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  1. Purplelicious eyes

    Jun 8, 2011

    In my previous post, you read my love for purple colour. Here are some FOTDS of me wearing the Moonlight Violet from MagicColour Lens.
    Above: At the MagicColour Lens workshop, see more here.
    With colour contact lens, I tend to have light makeup on the eyes, just a quick eyeliner with a zest of wing ^^
    Above: (R) Taken with flash at end of day >.< how oily is my face?!?!
    Above: Sometimes it looks blue, isn't it?
    Above: Just simple makeup with tons of mascara lengthening hehe
    Overall, I am really happy with this. It is huge (16mm) so even though I have small eyes with no double eyelids, I think it is just nice for my eyes. It don't look freakish on me and I have gotten many nice compliments from friends, saying I look sweet :)

    Do you use 16mm colour contact lens? Let me know as I want to see it!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 11 kisses & hugs:

    1. Tammy Miu said...

      ah!! forgotten u like purple!!! really looks good on u though this color. I have been seeing Dalina, Wani and Haze wearing it too! *envious*

    2. stellarvixen said...

      first me seeing you in color contacts!
      and sis you looked fantastic with violet lens~ so iineeee looking

      violet is one of my fav color contacts!wheeee

    3. Aw, you do look sweet! *^_^* Very Liz Taylor.

    4. you look pretty with the lens <3

    5. Savvy Gal said...

      thanks for the reply. will talk to my doc.

    6. Riya~ said...

      Super cute, I also tagged you!

    7. love then lenses! i like the color! yeah it looks a bit blue. but so cute! :D

    8. cushy said...

      violet lens look great on you.

    9. Blair said...

      Hi Elle, did you change your blog template recently? Am loving it!!

      No, I have yet to use any 16mm lenses, they scare me, such a huge diameter haha! You look great hunnie, please post more FOTDs =D

    10. That shade is pretty cool!I've never tried any purple contacts before...might have to give it try now xoxo

    11. "Mrs. Elle Lau" has a nice ring to it :)

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