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  1. YSL and DKNY fragrance

    May 30, 2010

    Last week, I was in a little island, Penang, with SO and MIL+FIL (mother-in-law & father-in-law). Not a bad drive with lots of detours! Driving tips in Malaysia, from one state to the other state: if you plan not to use the highway, do it during the day LOL

    We exited the highway, and was trying to be adventurous, and used the old country side roads. We thought we can get to try some local fruits along the towns (durians, mangosteens, jambu air, etc). But after 1 hour on the road, we realised the country side of Malaysia are not that well developed compared to the major cities. So we decided to return back to the highway. But it took us another 2 hours to find the highway entrance! It was really funny, because there wasn't many signboards around and when we have to stop by to ask the locals for directions, our Malay was terrible! Anyway, luckily it wasn't dark, we managed to get to the highway.

    Penang is all about food, and we all put on about 1kg for everyday of stay there, so I am 65kg now >.< So let's not talk about food in this post!

    Last 2 weeks was SO birthday, and I got him DKNY fragrance. I can't resist to get YSL fragrance for myself, too, since I finished my perfumes!

    with flash and no flash

    DKNY men is a golden apple globe. It smell sweet, but still masculine. I wouldn't mind stealing some spray of it on myself~ Confession: I kinda like men's fragrance more than women ones because they are more strong/pungent but not to choking level hehe

    I'm really happy with my choice, YSL Young Sexy Lovely. Really sweet, but it ain't parfum, so it doesn't last very long on me. Will definitely repurchase!

    Upcoming: Life Code review & Hauls from Bloggers
    And the winner for "Elle April Giveaway", iPeh has safely received my package!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 6 kisses & hugs:

    1. Miu said...

      nice.. how much u got for the perfumes? :D and no i wont mention food! i understand osb sob...

    2. stellarvixen said...

      whee perfume post!
      OMG i heart the YSL packaging~ with STARS! *ahhh

      am gonna come over and spritz some too! hehe

      i had a tough time hunting a parfum for my SO the last time! finally landed with Prada- infusion D'IRIS..this bottle lasted him 2 years and counting keke

      my 3 bottles are running low sniff sniff

    3. Adeline said...

      LOL... you shouldn't be too adventurous when it comes to the country side, you will probably have a hard time looking for the restroom. =P

      I miss Penang so much!!!! And their glorioussssssss foood!!!! I have only found out recently that you're currently residing in Malaysia =P

      DKNY Delicious is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE!!!! <3

    4. Tammy said...

      LOL Driving through Asia always makes me nervous but you guys took the country-side route XD I'm glad you made it out okay hehe I'm a bad driver with the worst sense of direction XD The YSL bottle looks so cute!

    5. The perfume bottles are so pretty! *^_^*

      Hahaha...yep, it's the hubs' fault! :P

    6. Anonymous said...

      You finished perfumes?! Gosh I have yet to know how that feels like T__T

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