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Free delivery of Contact Lenses

  1. The wonderful people at MagicColour Lens had organise a special bloggers review session at Delectable Su @ Gardens early month of May 2011. It ain't ordinary event as the invitation to review their colourful contact lens comes with cute e-vites!
    Above: How cute and creative is the e-vites?! I'm chicken little!
    Above: Delectable Su @ Gardens
    Above: With Leen (expecting baby end of May!!) is the organiser from MagicColour Lens & the creative designer of those cute e-vites! Oh, that's a special pre-made 'twitter-look-alike' cookie for me! Yum!
    Above: Goody bag sponsor by Chic&Sleek and bag organiser sponsor by tidy&neat
    My 1st choice of MagicColour Lens: Moonlight Violet
    Diameter: 16mm
    Water Content: 55%
    Can you see the huge pupil of my eyes? Amazingly obvious, even for slit-small eyes of mine lol
    Above: To wear beautiful colour contact lens, definitely have to be accompanied by beautiful makeup ^^ This session is so special, that we all bloggers have professional makeup artists and hairstylists to fuss over us! Girly Time~!
    Above: Well, I can't really just sit still while being pampered by MUA, I got to 'pamper' my mouth & tummy too~ lol
    Above: The magic hands of Miss Jay, who made me look and feel beautiful!
    Above: Group photo of all of us, all dolled up!
    Above: Courtesy photo take by MagicColour Lens
    Wanna get yourself some great colours contact lens? Have great variety at their website MagicColour Lens and the promotion is "Buy 3 Free 1" ~!!! This is an amazing deal because:
    • It is cheap as chips, for quality contact lens
    • You really need alot of variety when buying colour contact lens, one is NOT ENOUGH!
    • Customer service is fabulously satisfactory! 
    • I had one piece of lens which was quite uncomfortable, and when I inquire for advice, they sent me a replacement swiftly ^^
    Check out more photos of this event at their facebook. You'll see me and other lovely bloggers having the time of our life~! Not only MagicColour Lens make us beautiful, they made us feel beautiful. Check them out!

    ps: I'll be doing more fotds with the lenses in the upcoming posts. I'm currently recuperating from a dislocated bone at my right feet, after a fall on the uneven path. My bandage is like the size of a watermelon lol so movement is abit restrictive for me (no shopping bluek). Wish me a speedy recovery! Muaxxx

    With Love, Elle

    With Love, Elle

  2. 8 kisses & hugs:

    1. Jessy said...

      OMG i think them circle lens looks really good on you. i luv it when company takes time to treat their customer with a great event like this, it shows their dedication, and it looks like such a fun event, and you look great

      Btw im holding a giveaway that include prizes from UD, Too Faced Lush, if you are feeling lucky come and sign up


    2. stellarvixen said...

      yes! it was such a FUN and wonderful event~ you looked absolutely fab in those violet eyes!! cant wait to see you in other color contacts! wheee

      i have the pink, aqua and hazel~! wheee

      thank Q magic colors!!

    3. Savvy Gal said...

      been wanting to try color lenses. what do you think?

    4. Ahleessa said...

      What a fun event! I thought one of the girl in the group picture was naked... hehe~ :X

    5. Anonymous said...

      Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

    6. Riya~ said...

      You are way too cute! I love the pictures and lens!

    7. MizzJ said...

      What a fun event and I LOVE how adorable those evites are!!! You look lovely with your makeover and damn those circle lenses make a huge difference in your eyes!

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