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  1. Recently I attended an RMK workshop. The venue was held at San Francisco Steakhouse upstair, very nice place, overlooking the beautiful gardens of KLCC.

    RMK is relatively a very new brand for me, as I have not come across until this workshop. From what I gather, their popular item from their skincare range is the SkinTuner (a combination of toner and moisturiser). Lazy people like myself, I was super excited to learn more about RMK!

    Every table at hands reach, are their whole range of skincare and makeup for us to play with. Even cleansers and makeup brushes are available. Their makeup items are mostly new, fresh from the box to play with. Finger foods are deliciously displayed and not to forget, their goodies bag (acclaimed worth RM200 goodies).

    There was a Japanese makeup artist, and his english translator is around to walk us through the step by step in creating a flawless autumn look with RMK. He is ruggedly handsome ^^ but I wish he is taller and speak english lol. Anyhoo, these are their 4 Autumn Brown eyeshadow palettes (they have 6 actually, but only 4 at my table). Colours are nice but abit redundant because they are all shades of browns, all have the same white highligher and at RM150, I reckon there are other brands more worthy. This is a splurge buy, and the steal buy would be Kate brown eyeshadow palettes at RM50 or the Maybelline palettes at RM35.

    Left: Clean face from using RMK cleansers.
    Right: Full on makeup from RMK! 

    Since the invention of BB creams, I hardly go through the ordeal of base/primer->sun screen->concealer->liquid foundation->loose powder, unless on special occasions like weddings and functions that I required my makeup to STAY all day and night, with little need and time to retouch up. So, it is kinda fun to play with so many items at that time, testing out shades of foundations, etc.

    *But deep down in my heart, I was feeling abit icky because I had so many thingy on my skin! I actually can't wait to go home and wash my face squeaky clean!

    Close up on the eye, it is a brown smokey eyes look. Can I redo these colours with other eyeshadow paletts? Yes.

    So what's in the goody bag? Everyone got a full bottle of RMK SkinTuner, a tiny bottle of liquid foundation sample, a tiny tube of cleanser, a tube of sunscreen, 3 makeup vouchers, 1 eyebrow fix voucher, and RM10 borders voucher (min RM100 purchase, good for my dad and his crime novels!).

    Prior to the workshop, at the purchase of the workshop entry (RM50), participants can choose an additional item from lippies, lipgloss, liquid foundation and eye gel. So I was advice by beauty bloggers to get the eye gel because it is worth RM180!

    After the workshop, we get to redeem RM50 for an RMK item. Since I went to the afternoon session, I was told that all the sharpeners and lip care (less than RM50) have all been redeemed by the morning session participants. I totally doubt that, because that is such a bad thing to say about your supportors, RMK! Here is to RMK staffs (not that I know you are reading my blog, just my personal note): You should never imply or suggest to other potential customers of yours, that you have cheap customers, because it says what lousy staffs you have (for accusing the morning sessions supportors) and basically, you just look down on people who comes to your workshops! RMK just probably think we are all losers, a bunch of no gooders looking for freebies, can be manipulate to be on their side. Well, hello?!?! RMK, if you are not well equipped with your items after every workshop, does it show you are not sincere when setting up workshops? Do you even know what is the real purpose companies have workshops? To promote your stuffs and increase sales! But you have insufficient stuffs at your counters, because everything I asked for, is not in stock.

    OK, so I went with an RMK pencil (lipliner) in lovely light pink. Not my first choice but they don't have many selections. And since I went to the workshop with a friend, we both got a pink nail polish as well. Later I heard there was not enough nail palishes to give out to those who came with a friend to the workshop. Hmm, another proof of poor management. I wonder who is trying to rip off who.

    Oh, you think this is the end of it? Wait till you see what's next:

    See what those red arrows are pointing at? The freebies Skin Tuner and eye gel was manufactured in 2007, which is more than 3 years! Probably they were thinking, hey it's free, so what's the big deal. Hey, no one sells expired products except very unscrupulous companies. Oh the lipliner that I purchased after the workshop, that I paid with my good money, was manufactured in 2005! Unbelievable! My god sister, authorised representative for an expensive skincare company, advised me best to just throw it in the bin, because it is just too rotten to put something like that on my lips. Did I tried to contact RMK? Yes, called them and they are willing to change it to products manufactured in 2006! That's the earliest they have on their stocks. Very very dissapointing. I am going to stay far far away from RMK. Who wants those makeup vouchers, please email me. They are an eyesore yuck.

    So, what's your experience with RMK? lol

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

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