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  1. What is in Elle bag?

    Oct 30, 2009

    Just for fun, as I see this trend in the bloggers world, I'll like to share what's in my bag:

    I'm using a JPG black hobo shoulder bag (I find it very similar to Jimmy Choo & Alexander Wang designs). I love Coach, and my sis got me this brown Coach scarf which is too tiny for my big neck, so I tied it on my handbag.

    It's a roomy bag, so I got lots of stuffs. My MNG black shiny long wallet with a designer inspired LV teddy bear and a bling bling from my mum. Coach pink sunnies, ciggy with lighter (I like my own ciggy box, where the lid pops open with a thumb press), chewies to freshen up my breath and whitens my teeth, Esprit pencil case (pens are very handy to write things down), Catherine Manuell coin purse (Aussie designer, got my laptop bags from it as well), car keys, Agner parfum hand cream, dettol hand sanitiser, tissues, Smiggle business card holder (going to change this to a Gucci from Numero November issue!) and a makeup kit.

    My Givenchy make up kit is too small I reckon. I got this as a GWP, and I just got to have it because it is in stripes! Oh my passport holder is also in a stripe holder! So I got Paul & Joe compact powder, The Body Shop paper blotters (I prefer the Clean & Clear blue paper but it's discontinue in Australia), YSL dark red lippy, Dior pink & red lip glosses, Bourjois nude lippy, chapstick, Hugo Boss Woman and Lancome Zen perfume vials, a mini kawaii mirrow, and a few individually toothpicks. Things in this makeup kit are always updated according to what I need to use throughout the day.

    I think toothpicks are essential as I don't want anything get stuck in between my teeth! And not all cafes offer them to patrons. I have plenty of band aids as well in my long wallet as I'm a clumsy klutz and if I buy new shoes on an impulse, I can wear them straightaway! What's missing in my bag is my mobile, but this is my only camera. So I uses a mirror to capture it. I'm using a Nokia N95 8GB, with Coach charms hanging from it. My SO refuse to use my phone because it's too girly with the charms!

    So there you go gals, boring bits about Elle bag! Next coming post, I've been accumulating 2 gifts for my readers as I've reach 50 Darlings'! I apologise for the delay becoz it's been a hectic these weeks, just disconnected from one broadband provider to another >.< I promise my giveaway will be up by November!

    xoxo elle

  2. Alrighty, I did some swatch on my beautycrunch haul (check out here!) which I bought it last month. I truly love this haul and so I want to share my review here. Since I got this purchase through cushycottage (as beautycrunch do not ship overseas), she have received it on my behalf and sent it over to me, with some extras!

    This is the Pop Beauty Day-to-Class 24 shades of eyeshadow palette, comes with a double ended brush, which is surprisingly good to use! Now, the shades are very pigmented. Not all are glitter, some are matte.

    I do luv the brush that comes with it, but its definitely not easy to put through that tiny holder (as it opens up the brush hair!) and I realise I won't get any double ended brush, because I can't put it standing up! But to compensate the brush, the eyeshadow colours just wow me! It's very versatile, and I bought this for $17, and actually I wanted the Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol 2 at $48 (check out at Sephora!). But this is still good! I can only get this at AUD$90 in Kit, so I am not complaining at all.

    This is the Stila eyeshadow in Pewter, Wheat and Mystic. For the price, I know they won't come with a proper palette. Does anyone know the diameter of it? I can get Etude House twin e/s empty palette in the city, but I don't want the SA looking at me trying to see if this fits in! And the Peony Convertible color is not 'deluxe' as it said in the web LoL but I still like it, although it will be my first experience using a cream blush! I hear many horror stories that cream blush slides off the face, is it true?

    Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser with spf 15, was something I have always wanted since discovering BeneFit High Beam. But this Stila is a steal! At full size, the entire set was $18, when this itself cost AUD$69! This gonna last me a long long time, and I will have a high high nose!

    This is another steal, Stila Black is the New Black Set at $12 when the full size smudge pot is AUD$42 alone by itself! The $5 brushes are tiny but cute, just purfect to use both with the smudge pot! There is a reason why smudge pot is in such a demand for eyeliner, it's because they don't smudge after application! Have anyone test proof this?

    Swatch! Can I use it for eyebrows?

    Extras! I wanted a black glue for my fake lashies, and cushycottage put this in for me, and as everyone knows how the oil on  my face can fry an egg, the blotters are a god send, as they are discontinued in Australia! sob sob

    Have a luvly weekend everyone! What do you think of my new 3 column template? Is it too congested? Please share your views! Hugz

  3. Got myself a chatbox!

    Oct 14, 2009

    I got myself a chatbox finally! I was actually not sure to get it or not, because I just love blogging (as you can see I already have numerous post in such a short time!) and putting a chatbox I don't want to offend my readers if I reply them late! Anyhoo, I decided it is the best way to remind me what I'm missing as well! LoL

    Actually I got tons waiting to upload, but my internet connection is abit dumb at the moment (arghh). And I've been reading on so many other blogs out there, that I kinda neglect to post my own blog! Do you gals feel what my dilemma is? tee hee~

    A few things I will have to do, to this luvly blog of mine. I want to get a 3 column template, as I think my right sidebar is getting a wee tad too long! Well, just my own opinion anyway. I really like this theme, as its pinkish and feminine, but a it definitely canot be revamp into a 3 column blog (coz I don't know how..>.<). So currently I'm busy looking for a nice 3 column template..=_=|||

    Posts coming up:
    • Swatch on Pop Beauty and Stila
    • Fairtrade products that I recently got from Cosmetic-Candy
    • Tag on Over-The-Top-Award (I find this extremely hard, becoz we bloggers tend to be very descriptive and long winded..ONE word???)
    • My 1st upcoming international giveaway (50 followers soon~) very very excited
    • 10 tips to stay poor
    This post already take 4 hours to write, because I was reading so many other nice blogs! And I click on ads! LoL anyone waiting for the movie 2012? I just saw the trailer and it's gonna be huge! xoxo elle

  4. Friday Poll

    Oct 9, 2009

    For fun, I will like to do an every Friday Poll (blogging is sooo addictive!) to my readers. No prize, just sharing ideas and life. So basically I will just ask some questions and you can share it with me in the comments section. Easy~ Usually the poll will be something relative to my week.
    1. Makeup item hitting the pan: My Red Earth foundation compact powder just hit the pan! I started it in May, use it every alternate day, so it's a 6 months lifespan. It's abit thin, don't you think?
    2. Last purchase: Natio brush pouch with zipper $5! I bought it not because I need a pouch or it's cheap. I wanted the pencil sharpener that comes with it! Now it means I can spend more on eyebrow pencils, liners, etc. Also, it comes with Natio eyecream, mascara and pencil black eyeliner! Not bad for $5 yeah!
    3. What's on youtube..: As I just got my little pug Dory, I have been obsessed on the youtube looking at pugs! I find that pugs tilt their heads all da time, it's like their DNA is imprint to do it, at the sound of human voice. It's just sooo supa adorable! Watch 3 pugs tilting their heads here!
    4. Just realised I don't need..: 2 drawes for my makeup but 3 drawers! This is seriously a very contradicted phrase. I need more space for my makeup stuffs, but honestly I don't use all of them! Do you gals have this problem? When did it get so much? I'm planning for a trip away, end of month, and I'm panicking what to take and what not. Argh..
    5. Makeup/Skincare brand beginning with 'A': Australis Cosmetics is very affordable. I own a palette of it for 5 years! Well, that was during my early years of not into makeup. The palette comes in 18 eyeshadow colours, with 4 blush tones and even lippies. It's so convenient for me at that time, to carry only ONE palette. Then, the unfortunate thing happen. My sisters saw it and told me to chuck it in the bin! Not sure if I did the right thing, since I splurge so much on makeup nowadays tee hee~ That action also introduced me to 'credit card' LoL
    Alrite, your turn, ladies!

  5. Awesome Girl Award

    Oct 6, 2009

    Freshelle tag me with this I Think You're An Awesome Girl Award! She is from Toronto, Canada. Isn't the internet wonderful, to connect strangers from far off places and be friends? I totally dig the internet and honestly, can't live without it (how am I gonna google for MU reviews???)

    So with this I Think You're An Awesome Girl Award I have to tell you luvly readers 10 facts about me and then tag 10 blogs I love to read, so that the world will know about them! I have did a similar facts about moi here, so I'll add more! okidoki, let's get started:
    1. Crazy over chocolate. I must have some cocoa a day, to keep the smile on my face.
    2. I reside in Australia & Malaysia. As a financial planner, I work in both countries to oversea my clients and businesses.
    3. I have pets in both homes. It's really tough as I dream to have all my pets with me together and see how we all live together. Although I work hard for my career, I also use my babies as a motivator to earn more and keep them happy with lots of treats and toys! This kind of encouragement made my work more enjoyable, so I guess you know who is the boss now tee hee~
    4. I'm an Aries. But I only half believe in horoscope. I'm quite patience despite what they say about Aries being hot headed. I can be very angry but hardly as my tolerence level is quite high. So occasionaly I do have those volcanic emotion explosions lol
    5. I'm shoe size 8. It's so common that it is so hard to get my size! Most of the time when I inquire for size 8, it is always out of stock!
    6. I have kelloids 3 years ago. This is one of the main reason I am so into skincare and makeup now. I never was really into skincare and makeup (eventhough I do not have flawless skin) but when I developed some kelloids around my back and chest, I started to pay more attention to my appearance. Kelloids take ages to fade away and it always comes back, due to the body over produce collagen. I am using a sillicone gel Dermatix daily on my kelloids. My dermatologist suggest that I take steroid jabs! But I say no as I don't believe in shortcuts and it may harm me in the long run.
    7. I <3 Supernatural atm. I was following Heroes but then it gets too complicated for my simple mind. So now I am the Winchester boys follower!
    8. Huge fans of Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad. I got their dvd box sets to proove!
    9. My first concert is to Alanis Morissette in 1998 and my most recent concert I attended is Nickleback in 2006. I don't really go to concerts because I enjoy them more at home while doing house chores tee hee~
    10. I click on ads. Yup I am those people got suckered by clicking on ads, I can't help it! That's why I can spend many many long hours online without feeling bored because I just click and click.
    I would like to tag Catherine @ PrettyShinyThings, Becks @ HedonistB, Lisa @ ShopN'Chomp, Kelly @ Popcorn, Stacieee @ StacieeLovesIt, Tiffany & Ella @ MilkNCookiie, Jordy @ Jordy'sBeautySpot, Tammy @ TummyCake, CeeCile @ Beauty&Me, Blovet @ BlovetBeuty.

    Have a good week everyone! xoxo elle

  6. Elle's entourage

    Oct 3, 2009

    I tried to gather my pets together for a family potrait, but you know, moving animals, they are just so excited all the time, jumping up and down, it's truly hard to get them sit quietly together! So, I've managed to get my cat, Chiko, to pose for me (well, not really pose, coz he just luvs napping!).

    He is 4 years old now, he is abit tad overweight, I reckon at 4kg. My 2 little chihuahuas are much smaller than the cat tee hee~ Chiko luvs his cat milk. I need to warm the milk for 12secs in the m/w as I keep it in the fridge. Chiko will wait at the m/w and when he hears the beep (indicate that it's done), he'll start meowing me to take it out from the microwave! He got a stripey tail and I got a 'hello kitty' bell for his collar. I need to give him a loud bell (not because I need to hear where he is) but so that he doesn't kill the birds. Chiko had brought me presents before (dead sparrows and pigeons on my kitchen floor)! Therefore, the bell is for the birds safety!

    Chiko is a cross between Russian Blue & British Shorthair, so he got kinda a flat face and tends to overweight himself with dry food. I found out he is fond of chicken liver and detest any fish. He likes the dog's wet food, and the dogs like his cat food. Weird I know! I don't sleep with him, coz he purrs too loudly (like a motor prrrrrr) and my SO is allergic to cats >.< So I keep Chiko away from the bedroom.

    Here is my other entourage:

    Leo, is my 4 year old Chihuahua. I got him around the same time as Chiko. He is dark chocolate in colour, with medium coat.His favourite toy is this pink doll (bottom right). He has a defect, longish tougue, which he can't keep it inside his jaw, but he is so adorable! The vet said it will grow longer as he aged sob sob. Leo sometime thinks he is a cat, as he grew up together with Chiko. Leo will rub against my legs if he wants some luving tee hee~ and he got 2 eyebrows above his eyes aww~

    Sandy, is my 1 year old Chihuahua. She is Leo's SO! She is fawn in colour, with black marking on her back. She luvs her yellow bumble bee toy! Sandy luvs Chiko and they are best pals!

    Oscar is old, about 10+ years. He is an Australian Kelpie, so he is huge. He is a pussy, as he lets the tiny Leo and Sandy and Chiko to climb all over him. Don't get too close to Oscar, because the wag of his tail is painful! He is afraid of thunder and fireworks, so he got to come into the kitchen and hide himself under my dining table.

    I keep them outside most of the time, but they can come inside all the time, especially during winter or when it's raining. It's alot of work to keep them, with feeding and cleaning and training. But it sure makes me happy to see them when I reach home and all of them waiting for me at the gate! Well, not waiting for me, but it's dinner time.

    Let's welcome the latest member of my family, Dory the 2 months female pauppy pug!

    My SO have always  been a fan of boston terriers and pugs. So this is his little darling atm (not me >.<) and she just peed on the couch! I just joined http://www.pugslife.org/ to find out more about pugs and hope to meet other pugs lover! Come here, Dory!
    ps: we named her after the fish in 'Finding Nemo' coz Dory got big eyes and look so adorable!

  7. Swap and Haul

    Oct 2, 2009

    I met up with an MUA member whom I have been frequently corresponding over the last month, just yak about makeup and skincare. Ning was telling me how expensive mascaras were to her, as a student, and their lifespan is so short as well. Which I totally agreed because mine dries up extremely fast too, regardless how expensive or cheap they are. Therefore, I never say pass to sample mascaras from Lancome or Estee Lauder or Clinique, or any counters. Since I am always thick face to ask for samples, I have a few Hynose and DiorShow mascara samples, and decided to ask her to 'adopt' them, together with my old issues of Australian Bazaar magazines. I have already told her not to return me anything, but she is such a sweet gal to make it a swap!

    So now I'm a proud owner of a new Coffret D'or lip gloss and a AHA BHA cleanser! It is so difficult to get these Asian brands in Australia (Ning is from Singapore).

    Since I'm already in the CBD, I went to meet up with a dear friend who just came back from Japan. She ain't into skincare or makeup, but she knows I am soo into it. Tobbie gave me a lil parcel with Juju Aquamoist Essense (HG!) and Kose Hyaluronic Acid 22 sheet masks, direct from Japan!

    I just don't have the heart to just take from friends, so I return my appreciation with a lunch and $30 (Yen1808) for her. It is truly a great bargain haul for me, considering that JUJU is selling $50 and Kose Masks is selling $35 here! Why everthing is overprice in Australia? Even our Ikea Sweedish meatballs cost much more, comparing to what cushycottage mentioned in her blog! I guess I'm just so far away from everywhere >.<

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