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  1. These are just some collections of my own FOTDs, no really special occassion, just random days that I felt good and start taking pictures of myself ^^
    Above: I took this after I had my long hair chop off >.< This was in February 2011.
    Above: Maybe I'll do some lip swatch, since I really like how my lips look here.
    Above: An attempt to grey out my eyes
    Above: This look with fake hair bangs
    Above: I usually do this simple look for my everyday work and at home.
    Above: Lazy smokey eyes look. This was taken early 8am, when the power went off at 7am, I couldn't sleep anymore because of the heat (air conditioning was switch off), so I quickly makeup and went out with SO to have breakie at Old Town @ Taipan.
    Above: Thought I put a look of how I look wearing my bookish glasses.
    I think I really like my eyes with dark black heavy eyeliners, kinda bigger and widen my eyes, gives the illusion of double eyelids ^^ Although I am quite tan to suit coral blushers, but I secretly wish I am fair enough to pull off pink blushers ^^ I prefer bushier eyebrows, but I don't have the skill to draw on them more. I love my lips because they are full and plump and don't chapped, but I am never keen to put on nice lippy colours as I smoke and it is annoying to have lipstick on the stick >.<

    Random question that asked Elle "Why did you started beauty blogging and will you stop?"
    I have always wanted to start a diary-of-some-sort, but always feel ridiculous to write things down without pictures to describe it back to me. And it was a hassle to go to the photo shop and have my pictures developed and attached it in a physical book. By then, I would have stopped (yes lazy moi). So online blogging to me is my diary, my time-capsule, where I can read back what has been happening in my life, year after year, especially how my looks will change over the months and years, the trends that I was following and will be following, it just encapsulate what is going on in my life. Will I stop blogging, I do hope I will never stop. I want to be at 70 years old, and post a picture of myself at that time, next to a picture of myself at 30 years old :) That is so super coool! Would I mind if my grandchildren get to read this, a big no, they will have a cool grandma! Well, just my opinions, this may changed too in the future, but right now, I enjoy blogging :)

    My Birthday Giveaway is ending on 3rd April 2011!

    ps: I found some RT that are not public, so this does not count as an extra entries, I apologised for not making this clear.
    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 8 kisses & hugs:

    1. Anonymous said...

      your blog is very cute and i love the 3rd look on you. thank you for the comment!

    2. I love your collage of pretty pics! *^_^* Keep up the good work blogging!

    3. cushy said...

      you look gorgeous in all your photos. the borders are so cute. the fake bangs doesn't match my hair color anymore. boo

      the photo slides are awesome :)

    4. Isabel said...

      Cute ^^ I like heavy eyeliner too lol! But not too extreme la. My lines have to be really thick cos when I open my eyes, half the line disappears =_=

      Reply on Wet n Wild blushers : It is! xD *kisses blushers* I bought from StrawberryGirl but I would suggest just getting from anyone since it's hard to find WnW items in sprees.

    5. Tammy said...

      I rikey the lip colour you're wearing in your photos, Elle :) What are you wearing?

    6. Gintare said...

      like Lazy smokey eyes look. i these collages of pics really looks great

    7. Thanks for entering and good luck! =D

    8. Mz. More said...

      Very pretty FOTDs!

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