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  1. I had pan out my Maybelline Volume mascara (yellow tube - finally! it last quite many months) and Bourjois  Clubbing Ultra Black liquid liner (love this truly!). So when I went to Singapore for CNY, I bought these to try out:

    Rimmel Great Curl Volume Mascara, I have not seen the packaging, with Japanese wordings. Although I am not too liking the brush shape, because I think I like comb shape brush hehe
    Maybelline Hyper Diamonds liquid liner, I don't think it is as black as Bourjois but still do the job to give glitters :)
    Combined look:
    Left: before mascara, Right: after mascara
    I don't really have long or lush lashes hehe
    That's face of the day FOTD above. I have also recently chomped off my long unhealthy hair. It is so easy to manage now, but I might return to the salon to thin it abit as I think it's still too much volume.
    That's also the top of the day TOTD above. I bought this lovely top in Singapore too. It's one of the few tops that I can buy, because I seriously think Singaporeans are so very thin!

    My thoughts of Rimmel Great Curl Volume Mascara: Like all brand new mascara, it is wet lol This is not waterproof, but it is not a problem for me, I like it that it is easy to wash off.

    My thoughts of Maybelline Hyper Diamonds liquid liner: Not as black as it should be, more grayish silvery, but easy to draw on the eyes.

    ps: I think I got both of this for like SGD15 each. I really want to try out Marjolica mascaras but have yet to have the heart to buy them, because mascaras always dried out and I like to buy a few mascaras rather than just ONE brand. Just my 2 cents ^^

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 9 kisses & hugs:

    1. Jbreezybaby said...

      I can't pan out mascaras, maybe I just use more than one product at the same time lol and i do throw them by 3 months tho. I want to chop my hair soon!!! i have long hair and its a pain to manage during the winter, but for some reason i just like keeping my hair long on winter. weird. thanks for the comment hun, LDR is hard..but im hanging in there ;)

    2. Isabel said...

      I want to cut my haaaiiirr lol I have more than 1 mascara and I'm trying to finish them but it's taking forever ==

    3. Riya~ said...

      you are a pretty girl!

    4. stellarvixen said...

      elle you are looking great in your short hair!

      i like the rimmel scara too!
      wet is good~ easy for application ekeke

      as for glitter black eyeliner
      i'm not into that fad yet

      OMG Singapore trip was FUN!
      shopping therapy & family bonding keke

      now all 3 of us are into shopping ban mode

    5. i like ur outfit! very chill :) and I wish I had thick hair! you should keep it :)

    6. Jessying said...

      yeh u look great in this hairstyle, looks younger and more fresh !!

      must agree with u, singapore's tops are thin ! I wonder why too!

    7. You look so pretty in your photos! You're lucky to have thicker hair. I have thin hair and it's hard to do much with it...

    8. Sharon said...

      Your nails are so cute!

    9. MizzJ said...

      Don't thin out your hair!!! I would beat up someone to have nice voluminous hair like that, mine is always so flat haha

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