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  1. I heard alot of good review of this. Although I do not have a row of acne, but its also recommended for prevention and oil control. So I will give it a go and add into my Wish List. If you have samples of these, I will love to have it :)
    I have notice that sometimes it have the 'Acne' word and sometimes it does not, depends on the location of the product is at, but I was assured by the SA that it is the same.

    With Love, Elle

  2. 1 kisses & hugs:

    1. jamie said...

      never heard of this product. There are really many products emerged in the market that claims to clear acne. Promising that it would be effective in just a short period of time. But as what we know, some of these treatments will just make the situation worse. We really have to have a deep knowledge on acne before finding the right medication to treat it effectively.

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