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  1. I am super excited to share this amazing esteem group with you, as I am a committee member to this event, recently volunteered and worked together with some marvelous ladies!
    About WEVents
    WEVents are the very first 'WomenOnlyMENnotinvited' social events organized by working women volunteers, bringing together working professional women for a fun evening.
    In WEVents , women can VENT their opinions and thoughts freely, build connections and make new friends. Basically it is an event for women to let their hair down after a hard day’s work and just be themselves! Each event will have its own theme and feature inspiring special guests and speakers, great door gifts and delicious food.
    Elle say: "I have enjoyed some of their past events, not only because of their wonderful choice of venue for great food and generous goodies bag, but the gang at WEVents oozes inspiring women of our times, shared with us what we women can do if we put our mind and soul into it, how we all have the same or even more determination than men and our peers, if we just open ourselves up for the possibilities and opportunities."
    WEVents had just celebrated their 
    1st anniversary last 
    Friday 27th May!
    Where : Tiara Rini Ballroom, The Royale Bintant Hotel, Curve
    Check out WEVents at their website and facebook.
    So, let me show you the fun I had @ the Masquerade Partay~!
    Above: Confession, I think I have the worst mask >.< 
    Above: (L) Tammy (R) Fatin
    Above: (L) Doroshi (R) Ju Li
    Above: (L) Jean C, our sexy usher  (R) Charlotte R, our talented emcee
    Above: (L) Camie L (R) Sabrina from XIXILI
    Above: (L) Yen Ming from J1 Consulting (R) Anne F from Malaya Optical
    Above: Sook Kuen, the best mask I reckon!
    Above: (L) Susana C from Burt's Bees (R) Glam Pink & Juli
    Above: (L) Winnie L from A-Cut-Above (R) Jeanisha W (President of WEVents)

    Everyone was a STAR! I was very happy that I am part of these happy people and I had great fun at the Masquerade Party. If you have been to any masked party, share with me!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 3 kisses & hugs:

    1. FatiN said...

      wonderful photos as always! and lurv your new blog layout! ^^

    2. Ahleessa said...

      What a fun event! It seems like you go to the best ones. :)

    3. cushy said...

      looks like a fun event. no photos of you with your mask on?

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