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  1. Australia is world renown for it's exotic animals (kangaroos, wallabies, koalas) but don't be fool, we also have some of the world's most dangerous and poisonous animals! Well, I don't think the spiders that creep into my home are poisonous, but it sure give me a damn big fright! I just aged 50 years when I see this..

    Of course, if you like spiders, click on them for larger picture (urgh~). So I caught it (after I drank a cup of celery juice to lower down my blood pressure), and just take it out to the garden. Well, yeah it might come crawling into my home again =.=|||

    OK, more to happy stuffs! Freshelle is a generous gal who just gave me my 2nd award! Check out her blog here! Updated 1 Oct 09': Blovet Beauty also gave me this award! Check out this hot gal here, and you won't be dissapointed!

    Elle Hottest Female Blogger
    Aww, Hottest Female Blogger? So luvly of her (when I'm not even hot! ;p) Alrite, it ain't gonna be easy to JUST pass this award to 10 bloggers, and since she is handing this out to everyone, so here goes the same deal! Readers, if you haven't got this award yet, get it now! Don't have to be my follower, grab this award and do the following:

    1. Grab this award without changing the picture

    2. Post it in your blog (say it's from me if you are getting it here!;D)

    3. Pass it to 10 bloggers who don't have this award yet (or do what you like tee hee~)
    You gals ARE the hottest female bloggers, because my life will be so boring without inspirations from you gals to blog, swatch, swap, shop, and blog again! LoL
    With Love, Elle

  2. TOTD: Ed Hardy Shirt

    Sep 29, 2009

    I first knew about Ed Hardy was when I was watching those reality TV shows (not sure was it American Idol or U Think U Can Dance), but I reckon it's the later one, that the judges was wearing Ed Hardy t-shirts. I was thinking to myself "is that a shirt or his tattoos?" Never give much thought about this brand, as I wasn't a fan of tattoos or Von Dutch (too young for an old woman like me =.=||| ).

    Early this year, a shopping mall just reopened (after closing down for 1 year because of revamped renovations), so now it has been my frequent hang-out place as it's only 5 mins drive away from my home. So they got this Ed Hardy shop in it and shirts were selling like $300 to $500! Daylight robbery, my SO would say. But since I was so good these last months (started a blog and have been busy at the pc and not nagging at his constant xbox sessions), he got me one!

    Top: front view (please don't mind the surrounding mess!)
    Bottom: back view (yes my closet is a mess >.<)

    It's a bit transparent, so I wore it with a vest (by Grab Denim) to hide my bra and to show an illusion of a waistline.

    So that's my Top Of The Day, with skinny jeans. We run a home business, so that's the reason with the white boards. The xbox guitar hero drumset was just too big to hide away in the closet, so I just leave it there. We didn't play much of it now, so it is just collecting dusts. LoL
    With Love, Elle

  3. Got me 1st blog award, tagged by Lane at Blovet Beauty, a sweety gal from Land of Mid-Year-June-Mega Sale, Singapore! I love her country as the sales there are incomparable (even the latest seasons are on sales, no old stuffs!). Amy Naree at amynaree, another sweety gal from City of Angels, Los Angeles also pass me this luvly award! She also runs a swap blog, do check out her luvly things here.

    Elle Gorgeous Blogger Award

    With this Gorgeous Blogger Award, I am hereby to list 6 interesting facts about moi. Here goes:
    1. I ain't gorgeous, therfore I feel super honoured and happy for being tagged this award! tee hee Thanks once again, Lane and Amy!
    2. I don't know how to appreciate wine, eventhough I live in a beautiful country Australia that produce some good wines and luvly wineries. I don't drink, either, because I don't get drunk and most of the time I am the designated driver (I prefer it, to make sure my friends get home safely, I'm kinda a mother hen, I s'pose ;p).
    3. I don't take cheese. I know this may be bizarre as I'm in a western country and lots of food have cheese in it. So no parmesan in pastas, no cheesecakes, you can have all of it, I won't be fighting the last piece with ya!
    4. I'm in an LDR at the moment. My SO is 6500km / 4100miles away from me and 3 hours time difference. Gotta be strong!
    5. I have 3 dogs and 1 cat. Although they do require lots of work, but still I luv them. Oscar the 10yr old dark brown Australian Kelpie, Leo the 3yr old chocolate medium hair Chihuahua, Sandy the 1yr old fawn short hair Chihuahua, and Chiko the 4yr old Russian Blue cr British Shorthair cat. I'll  post some pics of them laterz.
    6. I have 2 moles on my right cheek. Lots of people (friends and beauticians) have asked me to remove it, but I always says no. I think it made me very unique and easily remembered/recognised LoL. 
    Hope it's interesting enough for good reading! Now, I would like to pass this award to the following luvly 6 gorgeous bloggers, so that everyone will know 6 interesting facts about them! So pass on the luv, gals!
    With Love, Elle

  4. Long post, all in one!
    Beautiful Michelle's love package for me have arrived! I recently swapped with her for a L'egere bb cream (check out my swap page) as I anxious to try this since many review said it's quite good. I am fedup with my Etude House bb cream as it is runny and oily, even before I start applying it on my face!. Now this L'egere really put a level up on my bb cream lemmings. It's more than 5 hours now, and my face is still matte! Although the cream is darker when it's squeeze out, but it turn fair upon touching my face (oxidation?). Truly surprising. Next tryout is Tony Moly, let's see if I can get my hands on it!
    So here's the parcel!

    She gave me some extras on Laneige samples, which I've never seen it here in Australia. She must have understood that my face is screaming for some moisture! And also she throws in a Shiseido Zen mini fragrance for moi! And she love the L'occitane soaps and Smokey eyeshadow trio palette I swapped with her!

    Now to my recent haul, my sister have been crazy over Lush recently, as she got a shampoo from a friend in UK. Now, I did not know the full popularity of Lush until she mentioned to me. Lush is everywhere in Australia and I never venture into it because the smell is too pungeant (like incence?) and I always hold my breath when passing one of the shops. She almost faint, when I told her Lush is everywhere in Australia because it is not in her country. So to do my sisterly duty, I got her these:

    'Angels on bare skin' exfoliator and 'Honey I washed the kids' body soap. The names are heavenly nice, I am a sucker on nice name products. The body soap comes free with any cleanser purchase, which is great because it was $8 for 100 grams! Any of you gals have tried Lush??? Share with me your experience!

    So everyone is so hype about MyBeautyMask, I bought this Bulgarian White Rose Mask for $4.50 each! Have you gals heard of this BeautyBuffetMask? This lovely designer inspired bracelet is going to CushyCottage, for being a sweety! See how it reads 'D I O R' on the chain? Genious!

    Another designer inspired necklace for StellarVixen, for being lovely. See the double 'Chanel' logo in the mid? The bling is so sparkling bright!

    So that's it, gals. Sharing is Caring~
    With Love, Elle

  5. AusPost is Generous

    Sep 21, 2009

    Many months back, I did a survey with my country's postal service and they occasionally send me free gifts. Last year I got a few magnetic notepads (which is really helpful to write down my grocery list on the fridge) and this year they sent me a mini scale!

    So I experiment it with my long shiny wallet and it's 660 grams (I can actually change it to oz, lb, other units!)

    Aren't they brilliant? They must have read my mind, that I will be doing a giveaway soon, and this can really help me determine my postage costs right at home with the internet, without even going to the post office! Also I can weigh my luggage before going to the airport. I don't have a bathroom scale, as I forbid myself from going physcho aggressive constant looking at my weight LoL
    With Love, Elle

  6. My stripes stationery

    Sep 18, 2009

    My cheeky sisters are always teasing me about my fanatic obsession with stripes (sometimes checks). Please tell me I am normal and they should not laugh about how much I love my stripes!

    • Stripe gift wrappers

    • Stripe notepad

    • Stripes sticky notes / post-it

    • Stripe pen holders

    Do you gals watch 'Two and a half men' by Charlie Sheen? He got this stripe mug that he always uses in this TV series. I want it!!!

    Oh yeah, I'm using this Paul Smith theme for my iGoogle desktop. Makes me feel so warmish and happy! I just love stripes (but not really on my clothes). So am I certified crazy?

    With Love, Elle

  7. Current Giveaways

    Sep 17, 2009

    Current Give-Aways around the internet!
    Shades of You beauty blog is having a Viral Mac Giveaway and it is an international giveaway! The contest shall run starting today,October 3, 2009 and ends on Friday, October 9, 2009.

    MercuryLady at Miss Mercury Lady is giving her 1st giveaway and she is going to add 4 more prizes due to the large participation. She is just marvelous! This first giveaway starts now and ends on October 13, 2009.

    Shanghainese Dumpling at Shanghainese Dumpling is giving one 17 items giveaway! She is from Perth, Australia, but this is an international giveaway.  It will ends on October 10, 2009.

    The Informed Makeup Maven is giving a Napoleon Perdis giveaway! Get your glam there! Simply follow me publicly by clicking the "followers" option on the right side bar and post a comment on the type of story you would like to see covered on IMM. Entries close October 30th 2009.

    With Love, Elle

    1. Vichy anti-imperfection concentrate: Staple! Greenish cream. Does a great job at drying the acne fast and prevention of it from coming back! It does not sting like the Clinique Acne Solution Spot Healing Gel!
    2. Dalacin-T (topical): My mum got me this when I told her I got lots of small bumpy acne. She heard it from the chemist. The bottle is small, and to apply it, just daps around the face. It has a medicated alcohol smell. It doesn't sting.
    3. Kanebo Freshel White C Toner: I did not use much toner last time. But I am now a believer of the 3 main steps. This Kanebo Freshel toner I just started so there is yet to see any results of it. It comes in a big bottle. I also used before Estee Lauder Sparkling Clean Mattifying Oil Control Lotion green bottle (with a muddy grey layer floating above the toner). It's alright.
    4. Kanebo Freshel White C Milk Moisturiser: I am a believer of the right moisturiser. Previously, due to bad skin (whatever I put on the face, it produces more oil), I uses L'occitane Shea & Cotton Extra Gentle Moisturiser (HG)! After 1 year of using it, my face does not produce much oil after that and it toughen up my skin. So now, I am less sensitive to products and I can try using other moisturiser.
    5. Olay Complete Defense Daily UV Moisturizer SPF 30 (Non-Sensitive Formula) Sunscreen: I've been using this for ages now, but I do want to change it. It does make my face abit more oily/shiny after putting it. I read it is best to put on sunscreen in the dark (from some blogs), so I will off the lights and apply it behind the curtains. LoL
    6. Lancome Pure Focus T-Zone Matifier: Gel base turn velvety powdery. I uses only a pea size of it around my t-zone, temples, chin and cheeks.
    7. L'occitane Red/Riz Rice Ultra Matte Face Moisturiser: Just purchased this, but found out it does not do a good job in moisturising the face but good as a matifier. So I use just a pea size of it after my Kanebo Freshel moisturiser on my oily spots. I alternate this with the Lancome Pure Focus T-Zone Matifier (no I don't use it together! it will be too many products on my face then).
    8. Kose Beaute de Kose Ultimation AX Lifting Moisturiser: Oooh this is a splurge for me because it is expensive! I put it on alternate nights, to save it from finishing so soon. Love the smell, heavenly orangy tangy. I massage my face upwards as it is a firming lotion, from neck all the way up to the forehead. Then lastly, use both hand palms pressed into the face (was advise by beautician when using a firming lotion).
    9. Lather Lip Conditioning Balm: This is a great lip balm! It glides smoothly on the lips, with a citrus lime/orange taste (yum!) and it last about 2 hours before I have to reapply.
    10. BeneFit Dr Feel Good Balm Primer: Staple! I read alot of bad review about this but surprisingly it did me good! It can tend to be flaky but I reckon the sponge may be dirty or the skin was too dry (especially during winter time - I may skip the matifier if my face is dry). This balm does covers my visible pores, acne scars and tiny indentations on the face due to chicken pox scars >.< I also uses a synthetic foundation long brush to use this, instead of the sponge. This way I do not get too much of the balm on my face.
    What I miss out in this photo:
    1. Juju Aquamoist Essense: Staple! Introduced by my lovely sis. It acts as a barrier to maintain moisture on the face/prevent moisture loss from the face. It works! As my skin have more moisture, my skin kinda produced less oil. Just finished this, so waiting for my Sasa haul.
    2. Kose Moisture Skin Repair with Rice Power Extract: Staple! Lots of review said it is similar to SKII essense but half the price. I love this and also waiting for Sasa haul.
    3. Origins What A Perfect World Guardian: Staple! Tried my first bottle and love the velvety feeling on it. This serum is really nice on my face (maybe it's winter time?). I'm a sucker on Origins products because they have marvelous names. Will try the Youthopia range next time!
    4. Kiehls Dermabrasion & Salve: Just bought, was advise by SA this could even out my face texture, as I got some dents on the face due to old scars. It's not that noticeable as it is not reddish, just skin colour, but it's still a dent. Have never try any dermacrasion before so I'm gathering my courage to start using this!
    5. L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream: My sis staple, she uses it and it heals her old scar, even out the skin texture. I have not been very consistent in using this, so I can't say it's good for me yet.
    What my skin cannot tolerate: Nivea moisturisers (I get pimples the very next day!), Neutrogena cleansers (too drying, cause my face to be flaky urgh)

    Next, I will show my makeuup desk!
    With Love, Elle

  8. Like all beauty junkies, we all have our skin regime, so I would like to share mine with you all.
    Skin Type: Sensitive Oily with visible pores (smoker, that's why have larger pores). My sensitivity is not about redness, but when a product does not suit me, it just become super oily (I can scrap the oil off my face and fry an egg!). So these are also some of my staples, therefore it is also my Wish List to swap them!

    1. Clinique Eye Makeup Remover: Usually I will use a cotton bud to dip into this to remove really stubborn eyeliner or mascara from the eye.
    2. L'occitane Milk Makeup Remover: Staple! Love this to the max, it's milk but turn watery once touches makeup. I put this on a wet cotton pad on my heavily makeup eye and leave it there for awhile. This is not a TOTALLY good makeup remover for the entire face, but it is especially good to remove just the eyemakeup. It soften the mascara and remove any glitter or shimmer around the eyes completely.
    3. L'occitane Cleansing Water: Staple! I only uses this just before I go to bed because my face does turn oily fast. As I have oily skin even during winter, this is good for me to remove excess oil. Face without much oil will attract less dirt on the face that may cause clogged pores and later inflammation (acne!! grrr!!). So, this is good only as a mattifier on a clean face.
    4. Za Cleansing Oil: Staple! Lots of bad review on this, as it is just a basic mineral oil, can be replaced by baby oil as many assumed, but this is really good because it does turn to white liquid when it touches the makeup (oxidation occurs, whereas a non-proper cleansing oil will not do that). I massage my entire face with this for about 2 minutes. It does feels like having a coat of oil on the face. It doesn't sting the eyes, even when I am wearing contact lens. It really dissolves all makeup. This is not easily wash off with water (oil and water do not mix!), so best to follow up with either a cream, gel or foam cleanser.
    5. Garnier Gentle Clarifying Foam: Staple! I love this, as it is not that harsh on the face and it really clean up the face squeky clean. I think this is not available in many countries. In fact, it is not even available here in Australia >.< Running out of this very soon, so I'll be looking for a new foam cleanser.
    6. Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2in1 Mask: This is a clay mask, really does the drying up good, leaves a soothing feeling. It's not harsh to use it often.
    7. Biotherm Biopur Pore Reducer: Just started using this. As a smoker, I do have visibly pores. I do feel it tighten my pores, but when I wash it off, the feeling is gone. Will not repurchase.
    8. Kose Seikisho Exfoliator: Heavy with herbal smells. Black colour cream. Not an extremely special exfoliator. Will not repurchase.
    9. Shu Uemura Brush Cleanser: As my makeup brushes were turning disgusting, I bought this to wash them. Will not repurchase as I find my brushes are hard to dry after washing and I dare not put near the heater to dry them. How do you girls clean your brushes???
    What I miss out in this photo:
    1. Kose Seikisho White Mask (peel): Heavy with herbal smells and black colour cream. Am not a fan of peeling mask, so I will change it. I will try the Kose Japan Hyaluronic Acid Mask (comes in 22 sheets in a yellow box) when my Sasa haul arrives!

    to be continue Part 2 (Moisturisers/Treatments)
    With Love, Elle

  9. Tammy from The Culture Enthusiast is having 2 beautiful giveaways! Super duper generous of her for 2 winners! Check out her blog for more details, as she have a video introducing her giveaways items, which is fantastic as she look beautiful, too. Looky here:

    She is a great gal and love the velcro pink hair thingy like me too! *Contest ends on 10/13/09 @ 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time)*

    It's not over yet! Tammi and Stephanie (Julu Jewellery) is teaming up for a giveaway! All you have to do is follow their blogs (additional entries for following their youtube/twitter accounts) and give a luvly name to this earrings:

    Contest ends on Halloween (10/31/2009 @ 11:59pm Pacific Time). The winner will receive a Julu Jewelry piece of their choice!
    With Love, Elle

  10. OMG OMG MY HAUL IS HERE!!! If you don't know what I'm talking crazy about, please check my 1st haul here. I still got my other stuffs from sasa that is yet to arrive. Anyways, here it its!

    ooo so pretty box isn't it, that stila set? see my smudge pot? it's the real size!

    the illuminating moisturiser smells like rubber, and the peony double duo is great for cheeks and lips! now i got to get a stila empty palette to fit my 4 lovely e/s shades

    Beautiful isn't it?? I don't know which colour to start with! It's all so pigmented and I just love the brush that comes with it. Pop Beauty came out a new packaging for this Day-to-Class, smaller and in a metallic velvet cludge, comes with a mirror but no brush. But I do love this more as I love the flat headed brush!

    I'll do some FOTD or EOTD laterz. Weekend now, busy with home chores, ironning and grocery shopping. Hope y'all have a gr8 weekend!
    With Love, Elle

  11. I saw this on youtube before (will get the link for you pretty gals later, once I check my brain memory more properly). It seems easy so I tried it! I got this Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish. I got the Shocker (270) and Star Kissed (220). Also the Rimmel Base & Top Coat. I am a firm believer of base and top coats, because it never make my nails yellowish when I wash them off, and it does chip less often, so that the nails stay beautiful longer.

    So I uses a toothpick to dip the dots.
    I uses another darker colour for my right hand. Just to show you can actually use any combination of colours! No I won't go out like this with 2 different colour set of nails! Which combination is nicer?
    With Love, Elle

  12. I came across this and think its absolutely impossible! Share your thoughts with me please, anyone knows how to expose the secret to this? He is kinda cute (I like notti-looking guys ;p), have knowledge of english too! Maybe the fish tank was brought in by him? And Yuko (audience participator) is his friend? HOW???

    With Love, Elle

  13. I want this! I was just doing some online reading and this was pop up at the side (ads - yes I'm one of those gullible people that WOULD click on ads). Isn't this great to organise our precious makeup stash??? Put a mirror on top of it and I can do FOTD or EOTD or HOTD anytime! Do you think they have it in pink?

    Available at Office Depot for USD60 :(

    OMG, I got to thank my ozbargain buddies for finding this! It's AUD$50 at CrazySales :)
    Should I???
    With Love, Elle

  14. Special 09/09/09

    Sep 10, 2009

    Today is a special day because today's date only happen once, and not for a very very long time again! Thousands of people rush to the altar today, and lots of items at special price $99.99 or $9.99 or even $909.09? (tell me if you see any). So here to wish everyone, may today be a special day for you no matter where you are, who you are with, what you are doing. Happy special day!

    Ciao, Elle~

    with love, elle
    With Love, Elle

  15. BN 50ml = 1.7oz (on the left). Please check out my other swap for L'Occitane Verveine Shower Cream w shea butter (Gels).

    With Love, Elle

  16. BN in wrapper. 50g = 1.7oz (small)
    It's great to wash your hands before washing your face or makeup, to wash away any dirt or haircare residue (if you do your hair before MU). This soap is very mild, so it is not that drying on the hands, it have nearly non-existing fragrance. This soap last very long, even for a small size like this!

    L'Occitane Milk Extra-Gentle Soap w Shea Butter (Soaps)
    With Love, Elle

  17. Australia NAK mini hair straightener pink (Hair Styling Tools)

    Used a few times, to try it out. More suitable for thin hair or just for fringe, and not the entire hair (will be very tiring for the hand!) because it is a mini hair staightener (in pink!). It is not battery operated, so I guess this swap is suitable in Australia, unless you get a power/voltage adapter. It's really a good size that you can put into a handbag.

    sowie does't come with the box as I have opened it
    With Love, Elle

  18. [Edit 30/09/09 Swapped!] I have a 5ml travel size, came as a GWP from Christian Dior. I have tested it once and did not like it due to the brush size (it is thick and hard for me to apply it as the brushes touches my cheeks!). I'll stick to my Relian pink fibre mascara.

    With Love, Elle

  19. BNIB Shade #Glamourous Daylight. It is ideal for setting make-up and keeping the complexion matt-smooth and shine-free. This is a limited edition. Comes in a signature black velvet case. Beautiful isn't it? It's a lighter shade for me (I'm MAC NC30). I'm also currently using this but the shade for me is #Sunlight Kissed.

    With Love, Elle

  20. BN sealed. Shade #45 Warm Almond 30ml. I bought out of impulse. Not using this as I'm sticking with my BeneFit. Please check my other swap for Bourjois Repulpant Reboosting Collagen Liquid Foundation.

    Max Factor Age Renew (Liquid Foundation)
    With Love, Elle

  21. BN with seal, shade #64. This is a liquid foundation, I bought it at an impulse and I don't need it.

    Bourjois Repulpant Reboosting Collagen Foundation (Liquid)
    With Love, Elle

  22. I heard alot of good review of this. Although I do not have a row of acne, but its also recommended for prevention and oil control. So I will give it a go and add into my Wish List. If you have samples of these, I will love to have it :)
    I have notice that sometimes it have the 'Acne' word and sometimes it does not, depends on the location of the product is at, but I was assured by the SA that it is the same.

    With Love, Elle

  23. L'Occitane Shea & Organic Cotton Ultra Comforting Cream or Serum I also want! Samples are ok, too. This is one of my HG, I find that it is super good for sensitive skin, because it does not have alot of irritant ingredients, but do not assume it is weak! It toughens the sensitive skin and now I am able explore other products :)

    L'Occitane Shea & Organic Cotton Ultra Comforting (Moisturizers)
    With Love, Elle

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