 'D I O R' on the chain? Genious!

    Another designer inspired necklace for StellarVixen, for being lovely. See the double 'Chanel' logo in the mid? The bling is so sparkling bright!

    So that's it, gals. Sharing is Caring~
    With Love, Elle

  2. 12 kisses & hugs:

    1. Kell said...

      i totally know what you mean with the smell of the lush products. I have a few things from there, but I can't stand that "au naturale" incense smell.. too much for me. I have their marilyn hair treatment and their "herbalism" exfoliater (which is just like "angels", but it smells like bread and it's a scary green color.. it works though).. let us know how you like using them!


    2. seeing the stuff u got from lush, makes me think of their beautiful shop and wonderful smells!! I've tried more of Lush skincare and especially love their toners - breath of fresh air and tea tree water!! their body shops smell soo good!

    3. amynaree said...

      lovely swap!! i totally love my l'egere bb cream too, i want to try banila co or lotree brand next ^__*

    4. stellarvixen said...

      wow a LOVE package for Legere~
      how do you rate it? seems like you are lurving it hehe makes me wanna try too!

      WOOHOO LUSH goodnesss
      do review about the madness about Angels on bareskin - rave my yumeko/bittenbefore :D

      a free soap...awww how come there is no good deal where i come from

      that is a ridonculous price for sheetmask lol hope u like it

      bling!bling! my eyes..
      dior bracelet is beautifuuul...lucky cushyCottage ;)

      DID i see my name there?!!
      i'm getting the lovely dainty chanel necklace

      i <3 you to the bits
      smuaks smuaks..
      will send my love package to you once the numero magz is out *teehee

    5. Kell - oo i saw ur luvly Lush haul! i havent use the AOBS yet, as im on this khiels dermabrasion and i best give it a week before exfoliating my face >.< will share wif u gals laterz, xoxo elle

      BlovetBeauty - firstly thanks for the award! and i seriously wanted to try the toner ($2 per tablet) do u think i can break it into 2 or 4? tee hee

      AmyNaree - aw legere fan! high five gal! let me know about the banila when u try it and im trying to get my hands on tony molly, any advise how? :)

      StellarVixen - cant wait for the numero mag! i should put a countdown of it on me blog hehe aw i luv u back!

    6. *~kAy~* said...

      Nice swap! <3
      the very first bb cream I've tried is the L'egere one too! :P So glad you like it better than your previous bb cream :)

      the jewelry is so pretty <3 so nice to share :)

      thanks for visiting my blog btw :) what questions did you have about mario badescu products? :) anything in particular you want to know? :) I'll try my best to answer <3

    7. Lovely post. =) I use BB creme white legere and it's one of my fav. I actually have yet to try any Laneige products. That's so sweet of u doing gifts away. =)

    8. yay~ everyone luvs legere bb cream! we dont have it here in aus, but thank god i usea a pea size for my entire face tee hee so its gonna be a long time before i go lemming for tony moly bb cream!

      giveaways are gr8~ sharing is caring, gals~ xoxo elle

    9. Shopn'Chomp said...

      Hi honey, YOU ROCK!! Thank you for providing the free international shipping code for Sasa.com! I will post it up and give you props of course!

      Great haul you have here...plus the jewelry is super cute :)

    10. Shopn'Chomp said...

      P.S Great point you made. :) And thanks for the Elle online link. I am still old skool....I still do the subscription thing!

      Have a great weekend :)

    11. Shopn'Chomp - no worries! im just sowie that the code cant b use for canada coz its only for asia pacific countries (thats why the 'apac' code)..and sub is cool, but my SO already have his xbox mag, my niece dolly mag, my dad readers digest, etc..i cant handle so many mags lying around me tables! >.< its a huge load every qtr when i donate it to the local clinics (reading materials while waiting)

      xoxo elle

    12. Sherry said...

      just fond your blog from janice :) hehe.. going to follow your blog :)

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