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  1. NOTM for June

    Jun 17, 2010

    For the month of June, I have been especially crazy over my nails. According to SO, guys don't really give a f**k about we girls nails LOL I know I know, but we do it in the name of fun! Here are just my tiny stash of nail stuffs. I have no any particular brands that I like, just colours. Isn't it hard to remember all the colours that we have? Do you have the same problem as me: went out to get some nail varnish colours, coming back home to discover you got a near similar same colour!

    These nail stickers are amazing! Some are even glow-in-the-dark~ They don't cost much, can get them at night markets or hawkers around the shopping malls. Lowest I got was RM2 per pack! Most of them are white in colour, so it is more appropriate for dark background colour. When I see nail stickers that aren't white, I just grab them, as they are very rare!

    Top: These colourful flowers last 2 weeks before chipping off! Amazing!
    Bottom: These stars glow-in-the-dark!

    Bought this unbelievable cute nail art for RM6. Then I bought some generic nail glue for RM4. I am not a creative person at all, when it comes to nail art, but regardless with these, my nails just look so niceeeee!

    The fruits thingy did not last a day! Not because of the glue, but I was picking on them. It is so hard not to resist. So what recent nail stuffs you babes did? Share it with me~ Give me some inspirations~

    ps: I wish my hands can get some Konadssssssssssssssssssss~~~~

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 12 kisses & hugs:

    1. Miu said...

      hey go get the etude house konads, i just bought two sets for my friends bday. They're rm29.90 n comes with a konad plate, 3 mini nail polish and a stamper.

      Btw i like your nail stash! the guys can... %^&&*&** all they want!

    2. ipehishere said...

      omg glow in dark! sooo cool for clubbing! hehe :D

    3. Jeri said...

      Your nails are so gorgeous, I love the last ones :)
      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment on my blog! I think you're right I just need to get through these exams and then I can re-evaluate things properly. I'm also moving to a more positive place which I think will help :) In New Zealand we just have NCEA in college/high school and NZQA in University :)
      Thanks again love
      From Jeri

    4. FatiN said...

      The fruity nails are soo adooorable!! I'd have a hard time trying not to pick on em too.. lol!

      Lurv the glow in the darks on black polish!

      I have a thing for dark purples.. Have em in a few shades.. lol..

    5. Dao said...

      Lovely nails! I love the music on your site, it's so relaxing.

    6. Tammy said...

      Your nails are sooo cute, Elle! I just did my nails myself yesterday with nail stickers and I didn't realize they glowed in the dark so I was so freaked out when I went to bed last night XD
      How long do the other nail things last if you don't pick at them? The fruit ones are so adorable hehe

    7. ELLI DUVOLLE said...

      i like the first one the most! ( :
      and thanks for following my blog!! hope to see you enter the giveaway, if you haven't yet!

    8. Kate said...

      omg, the fruity nails...LOVE (L)

    9. Oh wow so many lovely designs! Haha I agree, guys don't care about nails =P

    10. Those are really adorable yellow jazzed up nails ! Love it!

    11. cushycottage said...

      pretty nails. i wish they have cheap nail stickers here.

    12. stellarvixen said...

      very inspiring nails~!

      i hav all the preparations just no talent and patience to create NAIL ART :(

      comeby and give me some ideas! haha

      where is your ANNA SUI inspired stickers?

      i think i will tryout the baby pink base with WHITE stickers...so sweeet!

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