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  1. What is the best thing that you have done for your friends or what your friends have done for you? When I was young, I would always saved up all my pocket money for my birthday party with my friends. I felt bad asking my parents to do all the work and only me get to enjoy it, so I'll take out my CNY 'angpow' and have a great time at Swensen ice cream (not sure if this brand is still around), Movies session at those old cinema buildings (it cost only a few dollars last time), and who would have not got a party at KFC or McDonalds before? Hahaha

    Since coming back to Malaysia to expand my business, I have met a wonderful gal pal, who is ever so enthusiastic about blogging and shopping and her never-ending-energy is truly inspiring. This is none other than Tammy from Plus Size Kitten!
    I truly learn the word 'gift' from Tammy. Her generousity is totally out of this world! And her blog is turning 3 years old in June and she will be throwing a Pedicure Party for 6 of her friends~ wee fun~
    How she choose her gals for this party, is to tell her why I want to go. Here are my answers:
    1) Because I love you, Tammy 2) Because I haven't been to a pedicure party before
    LoL Go or no go, I just want to wish your blog all the best and thank you a million times, for always thinking of me as your friend. I'm proud to know you, my dearie friend! 

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 2 kisses & hugs:

    1. cushy said...

      so nice of her to held a pedicure party. sounds fun!

      i actually carried my camera with me....haha.

      miss you~~~~

    2. Yea, sounds interesting for having pedicure party with friends! :)
      I hope that you don't mind to visit my blog

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