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Free delivery of Contact Lenses

  1. I want this! I was just doing some online reading and this was pop up at the side (ads - yes I'm one of those gullible people that WOULD click on ads). Isn't this great to organise our precious makeup stash??? Put a mirror on top of it and I can do FOTD or EOTD or HOTD anytime! Do you think they have it in pink?

    Available at Office Depot for USD60 :(

    OMG, I got to thank my ozbargain buddies for finding this! It's AUD$50 at CrazySales :)
    Should I???
    With Love, Elle

  2. 7 kisses & hugs:

    1. MizzJ said...

      Wow that is kinda cool haha

    2. stellarvixen said...

      i need this too!! my drawers are overwhelmed with skincare & beautypicks as well as the tools keke

      for usd60* ouchhh

    3. ty 4 stopping by! love ur blog btw xoxo elle

    4. May said...

      Very useful draws organizer.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog:]

    5. Blair said...

      Ahhh, I need one too!!!

    6. please tell me if u can find one in PINK colour! xoxo, elle

    7. updated! thanks to buddies found this in Australia
      issit available in your country gals?
      let me know would like to see other colours, especially in PINK! xoxo, elle

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