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  1. TOTD: Ed Hardy Shirt

    Sep 29, 2009

    I first knew about Ed Hardy was when I was watching those reality TV shows (not sure was it American Idol or U Think U Can Dance), but I reckon it's the later one, that the judges was wearing Ed Hardy t-shirts. I was thinking to myself "is that a shirt or his tattoos?" Never give much thought about this brand, as I wasn't a fan of tattoos or Von Dutch (too young for an old woman like me =.=||| ).

    Early this year, a shopping mall just reopened (after closing down for 1 year because of revamped renovations), so now it has been my frequent hang-out place as it's only 5 mins drive away from my home. So they got this Ed Hardy shop in it and shirts were selling like $300 to $500! Daylight robbery, my SO would say. But since I was so good these last months (started a blog and have been busy at the pc and not nagging at his constant xbox sessions), he got me one!

    Top: front view (please don't mind the surrounding mess!)
    Bottom: back view (yes my closet is a mess >.<)

    It's a bit transparent, so I wore it with a vest (by Grab Denim) to hide my bra and to show an illusion of a waistline.

    So that's my Top Of The Day, with skinny jeans. We run a home business, so that's the reason with the white boards. The xbox guitar hero drumset was just too big to hide away in the closet, so I just leave it there. We didn't play much of it now, so it is just collecting dusts. LoL
    With Love, Elle

  2. 10 kisses & hugs:

    1. tats a small waist u have!! I like the oufit elle!

    2. amynaree said...

      cute love the shirt and vest combo!

    3. Savvy Gal said...

      ed hardy is very cool. very snazzy tee shirt. good luck with the diamond giveaway and thanks for the shoutout. : )

    4. my waist is actually pretty high up, not around the pelvic bone as my chiro said i have a short torso! tee hee~ so i learnt to get nice vests to give an illussion of a waist at the right place! ;D im still looking for a light colour denim vest as most of my vest are dark colours >.<

      Savvy Gal - thanks! have a successful giveaway!

      xoxo elle

    5. Hi Elle, thanks for the sweet comment :) Nice top there !! and you did very well with styling it with a vest on top, that's exactly how I would wear it too.

    6. LMX said...

      Hey Elle, Thanks for stopping by. Keep checking back for updates about Blastoff =D It will be launching real soon and made available to the public. If you want to know how you can access this sooner than everyone else, just stop on by for more info =)

    7. Hey girl!
      I have a few Ed Hardy tees, but the one's with less tattoo looks such as the tiger and love ones. Not full print, since I don't think I can pull it off.
      You rock the Ed Hardy tee here. I like the floral look to it. =)

    8. aw thanks gals for ur wonderful words! i like long tee as it gives me a more proportion look (as i have short torso tee hee~) and i think vest is coming back as a trend! xoxo elle

    9. Sherry said...

      thanks for coming by my namesherry blog ;) I love blogging so I have many blogs.

      oh yeah about vest remind me one of my past job,the bos hate me for wearing vest with tee to work! :( nobody tell me cannot wear that on casual work day.

    10. Zoe said...

      That's a very nice tee...so pretty^^

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