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  1. A lot of bloggers have been giving good reviews on Daiso beauty products range. Especially the black masks for black heads. I have yet to pick that one up yet. In fact, let me tell you the truth, I don't get to spend many minutes in Daiso, because I can actually spend hours there! SO would just pull me along, every time he sees a Daiso (even before I see it, hoping that I will miss it). I manage to pop in this time, because I dropped him at the hair salon to get his haircut.
    Lucky for me, I found this lovely pink cheek blush at RM5! I don't like flat brush, so that brush is gonna go 'away' hehe It's so cute, I pop it into my makeup pouch in my handbag now. It is quite pigmented, as you can see just a touch and my kabuki brush picks it up.
    Here's a swatch with camera flash:
    I really like this! I'm into pink blushes now, since sis let me tried a pink Canmake Cream blush a few weeks ago, and I'm hook on pink blush!
    I sweep them across my cheeks, nearly all the way to my ears. Kinda give me a flush look hehe Daiso Cheek Blush also comes in coral and tan colours.
    Did you get any item from Daiso that you love it? Share with me ya!

    ps: Winner of my birthday giveaway will be announce in the next post ^^

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 8 kisses & hugs:

    1. stellarvixen said...

      yay poppy pink blush works on you~!!
      and only for a STEAL! haha
      sometimes i tend to stay away from DAISO the bill can easily piled up >:P and overkill hahahha

      am such a blush fiend recently
      aka a hoarder haha putting a ban on myself

    2. alvira said...

      Pink blushes are the best they give this pretty rosey color to cheeks this one really suits you

    3. Ayu~Emma said...

      I'm so gonna buy this next time when I go to Daizo. Looks good on u ^^

    4. FatiN said...

      always wondered if their blush is any good.. now thanks to you i might buy a few.. lol!

    5. Ooh nice! There's a Daiso in Aus but it's in Melbourne however I probably will visit it one day and consider purchasing their blushes now that you've posted about them ^^

    6. Looks lovely on you!

      *sigh* Wish we had a Daiso here.

    7. Nic Nic said...

      Thanks for the comment - the blush is definitely a bargain! You dont need to spend a load of $$ on make up for that quality! Creates a lovely flush on you!

    8. dianarahim said...

      Daiso has amazing stuff but only half of them have instructions that one could understand. I love their exfoliating gels and face washes.

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