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  1. I'm in love with this Ballerina Gray from MagicColour Lens. I can't say why, eventhough it does gives a freakish zombie eyes lol but yet I feel mysterious and vampirish. Probably it is all in my mind hahaha
    Above: (R) The pattern/designs are exquisite and so detailed
    Above: (L) Taken on Mother's day (R) Taken on WEVents night
    Above: I'm wearing a Topshop corset with a big bow at the front. I put up all my hair, as I need to wear a mask to the Masquerade event.
    OK, I did a very wacky move on this gray contact lens. I tried on the other way around. It is so soft that I felt very comfortable wearing it (this is amazing, because not all contact lens are confortable when you wear it reverse). And how does the gray turn out?
    Above: (not the eye above my moles) Right eye is more striking with gray isn't it???
    Above: Just want to show my OOTD to work. I like this top but SO said it is abit oldie, is it? (R) Which eye do you think is nicer?

    Show me any of your gray contact lens that you love! Can you wear your colour contact lens reverse side?

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 6 kisses & hugs:

    1. Isabel said...

      Wow.. The design is so fine and detailed O_O Sumore 2 in 1! xD

    2. FatiN said...

      The reverse side looks intense. But both look cool and vampish! I got a grey one too but yet to wear it.. :P

    3. nice contacts! and your so daring! ahaha contacts really irritates my eyes. so props to you! they look awesome on you! :)

    4. 3ate4 said...

      Look great. I shall be staying away from the lancome maqui, too then!

    5. Lily said...

      Love the first one... I haven't worn any contact lenses since I had my LASIK surgery... Wouldn't it be ironic to be wearing them again? LOL!


    6. Savvy Gal said...

      Oh it is very interesting look though. Btw, I agree with you about leaving white flowers next to photo. Some of my gal pal's MIL don't even like white flowers in the house.

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