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  1. Bazaar @ First Subang

    Sep 11, 2012

    Do you want to know where to get cute tops, dresses, korean earrings and necklaces?
    What about good food and coffee after a fruitfulnshopping?
    Then also have your nails done up and facial and massage, to relax your hectic day?

    All this at First Subang!

    The first and last Thursday & Friday of every month, First Subang will have these bazaars shops. Lots of gems to choose, bling bling if what's you are looking for, or change your smartphones and tablets casing here! You can't complain for a RM50 new iPad rotating casing, can you ;p

    For good brewing coffee and creative coffee art, stop by Coffee Chemistry and you will surprised :) Not only the coffee is great, looks good with it's creative drawing on your cuppa, the ambience is just wonderful to hangout with your friends. There are board games available for you to make many happy times with your family and friends. Also free wifi~

    If you want gorgeous cakes and brownies for dessert, stop by Sherlyn's Little Dream. They are deliciously homemade, you definitely come back for more!

    We got to stop for some beauty treatments, don't we? I chose 'the love nails' on 1st floor. My boring nails are transformed beautifully with OPI Espresso Your Style! I did had coffee and choc cakes, and it is also autumn fall season :)

    Thanks to Tammy & Ashley for organising this event, most importantly, it is the great friends that hangout together :)
    With Love, Elle

  2. My excuse: iPad

    Sep 10, 2012

    Wow, me inactive for so longgg :(
    My recent trip to Australia, wasn't a really happy one as my fil just passed away. He was a great man and I am very thankful to know him before he passed on. I am blessed to have him as one of my mentor and father all these years. He will always be remembered and never forgotten.
    I also blame it on iPad that I couldn't blog that much these last few months >.< Why isn't there a blogger app for iPad??? Come on! Well, there are other paid apps but I'm a big scrooge when it comes to paying apps. No worries, today I did found an alternative app to blog from iPad, so more posts will be coming soon.
    I also was trying to find a way to replace my digital scrapping of my photos. Although I still love doing it on my PC, but these days, mobile is the way to go! I love instagram and instaword on iPhone, but they are not available on iPad. Again I have to find alternative for me to blog entirely from iPad. I can't multitask between too many devices hehe

    This post is also to remind myself to come back to blogging. So it is kind of welcoming myself back :) I want to thank my blogger friends, who have been encouraging me to continue blogging. Without all of your enthusiastic support, I may truly leave the blogersphere for good, but thanks to you, I am back to blogging babeh~

    xoxo, ciao, elle
    With Love, Elle

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