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  1. Drum roll please...drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    "Ipeh P from Lollibunnie"

    Congrats, Ipeh! Please email me your address by May 5th 2010, so that I can send it swiftly to you. To others, everyone is still a winner, do not fret, there are still many wonderful giveaways out there in the blog world. Thank you everyone for your sportingness to join my giveaway, but most importantly, thank you for being who you are and share my passion in blogging and the beauty world! Without all your support, there is just no fun, so give yourself a wonderful pat on the shoulder as you all have made a blogger gal pal (moi) very happy!

    • Special blog award from elle
    • Acmedica products
    • Japanese Mooks competition
    • Lots more haul~

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. I got a new layout! The last one was becoming too boxy, as in squarish, with many sharp corners and I feel it was like literally 'poking' my eyes! Yes I'm being silly, giving myself excuse to change a new layout lol I am also thinking of changing my profile picture. My sis have been telling me 'blue' is definitely not my colour, nor my blog colour. Totally agreed, because I'm a pink gal~

    So nothing change on the widgets, but just a few changes on the positions:

    • Elle Darlings (followers) are on the LEFT
    • Elle Chat (chatbox) is on the LEFT
    • Elle Twit (twitter) is on the LEFT
    • Elle Music is on the RIGHT (I'm doing a poll through nuffnang where to off or on it, please vote!)
    I can't seem to get my animated cloud tag working, even with different browsers. I'm currently using google chrome, yeah finally migrated from maxthon because trying to keep up with technology. But I still very much miss my mouse click and drag!

    SO bought lots of dvds, so these few days will be couching on the sofa enjoying my True Blood Season 2, Criminal Minds Season 5, Dollhouse Season 2, Fringe Season 1 & 2, Sons of Anarchy Season 1 & 2, and lots more! Don't worry, I will be tallying up the total entries for my April Giveaway. Come back to know who is the winner ya~

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  3. Total Participants in Elle April Giveaway:

    Marjorie W ginnn7 Bethany Eviee89
    Jennifer H ehlee Fern Charmaine
    Jordana Sandi L Dorothy K Ipeh P
    Kat CNancy shaimapassion Risya
    Joy M Insiya Wilma V Beka
    Daiana G Ana R Kimberley Daiane N
    ewok_ Dovile Fiona C Diana A
    Carina G Dee Gol Dina Ana B
    Victoria Anne T Tifanny S Ruchee
    Bintan Doreen R Vanessa Akisa
    Nikki S Cynthia S Sarah Joanne J
    Damla Rena Katrina Mia A
    Maria J Filomena P Katrina C Jessa O
    Hannah C Ceecile Adeline Er Anstah
    Salina ladymishel Kathy W Josie E
    Katrina M Brenda Mai Thy Lourdes D
    Kiki X Porcelaine Mihrace Natalie N
    Hazel E Joany Liezl D Erin P
    Lara Marizen Jennie N Maggin P
    Lisa Jaquilly H Juli Nix P
    Katherine R Carine D Jenny Emma F
    Ma Luisa Kristie M Issa M Andreia
    Monica G Joie M Zia H Diana S
    ulkunlu89 Camelia Z Ria Angelica
    Irene G Sherry Annika A Amber Y
    Dessy R Lena Ritchelle Ivy
    Grace W Rosa Tabby Agnes
    Heather Serena K Keisha K Daniela
    Icites Aileen S Jessica L federica
    Clover Lyudmila S Miriam E Huguette E
    Tanya M Patricia X Luciana Stephanie H
    Wendy Chao Melissa Christina A
    Ana G Fiery Jennifer P Mercelita E
    Ana Celina Mari_Buzz Helena D Gabriela
    LipGlossit Agnes

    My April Giveaway is now officially CLOSED. Give me time to check your entries, and the winner will be selected by random on April 30th! The winner will have to blog a post upon receiving my parcel, as I want people to know this is a genuine giveaway and I am here to stay blogging! ^^ Good luck everyone!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  4. I really miss my fast internet. Haven't the M government here heard of cable??? I WANT MY CABLE!!! So totally off topic, because sometimes, there are events in my life that is not super smooth and seem so ridiculously impossible but yet happened. And that is: slow internet connection!

    Although over here in M, offered wireless broadband, but it seems these 'so-called' wireless modem works like Astro (local paid-tv, which is base on satellite, and not through cable -_-). Meaning, when it RAINS, there are no TV and no internet! I thought I am quite an intellectual person, but I was baffled when I called up the customer service, they replied "Sorry madam, because of the clouds during the rain, block out the connection from the satellite." But there are also clouds during non-raining days! Is it really the clouds??? Or is it the rain??? Well, both doesn't make sense to me..

    It should be a happy day for me as my giveaway is coming to an end (in 24 hours!!!). And I have so many things line up to blog about:
    • $10 credit to bandit.fm
    • Review on Naris Up Acmedica Lotion & Celdie Cleanser
    • Review Lucidol & Asience hair products
    • A special blog award
    Sigh..slow internet, what to do? Take me 10 minutes to load a blog, take me 15 minutes to play my FB, take me 20 minutes to load my google reader

    If I have super fast internet, I would:
    • Click all 'accept' on my 99+ requests on my FB 
      • (it makes me mad that I can't accept gifts or neighbours!!!!!!!!!!!)
    • Get myself up-to-date with American Idols and Britain Got Talents
      • (is the X-Factor started yet?)
    • Read my google reader (there are still 500+ posts unread..)
    Wokies, calm down, elle. I'm not that mad at slow internet connection, just that I don't like to be taken a fool. I am paying $xxx a month to get this kinda of internet? That is the same price I paid to get cable, and a cable's speed is 24Mbps, not 1Mbps like now. sob sob

    Let me go play with my makeup and count up all your entries. Now that makes me happy! ^^

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  5. NOTD and Win Package

    Apr 21, 2010

    I am still crazy over those easy peasy nail stickers. I've bought tons and some are really not so good qualities where they come off after 2 days >.< And I found out that mostly comes in white colours. Why is that? I like light nail colours, so having white stickers are not that outstanding. Guess have to make do with what's in the market! This week, I got some strawberries and cherries:

    Not only the pinkish nails brighten up my day, I also receive a package from Annie & Michelle! I actually won one of their fabulous giveaway last year, and due to my recent relocation, I just recently knew about it. They still honoured my win and sent me this:

    How lovely their rubber stamp is??? I just got to show you, because it is so creative!

    It's a kawaii bunny coin pouch! And the cutest thing, is the bunny white tail, which is attached to the zipper! I am now constantly zipping up and down this little bag, can't help it ^^ Thanks, Annie & Michelle!

    They are twins babe from sunny Singapore, and they have 2 etsy online shops. Check out their blog, might contains lots of Japanese fonts, but I just simply love to see their kawaii stuffs!

    5 more days to my 1kg April Giveaway! Good Luck everyone!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  6. Shopping! A gal's passion hehe I went to a small little town called Malacca (Melaka) on one sunny Saturday and have no idea there was a weekly night market at Jonker Walk, near the Malacca River (Sungai Melaka). There are rows and rows of girly stuffs (I'm in heaven!)

    That's my SO, walking quite fast, passing those stalls as nothing interest him ^^ Anyway, the street market just go on and on! You got to wear as thin as possible as it is extremely hot and humid weather here in Malaysia. I bought those mini battery operated fan and a hand fan.

    So here is my goodies! I got a small sling bag, purple with a big bow. And 3 lovely clip bows and a pink big bow headband! I don't think I'll ever get tired of bows, do you???

    The handbag is really tiny, I got to crack my head how I am going to use it, as I got to leave out alot of stuffs! But it's super cute and have lovely pattern on the inside as well (only RM10!) and with hearts shape zippers.

    The 2 bows are in different sizes and of coz I am not going to wear them out 3 all together lol They are just clip on, and it's really tight, so it can hold on my bangs as it gets quite long now.

    And also these 3 lovely hair clips in Japanese writings! How kawaii they are??? 

    So, no makeup this trip. Just great food (the famous chicken rice ball - sowie no food porn!). This is actually a very clean street market that I am quite surprise. I've been to many in Kuala Lumpur, but they are quite er not-so-clean-lar (lingo). Well, I really enjoyed this short trip and if you readers got any lovely bows haul, let me know coz I want to see them!!!

    Don't forget my 1KG giveaway~! Ends April 25th!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  7. This makeup skincare blog world is a world of support. I wanna shout out a bit THANK YOU, to everyone who have entered. As promised, I've went out and get some extra goodies to make it weigh 1kg and here it is:

    A fun jewelry watch, a blue crystal long layered necklace (I love this kind of necklaces now), 3 pots of singular Red Earth eyeshadows, Sally Hansen and Maybeline eye primer and concealer.

    Ta-Dah~ 1 kg unwrapped so Good Luck everyone!

    Here are the current participants for my April 2010 Giveaway:

    Marjorie W ginnn7 Bethany
    Eviee89 Jennifer H ehlee
    The Green Fairy Charmaine Jordana
    Sandi L Dorothay K Ipeh P
    Kat C/td>Nancy shaimapassion
    Risya Joy M Insiya
    Wilma V Beka Daiana G
    Ana R Kimberley Daiane Negretti
    ewok_ Dovile Fiona C
    Diana A Carina G Dee Gol
    Dina Ana B Victoria
    Anne T Tifanny S Ruchee
    Bintan Doreen R Vanessa
    Akisa Nikki S Cynthia S
    Sarah Joanne J Damla
    Rena Katrina Mia A
    Maria J Filomena P Katrina C
    Jessa O Hannah C Ceecile
    Adeline Er Anstah Salina
    ladymishel Kathy W Josie E
    Katrina M Brenda Mai Thy
    Lourdes D Kiki X Porcelaine
    Mihrace Natalie N Hazel E
    Joany Liezl D Erin P
    Lara Marizen Jennie N
    Maggin P Lisa Jaquilly H
    Juli Nix P Katherine Ryan
    Carine D Jenny Emma F
    Ma Luisa Kristie M Issa M
    Andrea You Next!

    If your link does not work, it is either you did not provide me or I made a mistake, please let me know and I will alter it. This list will be publish again on 30th April for the winner announcement!

    I think its only fair to share my participants blogs with the world, as they are a collective of great pages (well, some are mainly just on giveaways, but I also think they are great because they let me know what's going on elsewhere ^^). For new comers, take a peek at these blogs, I have learn a few things there, seen alot of beautiful makeups, have gotten lots of inspiration for my makeup of the day, etc.

    Don't forget my giveaway~! Giving and sharing is caring!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  8. I Love Your Blog Award

    Apr 14, 2010

    Thanks to Natalie & Melissa for this blog award! I love your blog, too, babes! That is why I really enjoy the blogging world, with it's interactive and beautiful lives to hear and see from. It ain't a boring day~ ^^

    So, check out these blogs, go blog surfing them, comment them (they <3 it!), and remind ourselves that reading blog is much more enjoyable than picking up a magazine with not much originality.

    StellarVixen: My sis/partner in makeup craze!!! Thanks to her, my birth to blogging!
    Spankedelic: A soon-to-be-mum who got a passion in makeup & fashion!
    Annie & Michelle: Twins from Singapore island who made cute stuffs!
    Kenji Sugizo: It's just a blog that tells me the latest mooks from Kinokuniya! Ain't that sure he likes receiving blog awards but I sure love his blogs hehe
    Shanghainese Dumpling: Fellow Aussie blogger, official distributor for Vitacreme B12, lurves her fashion and lots of skincare reviews!
    Marjorie Winter: Just got to know this Kiwi blogger, <3 her EOTD which is a great inspiration for me as I love the colours she uses!
    VonVon: Malaysian blogger, lots of reviews on makeup & skincare. Her current post is on the My Beauty Diary masks (remember my giveaway ends april 25^^)!

    I have lots of blogs that I love to introduce you, will do so in my next post, as I'm listing everyone who joined my April giveaway. Sharing is Caring~!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  9. More presents for Elle! I have a lovely package from my sis (she knows I adore bows!) and I got an eyebrow voucher at Benefit counter! Also Benefit BAD gal liner waterproof pencil eyeliner and some samples!

    I've used this a few days now and it hardly smudge, it's fantastic for waterline lashes especially on my bottom eye. I can create a very clean dramatic eyes with this. Opps I got to go sharpen it now!

    My dad loves his starbucks mug and he made me a member, too! Now I get $2 off for my coffee everytime at starbucks, thanks dad! My mum got me some earrings, phone charms and a heart brooch. Thanks mum! (oh yeah I did some swatch of the Benefit eyeliner on my hands earlier hehe)

    Alright, I tried to do a pink and grey combination here, I lurve both colours and saw it somewhere that this is do-able and can be beautiful, but of coz done expertly by a professional! I did my best as an enthusiast hehe and here is what I used for my  eyes:

    I used Lunasol Eye Base as eye primer, follow by a dash of Kanebo T'estimo silver glitters, then follow by the famous Jill Stuart jelly  pink e/s on the entire eyelids. Then with my e.l.f e/s brush, I used the pink from Shu Uemura palette on the inner eyes, and a darker pink from the Pop Beauty Day-to-Night palette. For the outer corner of my eyes, I used the grey from  Pop Beauty.
    Then of coz my new Benefit eyeliner pencil, and a line of gold shimmer from the Shu Uemura with my flat head brush (lurves this brush!) on top of the black eyeliner. Lastly, Kate mascara for upper eyelashes and Dejavu Fiberwig for lower and corner lashes. Phew..here is what my eyes look like ('cuse the bad camera >.<):

    With sunlight, no flash
    With flash

    I really like how the grey kinda make a contour for my eyes, as I am nil on eye socket haha Well, this is incomparable with the gals out there doing fantastic EOTDs (don't every stop, as I get inspiration from you gals!) I rather learn from bloggers than models because I think it's more real and I can relate to it better than looking at magazines of models.

    Next post: Giveaway is 1kg as Elle added more goodies!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  10. Q&A for fun always

    Apr 7, 2010

    Got this from MsChiKee, another Aussie fellow blogger. Not trying to bored you with these, but I wanted to do this, to remind myself tee hee~


    How many times do you wash your face daily?
    2-3 times (morning, after work, before sleep if i put on makeup again for going out)

    What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo)
    I am definitely oily, I'm trying to hydrate my face with Juju Aquamoist now.

    What is your current facial wash?
    Kanebo Freshel Cleansing Oil and I just finish my BRTC Foam Wash. Going to get MAC Foam Cleanser!

    Do you exfoliate?
    Yes, but I'm not very discipline in exfoliating, so twice a month >.<

    What brand do you use?
    Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream.

    What moisturizer do you use?
    L'Occitane Red Rice, to matte my oily skin

    Do you have freckles?

    Do you use eye cream?
    Nope, I tend to get oil seeds when I use them

    Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
    During TOTM a few zits here and there. I get less acne now as I understand the power of cleansing and hydrating!

    Did you ever have to use Pro-activ?
    Yes, how gullible can I be??? No it didn't work for me, abit tad too mild I reckon

    What foundation do you use?
    BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream, Face Shop BB Cream Oil Free, Tony Moly Triple Expert BB Cream, L'egere BB Cream, yes I'm crazy with BB creams!

    How about concealer?
    Canmake and Lunasol eye base

    Do you know your undertone color?
    No I totally don't know about this, although I uses BB creams lol

    What do you think of fake eyelashes?
    I <3 it, but I'm not good at it. I realised I look better with the thick fake lashes than those longish thin ones ^^

    Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
    Nope, I use them till they dry up!

    What brand of mascara do you use?
    Clinique (they really curl my lashes up!), Maybelline (the new yellow one), De Javu (for the corner lashes), Front Cover (because it's super wet, I use it before any fiber mascara coz it acts like a glue)

    Sephora or MAC?
    No Sephora in Aus/Msia, but I aint crazy over MAC, so neither?

    Do you have a MAC Pro-card?

    What makeup tools do you use in make up application?
    Lots of eyeshadow brushes (not the sponge ones, ew I keep throwing those sponge ones away, pretty useless), fingers when using cream/jelly e/s, flat head brush for my eyeliner pot, q-tips every ready for mistakes lol

    Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?
    Yes, I'm using Lunasol eye base, I usually only use them during night because I really want my makeup stays for night out.

    For the face?
    Kanebo Kate for face primer and also use it only for night functions, because it's such a teeny tiny tube! And have no spf. I also uses Benefit Dr Feel Good balm, it does matte my oily face and smoothen out my face texture before I apply my BB creams

    What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)?
    Pop Beauty Day-to-Class palette, lots of choice!

    Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
    Both, Rimmel liquid and Maybelline gel for upper eyelids, pencil Benefit Bad Gal for bottom

    How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?

    What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
    I'll be very messy with it haha

    Do you use mineral makeup?
    Nope, I think they may be too fine for my large pores, I don't want to clog them >.<

    What is your favorite lipstick?

    How about lipgloss?

    What is your favorite blush to use?
    Shu Uemura, but I just bought a new Canmake W25 hehe

    Do you buy your makeup on ebay?
    Nope, but I swap at MUA and uses ebay for buying other goodies

    Do you like drugstore makeup?
    Some, Maybelline :)

    Do you go to CCO's? (cosmetic company outlets)
    Sometimes, when I knew about it and it's close by. I bought some Bourjois & Red Earth stuffs at really good bargains!

    Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?
    Nope, I learn much more from friendly SAs

    Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
    When SO hurried me grrrrr

    Name a makeup crime that you hate?
    SMUDGE eyeliners arghhhh

    Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones?
    I love colourful e/s (my SO and sis always think I overdo it with too many colours) but I like neutral lipstick. Deep red makes me older I reckon

    Which celebrity always has great make up?
    This is not easy to answer because I hardly follow celebrities news and I can't really relate to their makeup because I'm not on the runaway hehe But I would say I like Megan Fox, sultry sexy look, but I don't think she can act very well

    If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item,what would you use?
    Dior face powder compact to soak my oil!

    Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?
    Yes, and I won't want to meet anyone hahaha

    Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?
    Hmm, I'm ok looking but definitely my confidence is lower when I have makeup on ^^

    In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?
    Lunasol because it has lotsa palettes, I like palettes its very very convenient

    What do you think of Makeup?
    It's a big money making industry and they know its my weakness -_- I think MU companies should lower down their prices because its just MU and not skincare

    A tiny update on my current April Giveaway, I will be posting the participants on my next few post with their blogs, to share with you peeps!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  11. Elle Big 3-0 Birthday

    Apr 5, 2010

    Happy Big 3-0 Birthday to Elle!

    I know, nobody likes to announce a lady's age, but what the heck. Birthdays are great, it reminds me to be appreciative towards life. I'm glad that I'm happy, with the one I love, have family and friends, have a great career that I'm passionate about, healthy and wise.

    It was a superb birthday, luncheon with my family and dinner with SO. I love my food, but I don't have the habit to wait and take a pic of it before gulping it down! So very sorry, there are no food porn here, but there are desserts~!

    Yummy yummy, I just love chocolate mousse that melts in my mouth, and these Royce chocolate just hit the spot! SO prefers the champagne flavour, but I just like the original milk chocolate. I really like the way they pack it so that I can go walking and shopping and don't have to worry about rushing home afraid it melts!

    For the lovely birthday dinner, here is my ensemble (my sisters thought of this bombastic word ^^)

    Nah, I didn't go out with the tight waist belt (couldn't breathe!) LoL I was pretty overdress as we just went to one of our favourite local restaurant for some very simple Nyonya food (SO was in his wool suit!). I have showed this bow necklace here, and kinda redesigned it ^^

    Here comes my BIG gift from SO:


    Aw ain't he sweet? We went to the store to pick it up after dinner. The brochure only have the gold bracelet but mine is a silver sterling mesh ring with 4 (April)  bling bling ^_* Well, it is my birthstone after all lol

    So I went to Tiffany online store and found it here:

    I am over the moon for this ring! It's precious because it's the very thought that counts, the wishes that comes with it, the symbol it represents (our love & commitment, of course) and because it's from the love of my life!
    Some of me gfs have ponder, is it better to have a ring in hand or cash in hand? I reckon sincerity of the gifts is most important, it don't have to be practical nor fancy, just the sincerity of giving it and wishing the receiver all the happiness in the world. Therefore, birthdays are all about being happy, cheerful, appreciative towards the freedom we have, the comfort and support that is given to us.

    Well, the wonderful night ended with the movie "Clash of the Titans". Since I'm a huge fan of the PC game "Titan Quest", I <3 this movie! I wonder if there will be a HISHE in youtube for this movie, I would ask 'he should not drop the head, it may be useful' (I won't spoil it for those who haven't watch it yet hehe)

    Stay tune for my next post: Gifts from my dearest family dad & mum & sisters!

    Don't forget my giveaway~! Sharing and giving is caring!

    ps: I don't have a good camera, all these photos (even previous posts) are taken from my phone camera. I'm not a good camera woman thousand apologies :)

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

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