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  1. Gym in the house

    Mar 30, 2011

    My weight in 2011 = 65kg
    My weight in 2001 = 55kg
    In 10 years, I have gained 10 kg?!?! That's like 1kg/year. I am NOT happy. I don't really care about the weight, but probably about the fitness and stamina. I want a lower heart rate when I run, more control breathing when I puff, and no jelly arms! I used to 'play' my grandma's jelly arms when I was really young ;p
    SO had planned a in-house "gym" session for me this week. It is freaking tough and tiring and painful and uncomfortable. He said, "Being fit and healthy is not like being in a spa." He always have an answer to all my complaints grrr My regime is only 30 minutes daily for the 1st week and will go up to 60 minutes alternate days on 2nd week onward. I quickly asked, "Then when do I stop doing these sh*t?" Again he come back with an answer that sound good to him, but definitely not good for me, "No stop, till your last breath" grrr
    I am never that super active while growing up; not like the champ above lol My type of exercise when I was young: ride alot on bmx bicycles (I prefer these bikes, because I stand on them rather than sit AND can go off road and jumping over speed bumps!); play some basketball after school; tried to play volleyball after got hooked on the old Japanese tv series but I am not good at it; tried to play tennis but I always run after the ball more than hitting them; played badminton and love torturing my sisters for running up and down the courts on my long and short hits; tried swimming but can't get grasp freestyle, so I'm still stuck on 'frog' style; well that's about it.
    My exercise plan:
    1. Up and Down the stairs (8 to 10 times) - this is HARDCORE, so painful
    2. Lift up a pail of water up to the chest level, straight back, wide stand (8 times/set, do 4 sets)
    3. Push up, table level (8 times/set, do 4 sets)
    4. Sit up (8 times/set, do 4 sets) - this is also HARDCORE for me
    5. Jumping, Kicking, Punching, Stabbing, it's like a self defence class lol
    By 30 minutes, I am drench with sweat and have very very painful thighs. SO wants me to upgrade next week, with a backpack running up the stairs >.<
    I am not going to look at the scale until end of next week. Wish me luck that I survive this week.

    My Birthday Giveaway is ending on 3rd April 2011! 5 more days!!!

    ps: photos from google image
    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

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    1. Adeline said...

      Good luck with it love!!!

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