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  1. Awesome Girl Award

    Oct 6, 2009

    Freshelle tag me with this I Think You're An Awesome Girl Award! She is from Toronto, Canada. Isn't the internet wonderful, to connect strangers from far off places and be friends? I totally dig the internet and honestly, can't live without it (how am I gonna google for MU reviews???)

    So with this I Think You're An Awesome Girl Award I have to tell you luvly readers 10 facts about me and then tag 10 blogs I love to read, so that the world will know about them! I have did a similar facts about moi here, so I'll add more! okidoki, let's get started:
    1. Crazy over chocolate. I must have some cocoa a day, to keep the smile on my face.
    2. I reside in Australia & Malaysia. As a financial planner, I work in both countries to oversea my clients and businesses.
    3. I have pets in both homes. It's really tough as I dream to have all my pets with me together and see how we all live together. Although I work hard for my career, I also use my babies as a motivator to earn more and keep them happy with lots of treats and toys! This kind of encouragement made my work more enjoyable, so I guess you know who is the boss now tee hee~
    4. I'm an Aries. But I only half believe in horoscope. I'm quite patience despite what they say about Aries being hot headed. I can be very angry but hardly as my tolerence level is quite high. So occasionaly I do have those volcanic emotion explosions lol
    5. I'm shoe size 8. It's so common that it is so hard to get my size! Most of the time when I inquire for size 8, it is always out of stock!
    6. I have kelloids 3 years ago. This is one of the main reason I am so into skincare and makeup now. I never was really into skincare and makeup (eventhough I do not have flawless skin) but when I developed some kelloids around my back and chest, I started to pay more attention to my appearance. Kelloids take ages to fade away and it always comes back, due to the body over produce collagen. I am using a sillicone gel Dermatix daily on my kelloids. My dermatologist suggest that I take steroid jabs! But I say no as I don't believe in shortcuts and it may harm me in the long run.
    7. I <3 Supernatural atm. I was following Heroes but then it gets too complicated for my simple mind. So now I am the Winchester boys follower!
    8. Huge fans of Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad. I got their dvd box sets to proove!
    9. My first concert is to Alanis Morissette in 1998 and my most recent concert I attended is Nickleback in 2006. I don't really go to concerts because I enjoy them more at home while doing house chores tee hee~
    10. I click on ads. Yup I am those people got suckered by clicking on ads, I can't help it! That's why I can spend many many long hours online without feeling bored because I just click and click.
    I would like to tag Catherine @ PrettyShinyThings, Becks @ HedonistB, Lisa @ ShopN'Chomp, Kelly @ Popcorn, Stacieee @ StacieeLovesIt, Tiffany & Ella @ MilkNCookiie, Jordy @ Jordy'sBeautySpot, Tammy @ TummyCake, CeeCile @ Beauty&Me, Blovet @ BlovetBeuty.

    Have a good week everyone! xoxo elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 21 kisses & hugs:

    1. freshelle said...

      the internet is wonderful isn't it. lol!!
      you're a financial planner? I work in the financial planning program office for one of the banks here in Canada. lol.

    2. thanks for tagging me and giving me the award! ^^ I'm so happy.. =)
      I'll be making the post right away after this review post is done.. ^^

      oya, just like you, I'm sooo.. fond of the internet.. I online everyday, and I find myself really happy and excited everytime I found something interesting in the net..hehe.. it's like finding a whole new world.. ^^

    3. thanks for sharing yeahhhhh for chocolates !!! do you live in WA or Eastern states :)

    4. thanks sweetie for tagging me... :)) Big grins ;]i think u are adorable cause u work hard to provide all the fun toys & treats for ur pets!

    5. Savvy Gal said...

      what a great post. i adore chocolate too.

    6. Catherine said...

      Aww, thanks for the tag!

    7. Tammy said...

      Thanks Elle!
      Haha I just recently started watching Supernatural too! --aaahhh I love Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles!!! hahahahh

    8. ~Lisa said...

      I agree that the internet is an awesome place! I'm hooked to it. I just have to go online everyday to check blogger and YouTube for new posts/vids!!

    9. Hey Elle,
      Thanks for tagging me :)
      I'm going to get my post up ASAP

    10. Becks said...

      Thanks for the tag girl :) Good luck on your kelloids, I'm sure you'll beat them. I once saw a case in court where some idiot guy was trying to sue the electric company because he fell into their manhole DRUNK and got a 3 inch kelloid scar (AND he's darkskinned AND he had no other injuries) needless to say, the jury gave him close to nothing. I wish I had something to recommend but I don't so I'll just keep crossing my fingers for yours to get better :)

      I've got the box dvd set for it and it's encased in a stewie head shaped box LOL!!

    11. yes cant really live without the internet (save so much $$$ on skype with my SO and family)

      giving u gals a BIG BIG hug!
      xoxo elle
      ps, cant wait to know more abt u gals

    12. Becks, thanks for ya wishes! yeah kelloids is a pest, it take ages to go away >.< but i definitely will not resort to other treatments (laser or steroid jabs) im a chicken when it comes to surgery or any kind of pain!
      xoxo elle

    13. Shanghainese Dumpling - im in victoria (the place to be) tee hee~ kidding, there is really nothing here, our seafood cant compare to urs WA! i luv oysters n yabbies!

      Blovet Beauty - yup my dogs are my boss, i work for them!

      Tammy - my whole family like supernatural, my dad always tease me to bring a pack of salt! lol

      xoxo elle

    14. Tammy said...

      Hi Elle!
      It's soooo hard to quit smoking because you always think to yourself, "ok, just one more..." then it turns to, "ok, I'll just finish this pack" and so on and so forth. But I do hope you both consider quitting because it has many short term and long term consequences in the future for your babies and children--so good luck to you!!! :)
      It's funny because as I read your msg this morning, I looked out the window and it was RAINING! ahhaha but I suppose it's better than having freezing rain--or, SNOW! AHHH! What is the coldest it will get in Australia??
      Hehe thanks for the comment, Elle :)

    15. Amanda K said...

      Congrats on your award!

      My shoe size 8 too. Lol

    16. Omg, I love Family Guy too...hahaha! :D Thank you so much honey for the award and tag! *mwah*

    17. Emily said...

      hey i stumbled across and found your lovely blog!! i love your blog, im your new follower :D

    18. Tammy - i think if i quit coffee, then i'll stop ciggy time (coz they go so well together!) coldest probably near zero celcius, i dont get snow in melb but the wind is horribly chilly here!

      Amanda K - aw do u find it hard to get size 8 then? its such a popular size i reckon tee hee~

      Emily - thanks for stopping by! im ur #99 follower at your 99cents post! its kismet!

      Lisa - my sis bf can do a great stewie voice lol 'What the deuce!?'

    19. haha... i am exactly like your #4. :)

    20. Dina (XYYan) said...

      Yap, i'm a the body shop and skin food fan.. hehe.. cause they're easy for me to reach..

      can i suggest you to put a tag board? cause it's easier for us to leave comment on your blog.. it's okay if you don't want to.. =)

    21. mrsdumpling422 - yay aries!

      dina - i want to add a chat box too~ but i dont know wic to go for, and im trying to change to a 3 column blog atm, coz sidebar too long i reckon..so will add one soon!

      xoxo elle

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