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  1. Like all beauty junkies, we all have our skin regime, so I would like to share mine with you all.
    Skin Type: Sensitive Oily with visible pores (smoker, that's why have larger pores). My sensitivity is not about redness, but when a product does not suit me, it just become super oily (I can scrap the oil off my face and fry an egg!). So these are also some of my staples, therefore it is also my Wish List to swap them!

    1. Clinique Eye Makeup Remover: Usually I will use a cotton bud to dip into this to remove really stubborn eyeliner or mascara from the eye.
    2. L'occitane Milk Makeup Remover: Staple! Love this to the max, it's milk but turn watery once touches makeup. I put this on a wet cotton pad on my heavily makeup eye and leave it there for awhile. This is not a TOTALLY good makeup remover for the entire face, but it is especially good to remove just the eyemakeup. It soften the mascara and remove any glitter or shimmer around the eyes completely.
    3. L'occitane Cleansing Water: Staple! I only uses this just before I go to bed because my face does turn oily fast. As I have oily skin even during winter, this is good for me to remove excess oil. Face without much oil will attract less dirt on the face that may cause clogged pores and later inflammation (acne!! grrr!!). So, this is good only as a mattifier on a clean face.
    4. Za Cleansing Oil: Staple! Lots of bad review on this, as it is just a basic mineral oil, can be replaced by baby oil as many assumed, but this is really good because it does turn to white liquid when it touches the makeup (oxidation occurs, whereas a non-proper cleansing oil will not do that). I massage my entire face with this for about 2 minutes. It does feels like having a coat of oil on the face. It doesn't sting the eyes, even when I am wearing contact lens. It really dissolves all makeup. This is not easily wash off with water (oil and water do not mix!), so best to follow up with either a cream, gel or foam cleanser.
    5. Garnier Gentle Clarifying Foam: Staple! I love this, as it is not that harsh on the face and it really clean up the face squeky clean. I think this is not available in many countries. In fact, it is not even available here in Australia >.< Running out of this very soon, so I'll be looking for a new foam cleanser.
    6. Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2in1 Mask: This is a clay mask, really does the drying up good, leaves a soothing feeling. It's not harsh to use it often.
    7. Biotherm Biopur Pore Reducer: Just started using this. As a smoker, I do have visibly pores. I do feel it tighten my pores, but when I wash it off, the feeling is gone. Will not repurchase.
    8. Kose Seikisho Exfoliator: Heavy with herbal smells. Black colour cream. Not an extremely special exfoliator. Will not repurchase.
    9. Shu Uemura Brush Cleanser: As my makeup brushes were turning disgusting, I bought this to wash them. Will not repurchase as I find my brushes are hard to dry after washing and I dare not put near the heater to dry them. How do you girls clean your brushes???
    What I miss out in this photo:
    1. Kose Seikisho White Mask (peel): Heavy with herbal smells and black colour cream. Am not a fan of peeling mask, so I will change it. I will try the Kose Japan Hyaluronic Acid Mask (comes in 22 sheets in a yellow box) when my Sasa haul arrives!

    to be continue Part 2 (Moisturisers/Treatments)
    With Love, Elle

  2. 12 kisses & hugs:

    1. Tammy said...

      I really like the Garnier cleanser too! I'm currently using the Garnier Light Milk fluid and Moisturizing lotion. Despite it being a "lightening" product, it's not irritating on my allergic-to-everything skin. It's hard to find this product outside of Asia, it seems :/

    2. Puff said...

      Thanks for entering the giveaway! Best of luck x). You have such a beautiful and organized blog. I hope to be able to read through your older posts too soon.

      I haven't tried any of these products before so thanks for the descriptions =).

    3. Tammy - Yeah it is not at all available in Aus :( here we have the blue, green and red range. Hmm I'm going shopping this Wed nite (Chaddy VIP nite) to get an alternative foam cleanser..

      Puff - Thanks for stopping by, dearie! As for my products, rmb I'm super oily skin type >.< Best get samples b4 splurging! and ur blog is awesome too!

    4. Tammy said...

      You'll never be old if you're young at heart!

      --Oops, is that something only the young and naive say? :X haha just kidding :)

      Do post pictures of your Wednesday haul!
      And what is this famous pink velcro hair thing I keep hearing of?

    5. amynaree said...

      i haven't tried any loccitane stuff before but they sound so great since it's your staple product!

    6. Tammy - totally agree, young at heart is important! the pink velcro hair thing is to keep the bangs or hair away from the face, its better than a headband, becoz it doesn't create a wave! try it!

      amynaree - loccitane have very good healing properties in it, and its so good, that i dont have to keep using it all the time! repair and explore!

    7. Blair said...

      I've tried the cleansing oil from ZA but it didn't suit me :(

      I wash my brushes with a detergent from Daiso. It's cheap and good! :)

    8. Zoe said...

      Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and commenting, actually ur commenta about ur makeup desk was so funny^^
      I love L'occitane products but didn't try the Milk Makeup Remover , looks so intersting..I'll get it next time^^
      U did a very great review and I am looking forward ur moisturizers and treatment products post~

    9. Dina (XYYan) said...

      is it true that Garnier Eye Roll-on isn't available in Australia? I'm still trying to see the result though.. tell me if you're interested with it, i can send you one =)

    10. Love the L'occitane products! ^^
      BTW, garnier left my skin tight and I stopped using it..
      Now I'm using The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil set as my skin regime.. Loving it! ^^

    11. Blair - what cleansing oil r u using now? hope its working 4u :) i wish Daiso is in aus, i luv its stuffs too!

      Zoe - u gave me an inspiration to my next post! (a pic on my MU desk) ^^

      Dina - aw thanks sweetie!

      Ceecile - i luv BodyShop too! thanks for stopping by! xoxo elle

    12. MizzJ said...

      Wow what a comprehensive review, thanks!

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