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  1. YSL and DKNY fragrance

    May 30, 2010

    Last week, I was in a little island, Penang, with SO and MIL+FIL (mother-in-law & father-in-law). Not a bad drive with lots of detours! Driving tips in Malaysia, from one state to the other state: if you plan not to use the highway, do it during the day LOL

    We exited the highway, and was trying to be adventurous, and used the old country side roads. We thought we can get to try some local fruits along the towns (durians, mangosteens, jambu air, etc). But after 1 hour on the road, we realised the country side of Malaysia are not that well developed compared to the major cities. So we decided to return back to the highway. But it took us another 2 hours to find the highway entrance! It was really funny, because there wasn't many signboards around and when we have to stop by to ask the locals for directions, our Malay was terrible! Anyway, luckily it wasn't dark, we managed to get to the highway.

    Penang is all about food, and we all put on about 1kg for everyday of stay there, so I am 65kg now >.< So let's not talk about food in this post!

    Last 2 weeks was SO birthday, and I got him DKNY fragrance. I can't resist to get YSL fragrance for myself, too, since I finished my perfumes!

    with flash and no flash

    DKNY men is a golden apple globe. It smell sweet, but still masculine. I wouldn't mind stealing some spray of it on myself~ Confession: I kinda like men's fragrance more than women ones because they are more strong/pungent but not to choking level hehe

    I'm really happy with my choice, YSL Young Sexy Lovely. Really sweet, but it ain't parfum, so it doesn't last very long on me. Will definitely repurchase!

    Upcoming: Life Code review & Hauls from Bloggers
    And the winner for "Elle April Giveaway", iPeh has safely received my package!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. Celdie & Acmedica

    May 13, 2010

    My giveaway is packed & sent! Lookout, iPeh~

    Went to Watson and found this new product on the shelf. Celdie has a range of cleansers, you can choose either the gel or cream. Very affordable and there was an incentive for getting this, apple flavour, because it comes with a cute colourful zip pouch! I'm a sucker for GWPs ^^

    Descriptions on the brochure: All-in-one Cleansers
    Now you can save time and money with these great all-in-one cleansers from Japan, designed to remove makeup and cleanse skin at the same time! Choose from a wide selection to cater for all different skin types today!
    • Honey yogurt for baby soft skin (white)
    • Spa salt for skin with large pores (blue)
    • Charcoal for oily skin (grey)
    • Royal Jelly for line skin (orange)
    • Rosehip oil for intensive moisture (red)
    • Apple essence (AHA) for rough skin (green)

    It really smells of green apple (lovely!) and the gel does not create foam nor emulsify when contact with water. Does it wash off grime and makeup? Yes! Does it improve my skin texture, since it is said for rough skin? Too early to say, but I do feel my skin much much smoother than before, but may not be the direct cause from Celdie (can be also other skincare items?)

    I have finished the Acmedica toner! The bottle is quite small, therefore it only lasts me about 1 month (I uses toner 3 times a day). I find this toner nothing special. I have no extra zits nor less zits (still one/two during TOTM) and oil is still that much on my face. Lot's of people depend on good toner, but I treat toner as a lotion to remove any last trace of cleanser and makeup on my face before my serum and moisturiser step. But I do also believe, a good toner will make the serum/moisturiser absorb better to the skin.

    There was much hype on the Acmedica night powder, so I grabbed one as well. Usually my face gets abit oily around 11pm. I will wipe the excess oil with a cotton with toner lotion. Now, I'll have the addition of this before I go zzz. The white night powder have no smell to it, which is great! I don't like medicated smell as I don't think I can sleep well smelling that.

    Descriptions on the back:
    Naris Up Acmedica acne care night powder helps to control shine, conceal pores and blemishes, and to give the skin a healthier look. Its sebum controlling formula prevents breakouts, containing vitamin C, the powder restores the damaged skin cells and leaves skin moistured.
    Powder comes with a puff. The light natural colour helps give the skin a healthy look. Transparent colour strengthen the natural glow of beautifully skin. 

    What I don't understand is, how is it supposed to moisture the skin when it is in powder form? Anyway, I do feel better knowing my face is treated even when I am sleeping. When I wake up in the morning, my face is still oily but definitely not so much than before! 

    I am quite happy with these batch of hauls, as it did not give me any breakout! If any of you have tried these, let me know if you have made a review on them as I like to know how you feel about them and was it good for you? ^^

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  3. Inspired by NaTGN to do this post:

    Every gal will have to start somewhere about their encounter with makeup/skincare. I was never really into these while growing up. I hardly have any makeup items. I only got dark red lippies, drugstore foundations, drugstore e/s palettes that last me for years! Not many jewelery or fashion accessories too. I din't have my ears pierced till I was 18. So how did this love for makeup started and when? Who is the real culprit?

    I'll have to blame the ads, that made me keep wanting stuffs. I admit I'm heavily influence by ads, posters, and now those flashy bling ads on websites (yes, I'm those that click on web ads >.<). I'm curious, what can I say?

    If you are a 90s kiddo, admit you own one of these:

    YSL used to have the best looking palette around, gold super shiny reflective casing, always comes with black velvet cloth.
    I can't forget my Givenchy mirror casing lipstick! At that time, it was like a thing from the future!
    It doesn't seem to cost that much back then for Guerlain.
    Obsessed with these coral casings of Elizabeth Arden
    Even when the news came out about YSL lipsticks having the highest amount of lead in them, I'm still a big supporter of YSL.
    Not new now hehe
    I used to feel so glamourous holding these gold Guerlain casing.
    Seriously, who have not own a Maybelline wonder curl before???
    My earliest Revlon item
    The 2nd best world lippy for me, this blue hexagon Christian Dior lipsticks!
    Lip SPA, how can anyone not have them before?

    You may not have seen these old archives ads before, and I grew up with them. These are the pioneers of makeup items, and now there are so many new brands that pop ups and shadow these classic brands. They don't seem to be that expensive back then, weird.

    So those are the items that I truly first makeup encounter with, and then the ads gets better and better, so thats why I started buying and buying lol Month of May, buy only what's important.. ;p

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  4. So what does a gal like me, turn 30 recently, wants to preserve my looks, do? Fortunately, the blogging world has this babe, Tammy @ Plusizekitten, who knows just what's good for me! She introduces me to the Life Code Anti-Aging International Berhad at KL, to have the chance to enjoy their products this coming Sunday 16th May (phew, 19th May is SO birthday!). 

    Checking out their website, I am super interested in their Life Code Miracle ST (Super Tourmaline) Rejuvenation Therapy! They have innovated the tanning facility to lighten the skin shades giving radiant skin back to us. Now, I have gotten much darker these past months, migrating to a country that is always full of sunshine and on the road (my hands are much much darker than my entire body >.<) so I can't wait to review the results later for you all.

    So, the wonderful babe Tammy has gotten 11 of her followers a 30 mins session in the ST House. That's not it!  Life Code who's also an Anti-Aging beauty specialist will hold a skincare workshop along with a makeover demo for the us. There will be light food refreshments available and a generous skincare starter kit worth RM250 for us girls to try at home thanks to Life Code's product trainer, Chris. 

    BioTRA™ Skin Care Series - Create miracle in 3 to 15 minutes

    Natural Organic Makeup – Make-up and Skin Care All-in-One

    This comes purrfect timing, coz since I came to reside in KL, I have yet to find a suitable facial place for myself. I've tried a few disastrous ones (I just told those ladies there to f**k off >.< this will be another post, long story). So wish me luck, Let me try out this place, and hope I will be their long time customer~

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

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