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Free delivery of Contact Lenses

  1. Stop! Don't go out without your very own WORTHYBook!

    I think Malaysia have catch up with the western world lifestyle, which is the coupon-living-lifestyle! When I was living in Australia, I am heavily addicted to coupons. Not just me, but nearly everyone there. Coupons and vouchers are great savings, especially when you plan your eatery and shopping in advance.

    Why Coupons / Vouchers?
    • Savings, of course! Why pay full price when you can get discounts for it?
    • Try it at a discount! How would you know if the food is good? How could you know if the service is good and beneficial to you?
    • Fun and Motivating (to go out and have a great time!)
    What's in it for you?
    • Sakae Sushi : eg. Buy 1 red plate, Free 1 red plate!
    • Boost Juice Bar : eg. Free upsize on any drink!
    • Krispy Kreme: eg. Free 1 original glazed doughnut, with every RM5+ purchase!
    • Papa John's: eg. 50% off super papa's pizza!
    • Modesto's: eg. 50% off lunch, pasta & pizza!
    • Pubs & Clubs (Quattro, The Library, The Sanctuary, The Opera, Luna Bar) eg. 15% off cocktails!
    • Shojikiya: eg. RM5 off!
    • Borders: eg. RM5 off from min RM50!
    • APT Hair Salon: eg. Free 1 haircut!
    • Skin Renew: eg. RM1 for eyebrow reshaping!
    • Unisense Slimming: eg. Free signature treatment worth RM230!
    • Aster Spring: eg. Free healthy body therapy worth RM188!
    • RM2 are donated to National Kidney Foundation NKF for every book sold!

    These are just some of the fantastic vouchers that I already bookmark it, to enjoy for the next coming weeks. I am so excited!

    How to get it?
    • Retail at RM35 (those savings mentioned above would have cost more than that!!!)
    • Special for my readers, mention "wifluvelle" blog and get 30% off, which is a whooping RM24.50!
    • Call (03)2264-3115 or email info@worthymedia.my for more details
    • Check out WORTHYBook website or WORTHYBook facebook

    elle New Year 2011 Giveaway!
    I have 3 x Jusco ONECARD membership to give away!

    How to use this?
    • Valid for New Application ONLY.
    • Free 3 Years ONECARD Membership.
    • Not Valid as a Membership Extension.
    • Expiry date to claim: May 2011.
    What's great about this?
    • Earn 1 Point for every RM1 spent at ONECARD outlets.
    • Accumulate points like cash when paying purchases.
    • Instant gift redemption.
    • Exclusive memnber-only parking at ONECARD Preferred Parking.
    • No long queues at Auto Pay machines.
    • Exclusive invitations to ONECARD sale previews and offers.
    • Receive members-only publications, ONEStyle & allinONE
    Where to use this?
    1 Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

    So, the rules & conditions of this giveaway:
    • Must be a follower of "wifluvelle.blogspot.com"
    • Must be a resident in Malaysia.
    • Comment on this post only.
    • One comment per follower.
    • Answer me "My favourite foundation is ..."
    • Giveaway ends 20th January 2011 midnight Malaysia Time.
    • 3 Winners will be chosen by random
    • Winners will have 3 days to reply me their Malaysian Address.
    • Coupons will be sent out 31st of January 2011.
    • Extra entries when you tweet it, or facebook it, or blog about this, or on your blog sidebar. Let me know in your comment.
    I am not affiliated with Jusco ONECARD (in fact, I am not even a member yet, but I will be after this post lol). I was given these by Rotary Club of Shah Alam, when I was volunteering at their events. So, to share the good will of giving, here it is! Also it seems relevant to give coupons when I was writing about the WORTHYBook :)

    There will be another giveaway for my international followers after this! Goodies are:
    • Etude House O2 Vitamin C Skin Care Kit
    • Max Factor 3 colours eyeshadow
    • Kate lipgloss
    • ..and many more!
    Have a wonderful New Year 2011! I'm wishing you all a prosperity year ahead, all the best to you and your families, and waste not, try to recycle and save the earth your own special way!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. Merry Christmas, everybody! Bright red and dark green tis the season! So I did my nails with bright red chillie colour and some leafy flower stickers hehe

    Yup I'm holding a Givenchy lipgloss, loving it at the moment because it shimmers and taste soooo good lol

    Blogging in Malaysia this 2010 year has been a great eye opener. Lots of active bloggers around town and it is great to share all those enthusiasm on skincare and makeup. My SO thought I was the weird one, because of the constant online reading about beauty blogs, but apparently now he realise I am NORMAL lol

    Last week, I was invited to be one of the panel to test out an amazing new product by Origins. It is all very hush hush, so I can't really say much about this new product yet, but all will be reveal in due time, as it will be launch world wide in February/March 2011! So I got to keep mumps about this, as I've signed a kinda 'silence' contract.

    Anyway, I want to share a cute story before I go into reviewing Origins Skin Rejuvenating Moisturiser.

    My SO was kinda feeling concern for me when I told him I was going to a skincare workshop at MidValley on a Saturday afternoon. He felt sometimes things are not that 'too good to be true' and might be something dodgy (we aussies love this word, don't we, to describe something fishy hehe).

    SO : Did you pay any money for the workshop?
    Elle : Nope, it's an invite, ok.
    SO : Your sis going? Anyone I've met going?
    Elle : Not that I know of, coz the attendance were not made public to me.
    SO : Why is it in this office building in MidValley and not those public cosmetic counters?
    Elle : I don't know either.

    Usually, stellarvixen would go with me on these kind of events or tammy@miu would meet up there with me. I was curious too, why wasn't they going? Anyhoo, SO accompanied me all the way up to the workshop doorstep, and only willing to leave the floor when he saw it's the real thingy. Actually, I don't like it when he comes along with me to the malls, because he get bored waiting for me and that made me feel really really guilty arghhh I don't like to make him wait and I don't like to be rush >.<

    So that's the cute story ^^ kind of irrelevant lol

    Origins are actually a sub company of Estee Lauder (I didn't know that, too). Of course, they are also other brands under their belt.

    The setting was really nice and posh. Good food, good people, I was all smiles!

    The area was decorated really nice, with white cloth over the table and chairs, abit like a wedding reception. Every sitting has our names and folders with info on this new product. Now I know why I was asked to be a panel of testers. I heard from other bloggers that present, was because we are above 30 years old! So the others were underage LOL Age is just a number, I don't really care. In fact, I am extremely glad and happy that I went to meet up with Origins team, as I really learn alot of things from them, about preventing aging and knowledge of our skin.

    Well, we are to use this new product together with our suited moisturiser for 4 weeks. Therefore, I am here to review only on Origins Make A Difference Skin Rejuvenating Moisturiser.

    This is for combination/oily skin, and that's me. For 50ml, this bottle looks super generous. I reckon it is price RM170, but I am not too sure. Moisturiser are abit pricey but definitely less expensive than a serum.

    • Texture: Quite light, I can't be greedy slapping these on my face. Just a tiny amount, it easily spread all over my face.
    • Fragrance: Undetectable. So it's good.
    • Absorbency: Not that instant.

    Like: Very generous amount for a 50ml bottle, I reckon can last me 2 months! No fragrance and it is all organic ^^

    Don't like: Packaging, because I like pumps moisturiser because it is more sanitise to use. I need to get a spatula to scoop this, as I don't trust my hands to be completely clean. But then bottles like this, means no wastage.

    I feel my face is more oily after using this for 4 days. At night, after putting it on around 8pm, my face is an oil pan by 11pm. Hmm I do hope it does the job of hydration by the end of the week. I am not giving this up!

    Okidoki, I going to chomp on my 'tong yun', will show you pics of it in my next post.

    Merry Christmas and if I don't see you, Happy New Year

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  3. I wanted to do this post long ago, but did not have the time because of moving home, so this is a very very belated post.

    It's black again lol So here again I played with black nails, bought this set at Sasa, it comes in a box, really cute (sorry threw the box already).

    I have always used this Sally Hansen Maximum Growth as my nail base for as long as I remembered. I really like it because the brush is soft and it is long, so it touches the base of the bottle easily. No wastage! I hate nail polishes brush that is short and does not touch the base of the bottle and I really don't like tipping the bottle to the side to get the colours, because it is very inconvenient as my nails ain't dry yet >.< do you have that problem too?

    I was kinda amazing to be able to dig out the hearts from the bottle eh?

    The top coat is superb! Works like the famous Ettusais jelly harden top coat, but at a fraction of the cost. But this dries really really slow.

    So, what about Halloween makeup?

    No, I did not do this makeup hehe I just came back from a photoshoot with Cleo Malaysia Magazine, and the MU artist did this dramatic eyes for me! I really like it, because it kinda hides the fact that I am mono eyelid lol

    On normal days, I won't be able to play with such dark colours because I think it is just too dramatic for an everyday look, but definitely for clubbing or partying! But I did not end up at a party, but in a magazine!

    Tadah! It was really fun, playing with Giordano latest range of assessories, golden snake bracelets and necklace.

    I was extremely paranoid before this came out, because I totally felt 'big' and 'fat' in the photoshoot. I really felt 'huge' and just crossed my fingers that it will turn out ok. Overall, I am soooo happy it really seems great, well not smoking hot, because that's way too optimistic lol but it was fun to be featured in a magazine. Have always wanted to appear in a mag, so I guess I can cross this job of my bucket list hahahah

    Here I want to share with you L'occitane Milk Make-up Remover, my HG as this is my 10-ish bottle. Why it is so good? Gentle to the eyes, but definitely do the job of removing every trace of makeup!

    It can really clean up squeky clean! As a contact lens user, I always have phobia that some makeup remover can get into my eyes and irritate them, but this L'occitane remover is really gentle to my eyes. I don't think there is any fragrance to it, and with just a tiny amount, both eyes can be wipe clean.

    So how was your belated halloween? Hope you all have a blast time!
    Let's plan for Christmas 2010!!!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  4. I have been very quiet lately on me blog, because I have been moving house! In all my life, I have stayed in numerous places and thought all those moving has been practiced well, so it should be easy peasy by now, but it is NOT >.<

    Around 9 years ago, I migrated to Melbourne, Australia. And in Australia, I have moved my sanctuary about 6 places (from college dorms to rented rooms and progressively to real houses hehe). Since late last year, me & hubby decided to move back to Malaysia for awhile to expand our businesses. So I've stayed about 1 year plus at this Hartamas area and now I'm at Putra Heights!

    I'm officially a suburbian now hehe

    I just got back my internet at my new home, so I'm definitely back online more to read my favourites blogs around the world (my google reader showed that I have more than 1000+ post unreads!!!) and to blog some of my own posts. I just want to say a big hugs to my fellow followers and friends of me blog, for being patient with me and still around eventhough I have not been contributing much to the online world recently. THANK YOU!

    Christmas is coming up the next few weeks, what are your plans and any wishlists to share? Me?

    • Max Factor workshop 17th December @ Lot 10
    • PetsMore Carnival 18th December @ Tropicana Mall
    • Big goodies bag for me from Stellar from Taiwan/Hong Kong (can't wait!)
    • New Year Party at my new place!
    Happy holidays everyone!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  5. Recently I attended an RMK workshop. The venue was held at San Francisco Steakhouse upstair, very nice place, overlooking the beautiful gardens of KLCC.

    RMK is relatively a very new brand for me, as I have not come across until this workshop. From what I gather, their popular item from their skincare range is the SkinTuner (a combination of toner and moisturiser). Lazy people like myself, I was super excited to learn more about RMK!

    Every table at hands reach, are their whole range of skincare and makeup for us to play with. Even cleansers and makeup brushes are available. Their makeup items are mostly new, fresh from the box to play with. Finger foods are deliciously displayed and not to forget, their goodies bag (acclaimed worth RM200 goodies).

    There was a Japanese makeup artist, and his english translator is around to walk us through the step by step in creating a flawless autumn look with RMK. He is ruggedly handsome ^^ but I wish he is taller and speak english lol. Anyhoo, these are their 4 Autumn Brown eyeshadow palettes (they have 6 actually, but only 4 at my table). Colours are nice but abit redundant because they are all shades of browns, all have the same white highligher and at RM150, I reckon there are other brands more worthy. This is a splurge buy, and the steal buy would be Kate brown eyeshadow palettes at RM50 or the Maybelline palettes at RM35.

    Left: Clean face from using RMK cleansers.
    Right: Full on makeup from RMK! 

    Since the invention of BB creams, I hardly go through the ordeal of base/primer->sun screen->concealer->liquid foundation->loose powder, unless on special occasions like weddings and functions that I required my makeup to STAY all day and night, with little need and time to retouch up. So, it is kinda fun to play with so many items at that time, testing out shades of foundations, etc.

    *But deep down in my heart, I was feeling abit icky because I had so many thingy on my skin! I actually can't wait to go home and wash my face squeaky clean!

    Close up on the eye, it is a brown smokey eyes look. Can I redo these colours with other eyeshadow paletts? Yes.

    So what's in the goody bag? Everyone got a full bottle of RMK SkinTuner, a tiny bottle of liquid foundation sample, a tiny tube of cleanser, a tube of sunscreen, 3 makeup vouchers, 1 eyebrow fix voucher, and RM10 borders voucher (min RM100 purchase, good for my dad and his crime novels!).

    Prior to the workshop, at the purchase of the workshop entry (RM50), participants can choose an additional item from lippies, lipgloss, liquid foundation and eye gel. So I was advice by beauty bloggers to get the eye gel because it is worth RM180!

    After the workshop, we get to redeem RM50 for an RMK item. Since I went to the afternoon session, I was told that all the sharpeners and lip care (less than RM50) have all been redeemed by the morning session participants. I totally doubt that, because that is such a bad thing to say about your supportors, RMK! Here is to RMK staffs (not that I know you are reading my blog, just my personal note): You should never imply or suggest to other potential customers of yours, that you have cheap customers, because it says what lousy staffs you have (for accusing the morning sessions supportors) and basically, you just look down on people who comes to your workshops! RMK just probably think we are all losers, a bunch of no gooders looking for freebies, can be manipulate to be on their side. Well, hello?!?! RMK, if you are not well equipped with your items after every workshop, does it show you are not sincere when setting up workshops? Do you even know what is the real purpose companies have workshops? To promote your stuffs and increase sales! But you have insufficient stuffs at your counters, because everything I asked for, is not in stock.

    OK, so I went with an RMK pencil (lipliner) in lovely light pink. Not my first choice but they don't have many selections. And since I went to the workshop with a friend, we both got a pink nail polish as well. Later I heard there was not enough nail palishes to give out to those who came with a friend to the workshop. Hmm, another proof of poor management. I wonder who is trying to rip off who.

    Oh, you think this is the end of it? Wait till you see what's next:

    See what those red arrows are pointing at? The freebies Skin Tuner and eye gel was manufactured in 2007, which is more than 3 years! Probably they were thinking, hey it's free, so what's the big deal. Hey, no one sells expired products except very unscrupulous companies. Oh the lipliner that I purchased after the workshop, that I paid with my good money, was manufactured in 2005! Unbelievable! My god sister, authorised representative for an expensive skincare company, advised me best to just throw it in the bin, because it is just too rotten to put something like that on my lips. Did I tried to contact RMK? Yes, called them and they are willing to change it to products manufactured in 2006! That's the earliest they have on their stocks. Very very dissapointing. I am going to stay far far away from RMK. Who wants those makeup vouchers, please email me. They are an eyesore yuck.

    So, what's your experience with RMK? lol

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  6. My hair was previously unruly and long, I always plait/braid it, to keep it in place.

    Wanna know how bad my hair colouring was???

    Left: patches of colour on old hair colour mix with regrowth eww
    Right: newer shorter hair cut, with new bookish glasses lol

    Before Liese

    I chose the Marshmallow Brown, heard it's a popular choice. I reckon my colour should turn out the first row, because of the black regrowth.

    Liese is about RM38 at Sasa, but once I saw them on promotion at RM28! That's a good bargain! I bought 2, of the same colour, and already sent the other one to cushycottage!

    After Liese
    Hair is still quite damp, as I don't blow dry my hair anymore (how possible when it is so humid in Malaysia!). Yay, even colour for my whole head!

    Yup I can see burgundy brown when under flash or light. You can see how light it is around the forehead, when it's dry.

    I still have not taken proper shots of my new hair colour yet, but will have full shots later.

    After talking to some other users of Liese Hair Dye, everyone claims it can't hide white hair and this is true! So, mum, not the one for you!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

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