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  1. I saw this on youtube before (will get the link for you pretty gals later, once I check my brain memory more properly). It seems easy so I tried it! I got this Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish. I got the Shocker (270) and Star Kissed (220). Also the Rimmel Base & Top Coat. I am a firm believer of base and top coats, because it never make my nails yellowish when I wash them off, and it does chip less often, so that the nails stay beautiful longer.

    So I uses a toothpick to dip the dots.
    I uses another darker colour for my right hand. Just to show you can actually use any combination of colours! No I won't go out like this with 2 different colour set of nails! Which combination is nicer?
    With Love, Elle

  2. 4 kisses & hugs:

    1. Kaila Tay said...

      Read my email? Can you please reply?

    2. stellarvixen said...

      ahhh am so jealous @.@
      how did u make the circles~~
      you have such cute nails..am hopeless with nailart..no patient and urgh the messiness...
      drive me nuts kakaka

      hmm both combination looks nice..
      somehow purple stood out more..me likie purle

    3. KailaTay - no emails from u? resend plz?

      StellarVixen - circles are dot with a toothpick, after dipping them in the light pink colour! genious but not invented by me ^^ i like the purple too~

    4. ipehishere said...

      cool design..!!! im not talented with nail decoration at all lol
      i love rimmel application is good.. but i think i picked wrong color. hehe
      and yess we hv similiarrrr pink rimmel color lol :D

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