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  1. Get Stila on Sale

    Jun 8, 2010

    wifluvelle & stellarvixen & cushycottage are shouting a big word

    "STILA is on SALE"
    Left: Jade Blossom (JBROF0600A)
    Right: Crème Bouquet (CBROF0750A)
    Buy 1 RM 40 / AUD 20
    Buy 2 RM 70 / AUD 35

    The roll-on fragrance is sweet, unique and addictive, perfect in a travel size roll-on. 
    Crème bouquet is a delicate blend of vanilla, pink lilac and lily of the valley. 9 ml.
     Jade blossom is a fresh blend of green tea, cucumber and lemon verbena. 9 ml.

    Left: The Red Carpet Look (TRCL1500A)
    Centre: The Front Row Look (TFRL1500A)
    Right: The Runway Look (TRWL1500A)
    (each include a Stila Pencil Kajal Eye Liner in Onyx)
    Buy 1 RM 89 / AUD 45
    Buys 2 RM 150 / AUD 75
    Buys 3 RM 199 / AUD 99
    Buy the Korean Talking Palette 
    and get each of The Look Palette for RM 69 / AUD 35 !

    The Red Carpet Look
    This 3-pan palette features soft shades of grey and pewter and includes a Kajal Eye Liner in Onyx to create a complete eye look that is sure to turn heads. 
    These perfect shimmer and matte shades of grey will help you add depth to your eyes without overwhelming your look. They shadows are buildable and blendable and can be used wet or dry to create your perfect amount of intensity. 
    The Front Row Look
    The Front Row Look palette includes soft shades of grey and pink matte and shimmer eye shadows, and a mini Kajal Eye Liner in Smoky Quartz to create a modern, dreamy eye. 
    Each classically feminine shadow color is beautifully buildable and blendable so you can achieve your perfect shade. The Kajal Eye Liner completes the eye with just the right amount of soft definition. 
    The Runway Look
    Created by a celebrity makeup artist, this 3-pan palette features warm shades of bronze and plum and a Kajal Eye Liner in Onyx to give you a polished, modern eye look. 
    The warm matte and shimmer shadow colors create an ultra-wearable look that looks great with any skin tone. The shadows are buildable and blendable and can be used wet or dry to create your perfect amount of intensity.

    The faux patent leather palette is wrapped with a chic rosette accessory that can be worn in your hair, or around your neck or wrist, for the perfect accent to your fabulous fall look.
    Korean Talking Palette (KTP0800A)
    RM 89 / AUD 45

    How does it work? It's simple - just push the button and the palette literally talks you (in Korean) through the easy steps to the perfect lovely eye. It's complete with artistry tips and what brushes to use - all in under a minute. 
    This quad palette includes four shades: chinoissweetheartpoppy and key. This is a palette that literally gives new meaning to the term 'beauty talk.' 
    The Noire Palette (TNP1280A)
    RM 89 / AUD 45

    It's fun to be the bearer of la belle nouvelle (the beautiful news) this winter! Chic cold-weather colors and opulent black and white packaging make this limited-edition cool palette a must have for those drab winter months. The noire palette includes 3 eye shadows; a soft gray (as the base), a blue gray (as the lid), a shimmery black (as a liner) and a mauve pink cheek color. Just add some lip color and mascara and you are set to add some sizzle to the season.

    Marrakesh Palette (MP1500A)
    RM 89 / AUD 45

    New stila eye shadow quads, chic little assortment of must-wear shades. The hues were carefully chosen so they would blend well together in any combination or perfect if worn individually. Shades consist of both best sellers and newer shades for countless creations, all housed in perfect travel size compacts. Ready to be taken anywhere! 
    The marrakesh is a warm palette of neutral earth tones that include a warm pinkcool pinkgolden apricot and golden brown.

    Stila mini Lip Glazes each 0.03 oz
    1 set RM 50 / AUD 25
    2 set RM 90 / AUD 45

    Two different sets of mini Stila Lip Glazes in the most-loved shades! 
    This ultra-high shine lip gloss comes in a nifty click pen. The gloss gives lips a punch of color and adds a delicious scent. 
    Set 1 includes (MLG11200A):
    - Lip Glaze in Grapefruit
    - Lip Glaze in Raisin
    - Lip Glaze in Vanilla

    Set 2 includes (MLG20800A):
    - Lip Glaze in Gumdrop
    - Lip Glaze in Apricot
    - Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar

    Stila Deluxe Plumping Lip Glazes each 0.08 oz
    Buy 1 RM 50 / AUD 25
    Buy 2 RM 88 / AUD 44
    Buy 3 RM 130 / AUD 85

    Don't want minis, prefer the deluxe size? Here are trio of stila's popular Plumping Lip Glazes. This good for you formula is infused with Camellia Oil, a natural moisturizer, and antioxidant-rich Vitamin E to help protect cells against environmental damage. Naturally occurring peptides offer just the right amount of plump but without burning or stinging the lips. 
    Shades are: 
    Minty Mint - a soft gold (PLGMM0500A)
    Citrus Mint - a sheer peach (PLGCM0500B)
    Vanilla Mint - golden apricot (PLGVM0500C)
    Alternatively if you are not into Plumping Lip Glaze, we have the Vintage Lip Glaze:
    Peach Cobbler (VLGPC0800A)
    Pon Pon Gerbera (VLGPG0800A)
    Lip Pot Trio Tinted Lip Balm
    Buy 1 RM 35 / AUD 17
    Buy 2 RM 70 / AUD 34
    Buy 3 RM 90 / AUD 45

    Slip on these light-as-air lip tint for moisturizing shine that hydrates with a touch of color. These sleek glass pots are light and portable for easy application on the go. 
    Only available in: 
    Baie - a sheer plum (LPTB1200A)
    Cerise - a sheer red (LPTC1200B)
    Mandarine - a sheer peach (LPTM1200C)

    Paint Your Pot Red (PYPR1700A)
    RM 89 / AUD 45

    A palette that not only features three stunning shades of red lip color, it also has a voice recording that walks you through each application step. 
    Stila Paint Your Pout Red - The Talking Palette shows you how to create the perfect red lip. From true red to cherry bright to a crimson color for night, you can wear these shades alone or blend to match your look or mood. With the press of a button, a Stila artist will walk you through the application steps so you can master the palette in under a minute. 
    Each palette contains: 
    - Lip smoother 
    - Three shades of red lip color (true red, warm red, and cool red) 
    - Lip brush

    In The Spot Light (ITSL1800A)
    RM 169 / AUD 85

    This fabulous set contains 5 stila must-haves with a beautiful bag too! This exclusive set contains:

    • pomegranate crush lip & satin stain

    • convertible color - orchid (dual lip and cheek stain)

    • Multi-Effect Mascara - Black

    • liquid all over shimmer luiquid luminizer - shade *6

    • montmartre eye shadow quad

    • plum lined, stila branded silver clutch
    Step Out And Shine (SOAS1600A)
    RM 149 / AUD 75

    Step out and shine in Stila style this holiday season! This limited-edition clutch features the hottest products for your perfect holiday look. 
    This exclusive set contains:

    • Multi-Effect Mascara - Black

    • Convertible Color - Orchid 

    • All Over Shimmer Liquid

    • Pomegranate Crush Lip and Cheek Stain
    Stila Traveler Brush Set (STBS1800A)
    RM 120 / AUD 60

    Stila's Brush Set features five professional-quality brushes packaged in a slim, brown wallet. This miniature set is perfect for travel, and a great way to try Stila's incredible brushes without purchasing the full sizes. 
    The Brush Set includes
    #1 Blush brush
    #5 All Over Shadow brush
    #6 Lip brush
    #7 Precision Crease brush
    #13 One Step Eyeliner brush
    Wallet - this slim wallet features five brush inserts, a protective stila pink fabric flap and a zippered pocket for cosmetics. It measures 6.25'' long and 4'' wide

    Email us for purchase wifluvelle [at] gmail [dot] com or stellarvixen [at] gmail [dot] com

    Special Promo for RM 150 / AUD 75 above!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

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    1. Miu said...

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    2. ipehishere said...

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      hope many ppl will buy it ^^

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