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  1. My previous post might portray such flawless skin but big no, I am far from it. Makeup do wonders, there are no ugly gals, no lazy gals, only the right motivation I reckon lol side question: what's your motivation to look good? ^^
    My recent trip to Singapore Sephora at ION back February, I bought the most expensive spot treatment for myself! SGD50 for this! I have never in my life spent that much on a pimple cream but I console myself that I really need it. When the TOTM is here, I usually have a few small zits here and there, and they are easily dried up by Oxy, Clinique, Vichy or some toner which contain alcohol. But few months ago, I'll occasionally have this mega bit cyst pimple! Arghh it is red, painful, and take a long while to go away sob sob. So I was on a hunt for a good drying agent for these annoyance grrrr
    (it's actually less tan in colour, more like white beige)

    Acne cream that conceals! Drying Cream is an effective treatment to dry up small under the surface bumps and pimples. Just a few dabs smoothed on the erupted areas prevent pimples from getting larger and spreading out of control. Aloe rich cream conceals and heals erupted pimples. 
    HOW TO USE: Apply sparingly on pimples by dabbing with fingertip until cream blends into the skin. Best when applied after moisturizer, before make-up.
    INGREDIENTS: Deionized Water, Zinc Oxide,Aloe, Beeswax,Cetyl Alcohol,Lemon Extract, Colloidal Sulfur,Ervol,Octyl Palmitate,Ichthammol,Polysorbate 80, Titanium Dioxide,Polyglycerylmethacrylate (and) Propylene Glycol
    What are my thoughts about this?
    • Packaging: Not that good, because I will have to use cotton bud to pick it up so it is not that hygienic, but then again, it is a generous tub! I read reviews that it can last 12 months!
    • Texture: Thick cream 
    • Smell: Hmm this is kinda hard to describe. It's herbal, clean, not too pungent
    • Reminded me of Nixoderm!!!
    sorry if this pic gross you out, it kinda gross me out too >.<
    Bah! Whenever I get these zits, my mum would nag me "Did  you put on some Nixoderm? Do it now." Do you gals know of this brand? It's been around for ages like 30 years? I actually totally forgot about this brand till I bought Mario Badescu Drying Cream, because the smell suddenly struck me! ps: Nixoderm is only a fraction cost, around RM5?
    Does it work?
    Reviews by others said it only takes a day for them, and the pimple will be gone by morning. But it does not seems to be the case for me! Don't get me wrong, it does make the pimple go away but like 3 weeks for me?!?! Okay, maybe because it is a mega one, like I said lol But the pimple might subside, but I felt a tiny bump still there and discolour on the spot. You be my judge:
    I have a love/hate relationship with this product. I'll update few more months later about my feelings on this. If any of you have used this, please share with me your experience in using Mario Badescu Drying Cream

    My Birthday Giveaway is ending on 3rd April 2011!
    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 6 kisses & hugs:

    1. I haven't tried the cream but the drying lotion has worked well for me. :)

    2. MilknCookiie said...

      It doesn't work that well for me either! And I envy the girls who claim that they can use it as a sheer concealer~

      ★ Cookiie

    3. cushy said...

      it does heal up nicely in your photos, but in 3 weeks?!! i don't think it should cost that much then.

      recently, i'm using burt's bees Natural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment. it works great! acne dried up in 1-day. hate the packaging though. hard to control the amount coming out from the mini bottle.

    4. Opal Stevens said...

      Hey, I'm so glad I found your blog :)! Hope you can check out my beauty blog sometime!


    5. stellarvixen said...

      well honestly any acne, healing products you gotta give it 1-3months trial period to see if its effective on your skin, based on my experience~! the trick is to be CONSISTENT and apply every alternate days for acne lotion (else it will to too drying for our skin)

      i think it works just give it more time ;) damn it ~does cost a bomb
      my past fav to control repeating acne is by Khiel's blemish care rm115 for 30ml -they up the price recently ;( used to be rm110

      urgh i hav some breakouts at my lower cheek area :( BOTH side
      must be stress i'd reckon

      no more lazy days for me either
      more mask more hydration creamm

    6. Anonymous said...

      3 weeks is pretty long but i think your pimple has healed really nicely - sounds like a gd product :)

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