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  1. My Big Birthday (not big in celebration but big in number lol) is next month! Well, I'll like to celebrate it with one lucky person by giving this giveaway! All products are brand new, if it is unsealed that's because I open it to take a peek ^^
    What goodies are there?
    Etude House O2 White Vitamin C Skin Care Kit
    (I think this is limited edition as I don't see it on their stores anymore)
    Red Earth Products: 2 x eyeshadows, 1 x foundation
    It comes with a velvety box, I had bought 4 of these, so I'm giving this away.
    Barry M Shimmer Set
    (limited edition, comes with a really cute bow powder puff!)
    Max Factor Products: Blue Trio eyeshadow & No.36 Lipstick
    Laura Geller Lip Stay 2-way Gloss

    I tried to include a little bit of items for the face, eyes and lips. Oh also a little round cute pink box, mayhaps to store your jewellery ^^ So here comes the easy peasy rules.

    Mandatory Rules:
    1. Public follower of wifluvelle blog.
    2. Each follower is only allowed one entry in one comment.
    3. Answer me this "What is your skin type & skin tone & your HG foundation???"
    4. International Giveaway, real address, no PO BOX.
    5. Enter before 3rd April 2011 (my birthday!)
    6. Winner will be chosen random, announce on 8th April 2011 on my blog. Winner will have to contact me by 10th April 2011. If not, a new winner will be announce on the 11th April 2011.

    To increase your chance, with extra entries you can:
    1. Post my giveaway on your blog, in a post (extra 3 entries)
    2. Put my giveaway on your sidebar (extra 1 entry)
    3. Follow my twitter & Retweet my giveaway "Win @wifluvelle April 2011 makeup giveaway" (extra 1 entry)
    4. "Like" my facebook page (extra 1 entry)
    5. "Follow" my networked blogs (extra 1 entry)

    If you do all above, you'll get a total of 8 chance! Please leave me only one comment with what you have done to get the entries. I just want to make sure I tally it up for you. 
    Good Luck, everyone!
    ps: Any Qs, asked at the chat on the left sidebar or email me.

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 56 kisses & hugs:

    1. PinkyLicious said...

      Hello Elle, enter me!
      I have no reason for not joining your awesome birthday giveaway!

      I have combination skin and in between fair and yellow skin tone. My HG foundation are Lancome Teint Idole Ultra!

      I blog about your giveaway here http://swetpinkylicious.blogspot.com/2011/03/share-loveelle-sweet-birthday-giveaway.html

      Posted on the sidebar and had fulfill all your inquiry in your rules!

      Awesome birthday giveaway! Hope i got the luck to share your happiness with you.

    2. Savvy Gal said...

      wow, what a fab giveaway.

    3. Rena said...

      Well, Happy Early Birthday to you, just in case I'm not online at the time...LOL

      I'm definitely a follower of yours through GFC.

      I think my skin type is dry. It's between fair and medium?...I'm not too sure...But my HG foundation at the moment is MISSA BB cream in No. 23.


      <33 Rena

    4. Gintare said...

      awesome giveaway. happy early birthday

      following your blog

      and i have combination skin, and warm light skin tone (ok, i actually don't know how to call that, just picking best description) and my favorite foundation is Loreal True match

    5. . said...

      This is nice :p

      I have combination skin, leaning a little bit on the dry side. I have a light skin tone with yellow undertones. My HG foundation would be the NYC mineral powder. I don't like heavy foundations !

    6. Nikki said...

      I have an oily/ combination & acne prone skin type. As for an HG foundation, I don't really have one but I do have a favorite. I really like the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation for Oily/Combination skin. I think it works best.


      -I added you on twitter (@ewwitsnikki)
      -I retweeted your giveaway (@ewwitsnikki)
      -I LIKED your facebook fan page
      (Nicolette Sison)

    7. KrispyTinCan said...

      HI ELLE!!

      I am a GFC follower as ktun

      My skin is combination & acne prone skin type. My skin tone is in between of medium and olive. My HG foundation is Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in #31. I love it.

      I posted your giveaway on my blog sidebar
      I am following your twitter as KrispyTinCan
      and I retweeted your giveaway
      I liked your FB as Krispy Tin Can
      I am also following your networked blog

      Thanks for this giveaway.
      My email is krispytuna@hotmail.com

    8. angel said...


      I'm GFc follower, angel.

      I have an oily/ combination & acne prone skin type.
      I don't really have one HG foundation, but I like my Skin79 BB cream and Skin food White grape foundation.

      I posted this on sidebar-


    9. Anne-Marie T said...

      My skin type is dry
      Skin tone is medium
      HG foundation is Perricone No foundation Foundation.

      Following you on tweeter as (@amt946) and tweeted. http://twitter.com/amt946/status/47155432346763264

      Liked your facebook page (Anne-Marie T)

      I am following your networked blogs (Anne-Marie T)


    10. Riya~ said...

      cute giveaway love!~

    11. Isabel said...

      Hey Elle.. Birthday coming, huh? ^^ Lol I can't believe you bought 4 of that foundation. Is it really that good? o_O

      My skin type is oily combo. Skin tone about NC25-30 (I'm not sure about this). I don't use foundation anymore. Just a layer of HD powder.

      Email : deariesx (at) hotmail (dot) com
      Blog & sidebar : http://sugarcoatedmuffin.blogspot.com/2011/03/march-giveaways.html
      Networkedblogs : Isabel LYJ

      Thanks ^^

    12. stellarvixen said...

      woohoo!! giveaway~ about time i hold one also :D

      my skintype is sensitive & combo
      skintone is fair

      my HG foundation is MUFE!
      HD liquid foundation rm129
      so far has lasted me 4 months & counting!!

      hav fun with your giveawayyyy

    13. Anonymous said...

      Public Follower, Nicole
      Skin tone : Light with yellow undertone
      Skin condition: Combination dry
      HG foundation: Benefit Some kind-a-gorgeous

      Followed Networked Blog and liked your page Nicole's Mirror

      Blog about your giveaway: http://nicolesmirror.blogspot.com/2011/03/elle-2011-birthday-giveaway.html

      Happy Birthday in advance!!!

    14. Sherry said...

      Public Follower: Sherrygo

      skin type: combination skin

      I have fair and yellow skin tone.

      my HG foundation is Revlon

      blogged http://luvcontest.blogspot.com/2011/03/elle-2011-birthday-giveaway.html

    15. 1. Public Follower : Pink Princess
      2. My skin type : Dry
      My skin tone : Pinkish tone
      My HG Foundation YSL Teint
      Radiance Foundation
      3. Blog url : http://pinkdalina.blogspot.com/2011/03/elle-2011-birthday-giveaway.html
      4. Twitter url : http://twitter.com/#!/GlamPinkDalina
      5. Liked and followed your facebook and networked blog! =)


    16. Elisa ♥ said...

      GFC follower: Elisa
      My skin type: dry - combined
      My skin tone: lol pale xD
      My HG foundation: BB cream missha perfect cover #21

    17. What a nice giveaway~ (^-^)
      My skin is combination skin, some spots are rather oily but nowadays, especially in winter I have had a problem because it's so dry. I'd say that my tone is scandinavian fair.
      Currently I'm using Skinfood's Aloe Sun BB Cream for foundation.

      Name: Miiu
      Email: 4rr0r[at]windowslive.com

    18. evie said...

      my skin type is oily skin, skin tone is medium and my hg foundation is my mac studio fix!
      thanks for having this giveaway!

    19. Ayu~Emma said...

      Awesome giveaway!!
      Btw, happy ADVANCE birthday ^^

      Enter me please.
      My skin type: Oily; Skin Tone: Medium; HG Foundation: Revlon Colorstay Foundation
      I'm your new blog follower as Ayu~Emma
      I followed your twitter as "EmmaLvNeko"
      I tweeted your giveaway (+1): http://twitter.com/#!/EmmaLvNeko/statuses/47299265797685248
      I followed your networked blog (+1)

      ( emma_izaki@yahoo.com )

    20. mi... said...

      Enter me please :D
      follower: mi...
      What is your skin type & skin tone & your HG foundation??? my skin type is oily and at this moment I don't have a HG foundation, I haven't yet found which better works for me :(

    21. Nice giveaway!

      starryxuan @gmail.com
      my skintype: combination Oily and HG foundation is MUFE HD foundation :)

      followed your twitter :)


    22. Happy Birthday!!! May all your wishes come true! :) and wonderful giveaway. you're so generous. :D

    23. Tammy said...

      Elle love! How have you been? Happy early birthday, I will be sure to wish you again when the time is nearer, but in the off chance my mind wanders off, I'm glad to say it now :)

      I want to join your giveaway too! I'm already following, I've liked your FB page and following your networked blogs too! :) <3 <3

    24. thian said...

      hi, thanks for the giveaway...
      My skin type: combination
      Skin tone: medium
      HG foundation: ZA 2-way cake

      GFC name: thian
      Email: sweetheart0222@gmail.com
      Twitter name: ShinThian
      Facebook name: Shin Thian
      and I follow you on your networked blog

    25. fisiwoman said...

      Enter me please! I'm a new follower via GFC.
      I think my skin type is a little oily.
      My skin tone is medium. My HG foundation is Mac studio fix.
      Following on twitter (@Fisigiveaways) and tweeted: http://twitter.com/Fisigiveaways/status/47751088291577856
      Following on FB (Ana Belén R M) and following on Networked too.

      Ana Belén R.M

    26. vernz_08 said...

      Happy birthday to you..

      I am your new follower (=

      I have combination skin..my skin tone is more to yellowish.

      I rarely use foundation but i do use bb cream sometimes (=

      Email: vernie_88@hotmail.com

      Blogged about the giveaway at http://vernss.blogspot.com/2011/03/giveaway.html

      Sidebar of blog http://vernss.blogspot.com

      Tweet about it

      Like ur page in facebook
      -Angelin Ng-

      Thanks alot (=

      Happy birthday!!

    27. Tuulia said...

      Hey !( Love your blog and giveaway <33 ) And happy birthday !

      I have really pale and dry skin because I live in really cold area in Europe. ( In Finland actually, if you know the place ). :D Where santa lives ?
      And about the foundation - I use typical finnish makeup brand called "lumene".
      So, now I´m your new follower and I posted this link to my blog :) http://loveartlikeido.blogspot.com/2011/03/today-i-dont-feel-like-doing-anything.html and I also like your FB-site <3
      (Sorry for the mistakes I made with the writing :))

    28. dreamer said...

      I have combination skin, fair but yellowish :(

      gfc: quinieleong

    29. Anonymous said...

      Follow via GFC as Monik.
      I have combination skin with medium tone and my HG foundation is MAC studio fix.

      1. Put this giveaway on my sidebar here.
      2. Follow on twitter as @monikaretnani & Retweet here.
      3. "Like" your facebook page as Monika Lintang Retnani.
      4. "Follow" you on networked blogs.


    30. Happy Birthday Elle.
      My skin is combination skin, Asian skin tone and my HG foundation is Shu Uemura cream foundation.
      I have post your giveaway in my blog and put on my sidebar. I have follow you on Twitter and RT, like your FB page and Follow your Networked blog. ;)

      Fingers crossed.

    31. alvira said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
    32. alvira said...

      Hi, Elle Happy Birthday in advance.
      This is an awesome giveaway I would love to try my luck too.
      I am a follower via GFC as alvira.
      I have dry skin and I have medium fair skin with yellow undertone like most asians.I don't have a HG foundation yet because I just started wearing makeup but I am using Missha perfect cover BB cream these days and I love it.
      I follow you on twitter as alvirazaidi.
      I retweeted here:
      I like your facebook page as alvira zaidi
      My email: alvira_rashk@yahoo.com
      Thanks for giving a chance xoxo

    33. MizzJ said...

      Awesome giveaway!! I follow you on Twitter & RT'd!

      Btw, I didn't find the Hadalabo lotion slippery so much as... wet haha. I've been experimenting with the right amount to apply and it seems the less the better as a little goes a long way and yes I found it took awhile to absorb!

    34. Kat said...

      happy birthday! :)

      My skin is super dry :(..im asian so my skin tone is yellow-based, and my hg foundie is revlon colorstay and nars sheer glow!

      katch05 at gmail dot com

    35. ~Lisa said...

      I'm a follower

      My skin type is dry-combo. I'm about NC25 in MAC. I don't use foundation, I use BB Creams. I don't have a HG but the ones I currently use are the SKin79 Super+ BB cream and the Missha M Perfect Cover

      I blogged:

      Followed on Twitter and retweeted:

      Liked on facebook!


    36. Mira said...

      Hello Elle~!Happy Advanced Birthday~!I would like to join,please enter me..

      GFC follower : Mira

      My skin is combination skin type,warm skin tone(light with yellow undertone) and my HG Foundation would be SkinFood Aloe Vera BB Cream coz it gosh reddish color which suit my skin color and have the nicest smell ever~!

      Blog post : http://womenswant.blogspot.com/2011/03/elle-elle-2011-birthday-giveaway.html

      Sidebar : http://womenswant.blogspot.com/

      Follow your twitter as @Ashihana and tweet http://twitter.com/#!/Ashihana/status/49301203359772674

      Liked your fb page as Nurul Amirah

      Follow your networked blogs,

      ashihana at live dot com

    37. Zoe said...

      Hi Elle, how are u?It's been a long long time since I didn't comment on ur blog but thanks for dropping by and telling me about ur giveaway^^.

      I hope u'll have a great birthday.

      I actually use Make Uo Forever DD primer which I have no clue from where to purchase here in Australia^^; Then I use Eau De Shine BB cream from Nature Republic which suits my skin so well. I have a combination skin with yellow undertone.

      (Sidebar post + fb liked"Zoe Bg").

    38. samdesson said...

      hi elle, i juz be your follower, great you hapi burfday in advance, haha! i already like your FB page as 赵治廷.

      my skin type is combination skin but cheek area quite dry. i have a fair and radiance skin tone. and my HG foundation will be lancome teint miracle foundation, DR G bb cream from sasa..

    39. anaisng said...

      heyys happy early birthdayy x
      I'd like to enter in your giveaway
      i have combination skin type and my HG foundation currently is the Bourjois healthy mix light bronze.

    40. Jer said...

      GCF: Jer
      Email: jaekayy@gmail(dot)com

      I have combination skin with white/yellow tone.
      My favourite foundation is Missha Perfect Cover BB cream, but I usually just use some mineral powder on my face.

      Sidebar: http://jaekayy.blogspot.com/
      Twitter: themoobinator
      Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/wifluvelle/status/48288770541355008

      I liked your FB page & followed you on networked blogs with May Li

    41. Lizzy said...

      Hiya Elle :)
      First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) God Bless You!

      Fell in LOVE with your giveaway!
      ~Am a follower of your blog via GFC as Ms Lizzie Lizzie

      ~Skin Type: COmbination Skin
      ~Skin Tone: Between Fair&Yellow
      ~HG Foundation: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

      ~I posted your giveaway on my sidebar @ lizzieness07.blogspot.com (You can leave me a comment or follow if you want to ^^)

      ~Followed you on Twitter as @ms7may
      ~Here's my tweet: http://twitter.com/ms7may/status/50505877744136192
      ~Liked your FB page as Lizzy Tan

      Email: liz(dot)tan75(at)gmail(dot)com

    42. AnnaYJia said...

      Enter Me Elle =)
      and Happy birthday in advanced !

      I'm combination oily skin type and my skin tone is between fair - medium.
      My HG foundation now is Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation ^^

      email : annayjia@gmail.com

    43. Mizuki said...

      Enter me please!
      Following via GFC (Bárbara Robalo)
      Email: mizuxmizu@hotmail.com
      I post your giveaway in my Blog: http://mizuki-lolita.blogspot.com/2011/03/elle-2011-birthday-giveaway.html
      I’m following your Twitter as mizuxmizu and retweeted your giveaway: http://twitter.com/#!/mizuxmizu/status/50945788175581184
      I like your FB as Bárbara Gomes

      My skin tone is light with yellow undertone and dry. My HD foundation is Maybelline Affinitone

    44. fashionista said...

      Hi ELLE :)

      First of all, wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)) Wish you a lot of health, love, happines and everything else will come :) Lots of makeup too :D

      enter me, please :)

      1. I am a public follower via GFC [Slavica Grgic]

      2. my e-mail: slavica.grgich@gmail.com

      3. i follow you on networked blogs

      4. liked your fan page on facebook [my profile is 'Slavica Grgić']

      Kisses :**

    45. fashionista said...

      oups, i forgot to say, i have dry to normal skin... little dry patches on cheeks and around nose, and my foundation is Vichy... pricey, but does a great job... 3in1... sun protector, moisturizer and a great foundation (not great for cover up though)... it gives an awesome dewy finish, nobody can tell that i am wearing makeup :))

      hope you will count this with my previous comment, I'm so sorry, it's 3 a.m. and im soooo tired

      Good night, best wishes !


    46. romipo said...

      following via gfc as romipo
      following on twitter as @romipo
      aanndd im withe and my sking is kinda oily and prone to acne :)
      tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/romipo/status/51105968183984129

    47. romipo said...

      ooppssss i forgot to leave my email :P is crazy4nailpolishes@hotmail[dot]com

    48. In Palace said...

      Hello! enter me please ^^^

      And happy bithday! :B

      Im a public follower, my name is In Palace

      Email: cathy._.peluxita@hotmail.com

      I follow u in facebook: cathy morales glez

      I put your giveaway here: http://inpalace.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html

      I think i have a normal skin, I use a foundation that its made in spain (call deliplus) or any from mac.

      Thanks u so much ^^

    49. Jennifer said...

      following on GFC

      i have oily combo skin throughout the year (dry combo in winter), my HG is benefit hello flawless powder!

      jenlovesbeauty at gmail dot com

    50. Advance Happy Birthday Elle!!♥♥ Woah, you are the epitome of generous. LOL.

      I have a combination skin. Most of the time, its dry.T.T.
      My skin tone is yellow or fair (i guess). And yeah, i have a confession to make... I really want to join your giveaway but seriously...I am not using any type of foundation.Just a face powder (would maybelline work?)... I am really new in this "deep" appreciation for make up and I am barely even getting started. So instead of lying,I would say I dont have an HG (i even googled what HG means, huhu) foundation. Does this make me unqualified? Hope not..

      But if it does then there's nothing to worry. I enjoyed your blog. I super L♥VE it! :)

      ...i followed you (GFC)! Im Margielyn Lozada Vidamo.
      ...Im your twitter follower! :) I'm nyleigram. :)
      ...and I retweeted your post: http://twitter.com/#!/nyleigram/status/53264132861984768
      ...I liked your FB page. Im Marge Lozada Vidamo.

      So there, never give up,aye! I do hope I can still join. Happy Birthday again!! Love and Happiness..


    51. Oh! Happy Birthday Elle!! Your'e the epitome of generous! :)

      I'm marge! my skin type is a combination (i think) but most of the time, its dry. My skin tone according to this site is yellow. Regarding the foundation,, I have a confession to make... I don't use one. I'm relatively new in this "deep" appreciation for make up. I'm barely getting started. I even googled what HG means. That's how newbie I am. Does this makes me unqualified? I hope not. All I really put in are concealer and face powder (marbelline clear and smooth which I just bought last week).

      If this wouldn't work then.. I guess I'd better try again next time. haha. But there's no resentment in my part, I L♥VE your blog! :)

      ... i followed you here through GFC, Im margielyn lozada vidamo.
      ...im a twitter follower! im nyleigram.
      ...i retweeted your post: http://twitter.com/#!/nyleigram/status/53264132861984768.
      ...I liked your facebook page! im marge lozada vidamo.

      (guess, never say never aye! haha)

      just want to salute you for this awesome giveaway. :) Love and happiness for you!! advance happy birthday again!

      , margielynlozadavidamo@gmail.com

    52. Jessie said...

      Hi Elle!

      I've blogged about ur giveaway


      I'm ur follower in blogspot, twitter & facebook fanpage..

      I've retweeted ur giveaway too!

      My skin type: combination
      My skin tone: Fair
      HG Foundation: Stage

      THanks! <3

    53. Sadi said...


      New Follower via GFC as Sadi.

      I have combination skin with fair tone and my HG foundation is MAC studio fix.

      I Follow on twitter as @sad20ful
      & Retweet here : http://twitter.com/Sad20ful/statuses/53512615154028544

      I "Like" your facebook page as Sadia Latif .

      email : sadia.latif10@gmail.com

    54. I have sensitive and more of the tanned skin.

      Anyway, it's very nice of you to have the spirit of giving in conjunction with your birthday. Blessed birthday,dear (;

      ENTER MEE (:
      email: rachel.tanley at gmail dot com
      follower as: kimchigirl111
      following on twitter: therach150408
      tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/therach150408/status/54014045963038720
      liked facebook page: Rachel Tan
      posted on sidebar: www.cookiedoughpineapplehearts.blogspot.com
      giveaway post: http://cookiedoughpineapplehearts.blogspot.com/2011/04/elle-2011-birthday-giveaway.html

    55. Mary said...

      Happy Birthday in advance!
      I wear NC15 and my HG foundation is MAC's Studio Sculpt!

      I'm a new GFC follower (mearnold115)

      I followed your networked blog as well

      I also followed you on facebook (Mary Arnold)

      mearnold115 at yahoo.com

    56. doroffee said...

      Enter me, please, too! I have rather dry skin and I don't know my skin color exactly by code, but it's really fair/pale and yellow-toned. My fave foundation is MaxFactor's Lasting Performance in 108/Honey Beige, but it's still not the exact shade. :S...

      I also follow you on fb as Dorottya Zsófia Bacsi.


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