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  1. Had a RM10 dry hair cut at Maju Junction Mall yesterday, cheapest I have ever been to, and realised now never again LoL Nobody likes coming out a hair salon looking worse than when going in! The hairdresser (guy) snippity here and there (as I said I want my ends trim) and said "done" after 5 minutes. Biggest reason is because he probably was not able to convince me that I needed a treatment of RM70.

    Oh well, I'll do my own hair treatment then ^^ 

    There's a big hype on Liese hair products in Malaysia recently. So now I am trying out the green Hair Cocktail for normal oily hair. There is an orange bottle for damage dry hair. This is a leave-on conditioner. I can see there are 3 layers of liquid and I got to give it a good shake before using it. It got a peachy smell and the liquid is quite oily, so I have to rinse my hands afterwards. As for the conditioning results: it's ok for me, but that's because my hair may be really damage >.< Got to try that orange bottle then!

    Left to Right: Osis+ hair mold, Asience conditioner, Lucidol L hair spray, Lucidol-L hair mist

    Let's see what else I have. I hardly uses the Osis cream, but only when I want my curls to have a wet look. The Asience conditioner smells good and sweet and it is still an ok conditioner for me. It still gets to rinse off, like it is super slippery and does not really stick to my hair and condition it. The best is hair tool is Lucidol!!!
    I uses the hair mist prior to heating my hair, as it did say it can act as a layer of shield and protect the hair from heating. After styling my hair, I'll spray with the hair spray to let the style stays. And it really stays, even after 2 nights! But my hair is still soft and not stiff. The hairspray also gives my hair a bit of wet look, which I really like.

    Just to keep my hair neat, I do this most of the time when I'm at home. Sometimes I even sleep on it, as I totally forgot! It's quite loosely plaited. Ugh just realised my hair colour is so off! Blek

    Excuse my 2 moles on me right cheek ^^ Nope, I won't remove it! 

    So the curls aren't that frizzy, but when I just leave my hair to dry naturally after a shower, it can be really really frizzy! I want to have a longer hair length, probably till below my breast but it kinda stuck and remain on my breast level. Why is that so? My last hair colouring was done in February. And I only curl my natural wavy hair like once a week. So why doesn't it grow faster??? Any tips?

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 4 kisses & hugs:

    1. xbbkay said...

      i'm no hair expert, which explains why my hair alway look damaged! LOL i have no clue how hair can grow faster, but i think it's mainly genetics. i'm growing my hair out at the moment as well. i barely cut it, and cutting your hair often does not mean your hair will grow faster. For some reason that is the biggest myth that i've always heard. hahaha

      btw, where did you purchase those hair products? from Malaysia?

    2. cushycottage said...

      argh....my hair is damaged as well. need to find some hair care products soon.

    3. Blair said...

      Sweetie, stellar and you have the same facial shape :)

      Gahhh RM 10 haircut!!!

      My SUQQU post was supposed to be a FOTD, but I stuck my falsies ON my lashes for the other eye, so I had to scrap that plan! --> noobs are like that lol =.=

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