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  1. EOTD: Purple with MAC

    Jun 3, 2011

    My belated pressies from sis ^^ Canmake Melty Nude Lip 04 and MAC Evil Queen Vile Violet eyeshadow.
    The eyeshadow is super matte, and some reviews have said it is too chalky to get it on brush. Agreed. I still have trouble picking it up from my elf eyeshadow brush. Although it appears dark on the finger when swatch, but I can't seem to transfer it well onto my eyes (you can see the swatch don't come out much on the skin). I tried to wet my brush with some saline lotion, it turns eeky on the skin. Ain't trying that anymore. Any suggestion?
    So, I need some "help" from Shu Uemura Fluorescent palette. I'll use the purple glitter eyeliner over the eyelids, as a base. Then packed heavily on top with MAC Vile Violet.
    Well, of course with other 'assistance' from the above tools to make me look pretty ^^ Daiso Blush (review), Rimmer Mascara (review) also with Dejavu Fiberwig and Averine Mineral loose powder (I can't seem to finish this~)
    I love purple. Do you love purple? If you do, we are buddies lol Confession, my first few attempts with purple eyeshadows resulted with comments from friends "what's wrong with your eye?" and "why is your eyes swollen?" Not happy days >.< But I don't give up, I learn from gurus all over the world on their eotds and tutorials. I'm more of a blog stalker than a blog writer (after 5 days of not online, I get 1000+ new posts to read on my reader ^^). So if you think I have improved from those comments, let me know!
    Coming up, purple eyes~
    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 14 kisses & hugs:

    1. FatiN said...

      i love purple!! it's so rock chic. your purple eotd turned out great! ^^

    2. Karen said...

      You did a great job with the purples, nothing close to looking swollen.. instead it's sultry and edgy!

    3. cushy said...

      purple looks great on you. i like soft purple like lilac.

    4. Popcorn said...

      woooo the canmake lippie looks pretty~

      I like purple but i don't really use purple eyeshadow frequently. I go for more of a subtle look whenever I wear makeup outside of my home. hahah

    5. Riya~ said...

      Love the EOTD!!! The canmake looks nice!!! How funny, yesterday I was planning to do purple eyeshadow but I didn't get too.

    6. MizzJ said...

      haha it's true, if you overdo purple it can look more like a black eye than pretty! I like how you did yours though, so I think you've got it down now ;)

    7. So pretty! I love purple e/s too =D

    8. Purple is one of my favorite makeup colors :) You look so pretty with the smokey purple e/s. It really suits you :)

    9. Ahleessa said...

      You really pulled off purple well! I can't seem to do it *sigh*. That's the one color I hardly wear or blue... hehe~

    10. Anonymous said...

      *hearts hearts hearts* thank you for your sweet comment Elle!! <3

    11. Anonymous said...

      i think you did a great job with the purple - love the smokey.. it's sexy!

    12. Vonvon said...

      I love purple eyeshadows too.

      Pretty look1

    13. Purple looks amazing on you! Love your FOTD and EOTD xoxo

    14. hanidee said...

      I adore purple! It looks great on you dear!

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