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  1. I think by now, everyone is familiar with KKcenterHK for their beautiful fake eyelashes and wigs.
    I have received 5 types of lashes, and today I am going to review ES A10.
    • Not clear bands
    • Crisscross lashes, good for density
    • Shorter lash on inner eyes, longer lash on outer eyes
    • Very soft, very natural, but may be hard to stick on eyelids
    As you can see, it has a curve length, and this is super nice because it does really give a very natural look on the eyelashes. I reckon this model ES A10 is aim to look very natural, that is why is is super soft. That can be good, but it is quite difficult for a not-so-expert-not-everday-user person like moi, to stick it on my eyelids (took me about 15mins on each eye hehe).
    This is a very preliminary look. No makeup. I just stick it on to get a feel how it looks like. Although I did say it is very soft lashes, but it still have the strength to lift some skin, to create a double eyelid for me! I usually go for hard lashes, because I want to create the double eyelids, but now I don't need to!
    Side look. I really like it. I put a pink circle on my left eye, to differentiate the length of lashes.
    This is how I look without makeup, just with ES A10 lashes.
    With eye makeup
    Took the lashes for a 'test drive' lol Overall, I really love them. There are quite unique and before this, I was always skeptical about soft lashes, but now, not anymore! So, I'll be doing more reviews on the other lashes that I have gotten soon, at the mean time, look smashingly beautiful gals!

    ps: This product was sent to me for review, but my opinions are still my very own. Please read my disclaimer page for more info. 

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 7 kisses & hugs:

    1. cushy said...

      you look so kawaii in those photos. the falsie does make your eyes look bigger. they look so natural. does it come with glue?

    2. The lashes look divine on you, Elle! So fluttery and lush =D

    3. Thank you so much for the follow! ^-^ I would love to try out falsies one day, but I need to find a realistic pair to wear. I wear glasses, so they can't be super duper long.

    4. Bunnie said...

      Those lashes do look very natural! I like! Maybe you could.... give up fake eyelashes for lent.... NOT! Don't do that. Ever!


    5. hanidee said...

      They look really natural and those lashes really enhances your eyes!

    6. Kayvona B said...


    7. MizzJ said...

      Those lashes look awesome! Very natural and long. I think your eyes look pretty with just those!

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