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Free delivery of Contact Lenses

  1. This is my 3rd time going to Kanebo Warehouse Sale! These are what I got this round:

    • Freshel Whitening Lotion (L) for combination/oily skin 
    • Coffret D'or CM Eyeshadow 04 Purple Palette
    • T'estimo Eyebrow Palette
    • Kate Contrasting Eyeshadow Palette
    • Kate Rouge Lipstick
    T'estimo are discontinued from Kanebo, so I was super lucky when the SA came to me when I was paying at the cashier, saying she has this LAST eyebrow palette! Swatch and more photos will be in next post, so be still!

    Stellar and I will be going again to this warehouse to grab more, if there are any readers interested to buy. Last day of this warehouse is Saturday! Below are some of the items available, pictures are courtesy of the internet, mostly their ads, so I hope I am not breaching any copyrights ^^ Prices are exclusive postage, and will be finalise once we can confirm that we got your wishlist

    KATE Rouge Lipstick RM 23 / AUD 10
    KATE Contrasting Eyes RM 23 / AUD 10

    KATE Line Spicy Eyeshadow RM 30 / AUD 15

    KATE Dual Carat Eyeshadow RM 40 / AUD 18

    KATE Reflect Mirror Eyeshadow RM 40 / AUD 18

    KATE Gel Eye Liner RM 45 / AUD 20

    KATE Mascara Base (Transparent Gel) RM 45 / AUD 20

    COFFRET D'OR CM Eyes RM 70 / AUD 35

    There are plenty of stuffs available, such as:
    • Foundations (you got to give me the shade codes)
    • Mascaras (some are fibre mascaras!)
    • Nail Varnish (very limited colours, mostly pinks & transparent glitters)
    • Skincare (you got to give me your skin type)
    Have a look at the official Kanebo website, because the warehouse have it. Alternatively, go to AdamBeauty website for nicer photos and price check. There are NO Lunasol at the warehouse this time >.<

    Email us : wifluvelle [at] gmail [dot] com or stellarvixen [at] gmail [dot] com with your request and leave a contac number. We will sms you on the spot when we are there to confirm your purchase. Happy googling~

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 4 kisses & hugs:

    1. stellarvixen said...

      stellar is on the prowl of getting these goodies for you lovelies!

      so do drop me an email quickly as the offer is valid until this saturday only!!


      checkout my facebook for more photos!

    2. ipehishere said...

      omg i hv friend who hv kate gel eyeliner , and she soooo admire with that gel eyeliner lol
      i think i must try it!!

    3. Tammy said...

      Elle you guys are so nice to help ppl buy this stuff!^^

    4. Catriana Kee said...

      KATE Reflect Mirror Eyeshadow RM 40 . may i know is still available for the item below?

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