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  1. I just watch "Hatchiko" by Richard Gere, a true story in Japan about an Akita breed dog, in 1930s. Becareful, it is an emotional story! I wet the entire tissue box >.<

    Pets are such wonderful companions (don't have to be a dog). The countless numerous joyous times I have had throughout my life, with my pets, are so unforgettable and gives me a happy blissful warm feeling *gush* I have never been angry at my pets, even though they did something nasty (giving me scars, breaking things around the house, spending lots of money on them) because I deeply understood that they are not intentional and are not aware of it (no conscience). But as human beings, we do have conscience. That's why, this post is about "The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive" that is currently going on. By doing this post, Pedigree is donating $250 on my behalf to homeless dogs!

    My dad is never a big fan of animals, he thinks they are a troublesome lot, untrainable, dirty, messy, annoying, lots of work, noisy, expensive, and many other 'excuses'. I am blessed that I am an Aries, stubborn, persistent, determine, and usually very persuasive when I am passionate about something, that I got my first dog at the age of 10, a white little mongrel (adopted from my godmum), whom I named him Snoopy! So for the last 20 years, there was Tiny, Lucky, Debbie, Uno, Bronson, Gobby, and many more.

    Got to share the story of Uno. I was a volunteer at RSPCA Ampang in 1998 (as a student, too many hours to kill besides studying and IRC-ing ^^). Washing the shelter one day, the supervisor gathered about 30 pups in a tiny little cage and these pups were to be put down due to inadequate space and funds to maintain them. Also they were mostly abandoned and have no records of their breed to determine their future health and size. So I called my parents (with my friend's prepaid mobile - I can remembered these vividly in my mind, as if it was just yesterday!) and asked permission to adopt 3! Of course, I got a loud 'NO' from them and the call was cut short. I just could not let them all die, so I go against my parents and pick a one up! So the little one is saved, and since its the only surviving member, I named it Uno, as it befits the little angel ^^

    I don't really have a dog with me that live up to its ripe old age, because they were all so lovable and all my friends love them and they will adopt them from my hands. I have never taken a single dollar from giving away my pets, even when my beautiful cocker spaniel gave birth to 8 litters of babies! I know they will be in good homes and continued to be loved by their new owners.

    Here I want to share with you, my little 9 months old Dory the Pug, whom I dressed her up as a little 'cowgal' western theme!

    Pedigree is also donating a bowl of dogfood for each person who “Like” their Facebook page!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 3 kisses & hugs:

    1. Doroshi said...

      very sentiment post! Love it :)

    2. cushycottage said...

      cute little dory.

    3. I loved reading this post. Animals and the environment too should be treated with respect and love.

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