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    1. Vichy anti-imperfection concentrate: Staple! Greenish cream. Does a great job at drying the acne fast and prevention of it from coming back! It does not sting like the Clinique Acne Solution Spot Healing Gel!
    2. Dalacin-T (topical): My mum got me this when I told her I got lots of small bumpy acne. She heard it from the chemist. The bottle is small, and to apply it, just daps around the face. It has a medicated alcohol smell. It doesn't sting.
    3. Kanebo Freshel White C Toner: I did not use much toner last time. But I am now a believer of the 3 main steps. This Kanebo Freshel toner I just started so there is yet to see any results of it. It comes in a big bottle. I also used before Estee Lauder Sparkling Clean Mattifying Oil Control Lotion green bottle (with a muddy grey layer floating above the toner). It's alright.
    4. Kanebo Freshel White C Milk Moisturiser: I am a believer of the right moisturiser. Previously, due to bad skin (whatever I put on the face, it produces more oil), I uses L'occitane Shea & Cotton Extra Gentle Moisturiser (HG)! After 1 year of using it, my face does not produce much oil after that and it toughen up my skin. So now, I am less sensitive to products and I can try using other moisturiser.
    5. Olay Complete Defense Daily UV Moisturizer SPF 30 (Non-Sensitive Formula) Sunscreen: I've been using this for ages now, but I do want to change it. It does make my face abit more oily/shiny after putting it. I read it is best to put on sunscreen in the dark (from some blogs), so I will off the lights and apply it behind the curtains. LoL
    6. Lancome Pure Focus T-Zone Matifier: Gel base turn velvety powdery. I uses only a pea size of it around my t-zone, temples, chin and cheeks.
    7. L'occitane Red/Riz Rice Ultra Matte Face Moisturiser: Just purchased this, but found out it does not do a good job in moisturising the face but good as a matifier. So I use just a pea size of it after my Kanebo Freshel moisturiser on my oily spots. I alternate this with the Lancome Pure Focus T-Zone Matifier (no I don't use it together! it will be too many products on my face then).
    8. Kose Beaute de Kose Ultimation AX Lifting Moisturiser: Oooh this is a splurge for me because it is expensive! I put it on alternate nights, to save it from finishing so soon. Love the smell, heavenly orangy tangy. I massage my face upwards as it is a firming lotion, from neck all the way up to the forehead. Then lastly, use both hand palms pressed into the face (was advise by beautician when using a firming lotion).
    9. Lather Lip Conditioning Balm: This is a great lip balm! It glides smoothly on the lips, with a citrus lime/orange taste (yum!) and it last about 2 hours before I have to reapply.
    10. BeneFit Dr Feel Good Balm Primer: Staple! I read alot of bad review about this but surprisingly it did me good! It can tend to be flaky but I reckon the sponge may be dirty or the skin was too dry (especially during winter time - I may skip the matifier if my face is dry). This balm does covers my visible pores, acne scars and tiny indentations on the face due to chicken pox scars >.< I also uses a synthetic foundation long brush to use this, instead of the sponge. This way I do not get too much of the balm on my face.
    What I miss out in this photo:
    1. Juju Aquamoist Essense: Staple! Introduced by my lovely sis. It acts as a barrier to maintain moisture on the face/prevent moisture loss from the face. It works! As my skin have more moisture, my skin kinda produced less oil. Just finished this, so waiting for my Sasa haul.
    2. Kose Moisture Skin Repair with Rice Power Extract: Staple! Lots of review said it is similar to SKII essense but half the price. I love this and also waiting for Sasa haul.
    3. Origins What A Perfect World Guardian: Staple! Tried my first bottle and love the velvety feeling on it. This serum is really nice on my face (maybe it's winter time?). I'm a sucker on Origins products because they have marvelous names. Will try the Youthopia range next time!
    4. Kiehls Dermabrasion & Salve: Just bought, was advise by SA this could even out my face texture, as I got some dents on the face due to old scars. It's not that noticeable as it is not reddish, just skin colour, but it's still a dent. Have never try any dermacrasion before so I'm gathering my courage to start using this!
    5. L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream: My sis staple, she uses it and it heals her old scar, even out the skin texture. I have not been very consistent in using this, so I can't say it's good for me yet.
    What my skin cannot tolerate: Nivea moisturisers (I get pimples the very next day!), Neutrogena cleansers (too drying, cause my face to be flaky urgh)

    Next, I will show my makeuup desk!
    With Love, Elle

  1. 6 kisses & hugs:

    1. MilknCookiie said...

      Cannot agree more on the Origins part, their names are great. Always makes me want to try some products out, but too bad I can only order them online. :(

      ♥ Milk

    2. no origins in amsterdam! >.< they ought to be shot! thanks for stopping by! xoxo elle

    3. Dina (XYYan) said...

      Okay, tell me if you need any help =)

      The vichy sounds good by the way..

    4. i can't use neutrogena as well.. their stuff really irritates me skiN! u have alot of interesting stuff in ur moisturising/treatment arsenal!!

    5. Dina - oh yes vichy is a great pimple spot treatment for me now, it is not harsh and i get no pain (other spot treatment sting, i cant do anything but wait 5 mins for the pain to subside sob sob)

      i found the garnier eye roller thing! but it's not 'light' range, but 'nutritionist'..same u reckon? let me email u the pic..

      BlovetBeauty - i wonder did i pump too much of the cleanser on my face that's why its so dry? hmm..niways yeah i love good moisturisers, and i go broke buying them coz they are more exp than toners/cleansers >.<

    6. Hey girl~
      Thanks so much for the lovely birthday greeting. =)

      Thanks for sharing this post. The only product that I have tried that is on this post is the Olay moisturizer. For me it's okay, because I don't use it everyday.

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