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  1. My hair was previously unruly and long, I always plait/braid it, to keep it in place.

    Wanna know how bad my hair colouring was???

    Left: patches of colour on old hair colour mix with regrowth eww
    Right: newer shorter hair cut, with new bookish glasses lol

    Before Liese

    I chose the Marshmallow Brown, heard it's a popular choice. I reckon my colour should turn out the first row, because of the black regrowth.

    Liese is about RM38 at Sasa, but once I saw them on promotion at RM28! That's a good bargain! I bought 2, of the same colour, and already sent the other one to cushycottage!

    After Liese
    Hair is still quite damp, as I don't blow dry my hair anymore (how possible when it is so humid in Malaysia!). Yay, even colour for my whole head!

    Yup I can see burgundy brown when under flash or light. You can see how light it is around the forehead, when it's dry.

    I still have not taken proper shots of my new hair colour yet, but will have full shots later.

    After talking to some other users of Liese Hair Dye, everyone claims it can't hide white hair and this is true! So, mum, not the one for you!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

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