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  1. Many weeks ago, I came across Cosmetic-Candy webbie and she was giving away 30 bags from FairTrade beauty products. Each product needs to have at least one certified ingredient, for example Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Sugar, Brazil Nut Oil from a disadvantaged producer from countries such as Africa, Asia and Latin America. Rowena is a marvelous blogger, with lots of interesting reviews on makeup, so do check her out!

    Farmers and producers in developing companies get a better deal with fairtrade, so look for this logo! Merry Christmas everyone! xoxo elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. As a beauty junkie, I'm sure we have our lemmings and here is my quite specific wishlist for the coming Christmas that I would like to shout out to you readers! I have not used the products before so I can't review much about them, but I hear so much goodies about them. Just want to share my wishlist here. Dreams may come true!

    YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks

    Anna Sui Nail Polish w Rose Bottles w Fragrance

    Clarins Hydraquench Cooling Cream-Gel

     Beaute de Kose Esprique Precious Face Styling Powder (for contour)


    Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

    Thomas Sabo Bracelet

    Luggage Bag 4 wheels

    With Love, Elle

  3. Alrighty, since it's my first giveaway, I am allow to smarten up lol I will ask for ya emails the next time so that I can contact the winners. Anyhoo, the new winner for my Prize B...goes to..
    Angela from Sparklemidori!
    Please email me your addy as soon as possible by so that I hope you can have the Prize B by Christmas!

    Phew I hope no more hiccups after this and back to blogging normally. Since everyone is into winning some giveaways, try your chances here! These are great giveaways and don't lose hope, join join join! Everybody gets a fair chance!

    Click photo for Voyageur giveaway, ends 31st December 2009.

    Click photo for Shan Shan giveaway, ends 8th January 2010.

    Click photo for Janice @ SeekForBeauty giveaway, ends 1st January 2009.

    Click photo for Annie & Michelle giveaway, ends 16th January 2009.

    Click photos for Enchanted Little Things giveaway, ends 24th December 2009.

    Click photos for Asian Beautifier giveaway, ends 10th January 2010.

    Click photos for Steevie's Inner Sanctum giveaway, ends 1st January 2010.

    Click photos for Purple Crown Princess giveaway, ends 31st December 2009.

    Click photo for The Glamourous Gleam giveaway, ends 31st December 2009.

    Click photo for MTW Designs giveaway, ends 31st December 2009.

    Click photo for Diary of a Makeup Obsessed giveaway, ends 31st December 2009.
    With Love, Elle

  4. Giveaway New Winner

    Dec 7, 2009

    Oh my, LuckyFinds have not email me at all in regards to her addy, so I got to pick a new winner for my previous giveaway. BRB with the announcement, so I apologise to Marisa, the parcel will be abit delay, as I will only go to the post office this coming 9th December 2009. Thousand apologies! So I have upped you to be winner of Prize A! Stay tune gals, winner of Prize B in my next post.
    I know it's been some time, but I know it's never too late to give credit where it is due. I got tag for this award, Over the Top, by the following luvly gals:
    Janice @ Seek for Beauty, Lisa @ xMaterialGirlsx,
    and I'm to answer the following in ONE word (this is actually hard, because we bloggers tend to be very descriptive isn't it???)
    • Where's your cell phone : handbag
    • Your hair : straight
    • You mother : talkative
    • You father : quiet
    • Favorite Food : chinese
    • Dream last night : dory
    • Favorite drink : lemon-limed-bitters
    • What room are you : bedroom
    • Hobby : read
    • Fear : blindness
    • Where were you last night : blockbuster
    • Something that you aren't : rude
    • Muffins : double-choc
    • Wish list item : cartier
    • Where did you grow up : KL
    • What are you wearing : pinky-robe
    • Your pets : excited
    • Friends : happy
    • Something you're not wearing : earrings
    • Favorite store : myer
    • Favorite color : pink
    • Last time you laughed : always
    • Your best friend : sisters
    • Place you go to over and over : westfield
    • Person who emails you regularly : family
    • Favorite place to eat : taipan
    With Love, Elle

  5. Sometimes it's totally ridiculous to spend so much on just a t-shirt isn't it? That's why hop down to factory outlets for some great bargains! Especially if you are overseas or going overseas, claim your GST at the airport! So here is what I got at the Essendon DFO:

    So my haul on RL tops supposedly A$600, but with the discounts, total purchase was only A$300! And I get to claim back A$30 at the airport later. So with 5 tops, it's an average of A$55 for each top! Without outlets like this, I won't even think of spending that much on t-shirts. Have you gals splurge on any t-shirts lately? ^^
    With Love, Elle

  6. "For all we give and all we share. may we get return ten thousand folds."
    Thank you all very much for participating in my giveaway! I have lots of fun, reading your comments about what a beauty junkie mean, and you bloggers are extemely creative! Alritey mates, through randomness, here is the lucky 2 winners:

    1st Giveaway goes to LuckyFinds from Phillippines!~ Congratulations~!

    2nd Giveaway goes to Marisa from Portugal!~ Congratulations~!

    Note to winners: please email me your addys by 4th December 2009, so that I hope these will reach you before xmas :)

    Note to others: you are all winners too! To celebrate the month of giving (Thanksgiving & Christmas), please enjoy this Women's Day US January 2010 online edition:

    Have a luvly week, stay being a beauty junkie, continue blogging as I will luv reading your stuffs, and thanks once again for reading my blog! xoxo elle
    With Love, Elle

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