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  1. EOTD gold then purple

    Jun 20, 2010

    Just a few EOTDs to share and perhaps get some helpful tips on what I should and should not do next time. I'm quite new on EOTDs, but I love colours and love to mix things up from different palettes and not just stick to one. A really bad habit of mine is: lay out all the e/s colours and then pick and choose! Not very safe eh cause' colours might clash lol

    I got this lovely Shu Uemura palette from Fatin @ Chocolatecatsz and it is really beautiful! So is she ^_*
    This palette comes with 3 e/s (gold bronze, burgundy, baby blue) and a natural beige can be either for face contour (I usually mix this with a sparkly blusher so that it is less sparkly). I <3 the gold bronze and use it many many times now.

    OK, for my next EOTD I'll be using the lovely purplish Coffret D'or (again hehe).
    Face: L'egere BB Cream (I think it's spf 27 - read it on internet)
    Eye base/primer: Lunasol
    Mascara: Maybelline Magnum Volume
    Lip: Stila Lip Gloss 
    Eyeliner: BeneFit BadGal
    Blush: FrontCover
    I love the flat head PopBeauty e/s brush

    I tried to do a successful swatch with this palette, but I don't know how the light plum colour does not show up that obvious in my swatch. I really like this plum colour, although you may not see it that clear here (as I got a lousy phone camera >.<) but it is like a combination of purple and pink!

    I have really weird eye shape as I can't seem to connect my eyeliner at the far end corner.If I draw them connected, I kinda have droopy eyes. So I am at wits end what to do! So normally I just leave it out, not connecting my eyeliner, so there is always a gap there.

    Hope you like my photos, I love creating these as I just bought plentyful of digital scrap booking images, and using the free Microsoft Publisher is awesome! I have created a few calendar desktop wallpapers, if any of you want it, leave your email or contact me and I'll forward them to you ^^

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 18 kisses & hugs:

    1. Miu said...

      phewit.. sexy eyes :)

      i reallg dig ur.. scrapbook kinda designs on ur photos..

    2. FatiN said...

      awww.. thanx elle.. :)

      the colours for the shu palette suits you!

    3. You look amazing!!Love your new blog background!!Hugs

    4. Tammy said...

      Awww the frames around your pics are so cute! Also, I think this is the first time I've seen pictures of just YOU! You're so pretty!^^
      I have that same L'egere BB cream too, I didn't know it was spf 27, but if it is, I'm super happy about that since I thought it was like a 2 or 3 since it doesn't say on the packaging XD

    5. ipehishere said...

      hi Elle! how are u ? ^^
      im using legere bb cream too..
      ps : i love what u did with purple eyeshadow on ur eyes!! :D

    6. Doroshi said...

      i also have a weird eye, i cant or duno how to connect my upper n lower line too :( Darn! It has a duno wat kind of gap even after i connect still looks weird.so i leave it.

      The pueple eye palette niceee!!

    7. Dina (XYYan) said...

      Both of the looks are so pretty :D. I love how the way you design those pics :)

    8. The Stalling said...

      Just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment!
      Megan Fox is so stunning...
      I don't think I have a single feature of her wonderful face.
      A look is coming soon!

    9. Lovely FOTDs and palette! :D

      P.S Thanks for the fun tip on the Crocs badges.

    10. En エヌ said...

      The purple shadows looking very stunning on you. The Shu gold eye shadow looks beautiful, too. I'm surprised how pigmented the Coffret D'Or palette is. For some reason, I always expect them to be sheer.

      Great post! =)

    11. Gorgeous looks Elle! I especially love the purple Coffret D'or palette. Looks SOOO nice on you ^^
      I love your editing skills, makes the photos looks so pretty.

    12. Lavender said...

      I love the purple eotd!
      and your design on the photos are so cute! I do not know how to do that.

    13. U've got really pretty lips!

    14. amynaree said...

      cute look, I love the purple shadow

    15. evie said...

      i always love purple!!

    16. cushycottage said...

      i love the shimmery gold color. you look pretty on both EOTD. i'm not good connecting my upper and lower eyelid as well. i don't know how to make a nice natural flick. and i'm lack of patience :P

    17. stellarvixen said...

      give us more FOTD and EOTD!
      your crafting has improved so much over short span of time*hugss!!

      hmm the shu uemura eye palette is rather tricky to blend those odd color >:P gold and brown, gold blue~

      the purple coffret D'or is LOVELY!
      i'm such a sucker for purple lilac shades hahaha

      use the darker shade of e/s bpowder and line towards the bottom crease and edge..also line the waterline with darker e/s powder follow by black liner ;)

      uu i luv ur ingredients~!
      stila lipglaze!
      legere BBcream!!
      lunasol~~ eye primer lolx
      BENEFIT badgal liner~~
      give it a try!

    18. Slowbrogal said...

      Nice EOTD!! I have the Coffret purple but I don't use. Coz I'm not very good in blending..

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